SQL Example 4--alter

Label: <title>SQL Example 4–alter</title> SQL Example 4–alter SQL Create /etc/my.cnf character show create database Test;alter Database Test character set UTF8; alter database Test character set

Configuration to the Framework GAC (Global Assembly Cache) Assembly

Label:There are usually two ways to configure to the Framework, one is to put it directly to the GAC (the Global Assembly cache function can hold some public Assembly that many programs use), and the other is to put them in a specific program

Do {...} while (0) in macros

Label:You is a C programmer, you must is familiar with macros. They is powerful and can help you ease your work if used correctly. However, if you don ' t define macros carefully, they could bite you and drive you crazy. In the many C programs, you

Understanding of multi-thread GCD

Label:iOS Development Multithreading Chapter-GCD IntroductionFirst, Brief introduction1. What is GCD?The full name is Grand Central Dispatch, which translates as "the backbone scheduler"Pure C language, provides a lot of powerful functionsAdvantages

Yii Learning Note IV (Form validation API translation)

Tags: yii1. Form ValidationFor all data entered by the user, you cannot trust it and must be verified.All frameworks are so, for yii you can use functionsyii\base\model::validate () for verificationHe will return a Boolean value of True/falseIf

Yii Learning Note IV (Form validation API translation)

Label:1. Form ValidationFor all data entered by the user, you cannot trust it and must be verified.All frameworks are so, for yii you can use functionsyii\base\model::validate () for verificationHe will return a Boolean value of True/falseIf

About string s = new string ("XYZ"); Problems with creating several objects

Label:Quote from this friend: http://blog.sina.com.cn/s/blog_6a6b14100100zn6r.htmlYou know, in Java, in addition to the basic types in 8, the others are class objects and their references. So "xyz" is a string object in Java. For a string class

Implementation of Yii2-admin RBAC Rights Management

Label:Yii2-admin is Yii2 RBAC a set of management tools, to achieve a beautiful interface and complete rights management functions, do not have to write permission code, before use, please update YII2 source to the latest version.Git Source Address:

Open source video Conferencing BigBlueButton development (2)--Configuration Command tool

Label:Transferred from: http://yangactive.iteye.com/blog/1621712IntroducedBbb-conf is a BBB configuration command tool that can modify the BBB profile, manage the BBB process (start, start, restart), resolve initialization problems! As a developer,

[Batch] simple command-line rar

Label:This bat is for the virus full of the letter tube laboratory and specifically customized, in this computer room for two years, with the virus also played for two years, but also the face is not good enough, to go back and forth on the few

03Exchange Server 2010 Cross-Site Deployment-Introduction to GC Domain controllers

Tags: Exchange Server GC domain controller3.3about theGcIntroduction to Domain controllersBy the Way, the two current domain controllers are GC, how to look at a domain controller is not a GCand can be viewed as follows3.3.1viewing in Active

APC Cache opcode (RPM)

Label:1. PHP execution The running phase of PHP is also divided into three stages: Parse. Syntax Analysis phase. Compile. Compile output opcode middle code. Execute. Run, and the output is run dynamically.

The YubiKey-how IT WORKS

Label:A single YubiKey have multiple functions for protecting access to your email, your apps and your physical spaces. Use one or more Yubikey features, or use them all. The versatile YubiKey does not require software installation or a battery;

Application scenario of operator overloading with friend function--friend function implements left shift right shift operator overloading

Tags: friend function operator overload left shift right shift overloaded modeDefine a test class complex, where the method of the member function is overloaded with the + 、-、 front + +, the front--、 post + +, and the back--these 6 operators, of

16.5 fail-Over

Tags: cluster availability Group16.5 fail-Over16.5.1 Fail-over modeWhen you create a new availability group, automatic failover and synchronous commit are not selected by default, and you can specify automatic failover (up to 2 replicas) and


Label:FinalModifier (keyword) If a class is declared final, it means that it can no longer derive a new subclass and cannot be inherited as a parent class. Therefore, a class cannot be declared abstract and declared final. Declaring variables or


Tags: asterisk1Asterisk [1] is a GPLv2 Open Source Telephony Application platform under the agreement. Simply put,Asterisk is a server application that can make phone calls, accept phone calls, and customize phone calls. 1.2.1 Channel DriveAsterisk

Excel Common functions

Label:When we use Excel to organize data, we often use its function function to automatically count the data in the table. Here we have compiled the functions of the most frequently used functions in Excel, how to use them, and the examples of these

Zookeeper doubts

Label:Now there are many articles on the internet about zookeeper, have introduced leader election algorithm, have introduced Zookeeper server internal principle, also introduce zookeeper client. This article does not intend to write similar content,

vs shortcut Keys Daquan

Label:Believe. NET developers want to be able to memorize a variety of VS shortcut keys to improve the efficiency of peacetime development, but suffer from memory ability is too poor and shortcut keys and special many, particularly annoying, so

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