ORACLE10G_RHEL5 installation Process

Tags: oracle10g_rhel5 installation process1. Check memory, at least 1G#free-M2. Check the swap partition, which is usually twice the memory#grep Swaptotal/proc/meminfo3. Check the CPU#grep "model name"/proc/cpuinfo4. Check/tmp, at least 1G#df-H/tmp5.

Crack MyEclipse Professional, step is very important

Label:NetEase blog gacha-Anime Meng Mei collection sitelofter-Most beautiful photo deliveryIndian pie-my photo bookThese small languages are the most promising, free to learn to sign in Add attention The program! Can I have a meal?As long as you

"Unity" 3.3 makes a model with 3DS Max 2015 and imports it into Unity

Label:Categories: Unity, C #, VS2015Date Created: 2016-04-05 first, three-dimensional software introductionDue to the relatively weak modeling function of the game engine itself, both professional and freedom can not be compared with the

SSL encryption

Label:SSL leverages data encryption, authentication, and message integrity validation mechanisms to provide security assurances for application-layer protocols based on reliable connections such as TCPThe security mechanisms implemented by the SSL

105. Output Control Cache

Label:<?phpfor ($i = 0; $i < 5; $i++) { echo $i; ob_flush(); //如何开启缓存的话,要加这句话 flush(); sleep(1);}A friend of the PHP cache output control function must be familiar with the above code, it would like to achieve the effect is 1

Obviously can rely on Yan value, she must rely on talent--Cheng

Tags: career in computer science software developmentText/Embedded technology (book writer)Original link: belongs to the author, please contact the author to obtain authorization, and Mark "book author".

Debian 7 Installation Configuration Summary

Label:In the last few days I have been tossing Debian 7 (GNOME Desktop DVD version, KDE desktop CD version will finally mention), overall harvest is quite large, compared to the previous use of Ubuntu,debian 7 feel like a newborn baby, without extra

Design Patterns: Factory method Mode (Factory) and abstract Factory mode (Abstact Factory)

Label:? In object-oriented programming, the most common approach is to create an object instance from a new operator, which is used to construct an object instance. In some cases, however, the new operator directly generates the object, causing some

Papers about DL

Label:Reading some papers about DL Reading some papers about DL Segnet A Deep convolutional encoder-decoder Architecture for Image segmentation Encoder Network Decoder Network Training Analysis

0324 programming of the command interpreter

Label:#include <stdio.h>#include<conio.h>#include<string.h>#include<stdlib.h>#defineN 200structminicmd{intA; Charcommand[ -]; Charfunction[ -];};structminicmd Cmd[n];main () {FILE*FP; intI,n; CharStr[n]; printf ("micrcmdoft

"POJ 1191" Checkerboard Split (DP)

Label:"POJ 1191" Checkerboard Split (DP) Time Limit: 1000MS Memory Limit: 10000K Total Submissions: 13811 Accepted: 4917 DescriptionA 8*8 board is split as follows: The original board

About grounding: Digital ground, analogue ground, signal ground, AC ground, DC ground, shielding ground, floating ground

Label: About grounding: Digital ground, analogue ground, signal ground, AC ground, DC ground, shielding ground, floating groundIn addition to the correct grounding design, installation, but also to properly carry out a variety of different signal

Hash list of string hashes handling conflicts poj1880

Label:#include <stdio.h>#include<string.h>#include<stdlib.h>#defineM 100001#defineN 100structNode//array of linked lists{ intID; structNode *next;}*D[m]; CharA[m][n],b[m][n];Chars[n],str[n];unsignedintElfhash (Char*str)

Uicolor various color conversion

Label:1, hex value color conversion#import<UIKit/UIKit.h>@interfaceUicolor (Extension)//converts to the corresponding RGB color based on unsigned 32-bit integers+(Instancetype) Sy_colorwithhex: (u_int32_t) hex;@end#import "Uicolor+extension.h"@

About Dimensions

Label:1. What is a dimension.In fact, this topic is an extension of Euclidean geometry. We call 0-dimensional points, one-dimensional lines, two-dimensional faces, three-dimensional bodies, and four dimensions of space-time. You have to notice that

[Canvas drawing] Tibetan View Pavilion (16) Human acupoints

Label:Objective of this section:Taking advantage of today is April Fool's Day, Ah Wei decided to revisit the period of study medicine. For a while,Ah Wei to martial arts fiction and medicine at the same time have a strong interest, when the most

Solrcloud: According to the SOLR wiki

Label:This article is written by the author according to Apache SOLR document, translation is not correct or understanding is not in place welcome everyone to correct! Thank you! Nodes, cores, Cluster and leadersNodes and CoresIn Solrcloud, a node

Wait function return value summary

Label:Before studying the wait and WAITPID functions, I was puzzled by the use of macro wifexited to check the resulting process termination state: Typically we exit by calling the exit or _exit function in the program. So the terminating state of

LVM Logical Volume Management-Soft RAID disk array

Tags: LVM logical Volume Management-Soft RAID disk arrayLVM Logical Volume ManagementSoft RAID disk array management#################################################First, LVM logical volume management1. Basic ConceptsLogical Volume Manager* *


Label:Categories of storage:Closed-Systems StorageOpen System Storage > built-in storage> External storage > Direct attached storage (DAS, direct-attached Storage)> Networked Storage devices > Network-attached storage (NAS,

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