MIME Little Knowledge

MIME users can use MIME to set up the server to transfer multimedia such as sound and animation information, which may be done through CGI scripts. In the following article, you can learn about mime a

Phpmyadmin3 Installation Configuration Diagram tutorial

In PHP Web development, the most basic PHP environment to build involved in PHP, Apache/iis, Mysql, for database management, in addition to the MYSQL database itself provides command-line tools to fac

phpMyAdmin Import Export Database backup tutorial

In the construction of PHP website, the maintenance of MySQL database is the daily work, MySQL database import and export to achieve backup function is one of them, in the previous PHP tutorial I intr

Beginner's introduction: Using DW8 to master the basic format of Web page code

Web Speaking of code, someone will ask: do not understand the code can make Web pages? The answer is yes. Some people do not understand the code can also make a very good web page. In the Dreamweaver

New XML features of PHP5

Php5|xml-oriented readers The object of this article is all levels of PHP developers interested in PHP5 's new XML features. We assume that the reader is familiar with the basics of XML. However, if you have already used XML in your PHP, this articl

JavaMail Send mail

Send Mail/* In the Java version, you often see people asking how to send messages with JavaMail. How do I receive mail? How to access multiple folders, and so on. Problems are scattered, and the response to history has long been submerged in the ocea

"SQL Story" excerpt five--The truth of the relationship

The truth of the relationship For a long time, we used to call tables in relational databases a two-dimensional table. Because it has rows and columns, it is easy for us to associate it with a two-dimensional plane, but in fact, this is not the orig

SQL story Excerpt (vi) ———— an impossible error

The day of the wrong beginner SQL, feel like just learning to walk, gait can be, stumbling. I fell a lot of ridiculous somersault. Take out everyone to entertain, also mention each other wake up, such a mistake we can try to avoid. Look at this first

CREATE Table–sql Command

Command CREATE table–sql command Creates a table has the specified fields. CREATE TABLE | DBF TableName1 [NAME longtablename] [free] (FieldName1 FieldType [(Nfieldwidth [, Nprecision])] [NULL | Not NULL] [CHECK lExpression1 [ERROR cMessageText1]] [D

Tip: MIME Types in IIS

Iis|mime| Tricks MIME (Multipurpose Internet Mail Extensions, multi-purpose Internet Message extensions) is created for e-mail exchange, network documentation, And the specification of file formats in the enterprise network and other applications on

MSWC. How to use Nextlink

MSWC uses the Content linking component in the Open-source public to manage hypertext links between Web pages and Web sites through a linear list of ordered lists. If you have doubts about this explanation, look here, I do not have a link yo. Source.

Do you stand for money?

I am a novice, learning to do a Web page for two years, when the original study was entirely out of love, because my professional is a lawn, 1 years ago I got a forum to play, just started to really contact this line, every day I will worry about the

How to install the MoD on Apache

Apache Author: sustomer How to manually sign a certificate Although the server was established using the Make Certificate command when Mod_ssl was installed Signature of the certificate, but sometimes you may need to change it. Of course there a

Introducing LDAP

Introducing LDAP Original: http://ldapman.org/articles/intro_to_ldap.html Original Author: Michael Donnelly Translation: Brimmer If you work in the computer industry, you may already have heard about LDAP. Want to get to know about LDAP in depth?

Who is "glued" to the seat net?

Although the net was set up just over a year ago, it has become the most sticky community website in the country at present. By July 2007, the number of registered people reached 3.5 million. This is a dedicated to college students of the community w

Baidu snapshots Keep up to date, ranking will be better?

Baidu snapshots Keep up to date, ranking will be better? In the end, Baidu snapshot to maintain the latest and the relationship between the rankings? Recently, a lot of friends asked me, Baidu snapshot to keep up to date, ranking will be better? Thi

Create thumbnails and copyright classes for pictures

Thumbnail image Create thumbnails and copyright classes for pictures Recently a few days to look at the image processing of PHP features, the previous demand in this area is relatively small, there is no way to see, recently have a look. Feel the pi

How to maximize the improvement. NET's performance

Performance Optimization. NET's performance 1 Avoid using ArrayList.Because any object added to the ArrayList must be sealed to the System.Object type, remove the data from the ArrayList, to remove the actual type back. It is recommended that you use

How to open asynchronous IO on HP's host

Asynchronous First, talk about asynchronous IO (Aio) In HP-UX, when synchronous IO is used, this means that the previous IO must return the "successful write" information before the next write Io, and see a performance bottleneck in the synchronous I

That's okay---five different scenarios for using XML (from CSDN)

XML in many seminars and training courses I have met many people who do not understand why using XML does not know how to use XML in their applications. Some reports from Gartner suggest that business companies can no longer be outsiders and cannot i

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