In-depth analysis of IIS 6.0 (13)

IIS wildcard applications can do anything developers need to do, such as URL customization, authentication, recording of special log information, detection of attack attempts, creation of content, and so on. After the wildcard application finishes pr

And the things about Baidu

Introduction: I was in Friday in Csdn and Blogspot on the "talk about Baidu that little Thing" (hereinafter referred to as "saying", this article attached to the full text), a simple expression of why they do not like to use Baidu's reasons. Although

Baidu Front-End written interview 7 questions

1. What data types does JavaScript include? I'm responding to two types: basic types and objects, with basic types including numbers, strings, Boolean, and null, objects (like objects), including arrays, functions, built-in objects, and custom objec

Lattice format image

How does the image we see constitute it? This needs to involve the concept of image type. The image type in computer is divided into two kinds, one is called dot Matrix, the other is called vector graph. As the name of a bitmap is composed of dots, a

About Zend Optimizer

Zend Optimizer (hereinafter referred to Zo) improves the execution speed of PHP 4.0 applications by optimizing the code. The principle of implementation is to optimize the code that is generated by running the compiler (Run-time Compiler) before it i

Continue statement

Statement Stops the current iteration of the loop and starts a new iteration. continue [label]; The optional label parameter specifies which statement the continue applies to. Description continue Statements can only be usedwithin a while,Do...while

"Smart" Web page making Tips

Tips | People want their home page to be lively and have more interaction with their visitors. Do the following tips make you feel a bit more colorful on your Web page? 1. A record of the number of visitors visited A visitor saw that I was able to co

No, I don't know: Photoshop Skills Collection 80

Skills 1. Quickly open file Double-click the background space in Photoshop (the default is the gray display area) to open the Browse window for the selected file. 2. Change the canvas color freely Select the Paint Bucket tool and hold down SHIFT and

The impact of the include file on the database link

Links | data | Database did you notice that when you use the Mx/ud development program, all pages that need to link to the database use the include file to invoke the database link file at the beginning of the page, such as: <!--#include file= "co

Implement session function in PHP3 (two, cookie function library: COOKIE.INC.PHP3) (translate)

cookie|session| function <?php if (!isset ($__cookie_inc__)) { $__cookie_inc__=1; function Jssetcookie ($CName, $CValue, $CExpr =false) { This function allows you to set cookies after the HTML header tag, Can be supplemented with setcookie functio

Converts a number to a class in Chinese. (tonight's boring work)

Chinese | convert <?php The Sea and Canada 2000-7-19 Class Chinesenumber { var $basical =array (0=> "0", "one", "two", "three", "four", "five", "six", "seven", "eight", "nine"); var $basical =array (0=> "0", "one", "II", "three", "Restauran

The MIDP1.0 of the triangle in the

Due to the adaptation needs of development, J2ME programmers can not use MIDP2.0 for development in many cases. But MIDP1.0 's function is much different from 2.0, and many useful functions are not provided. This requires the programmer to implement

RMAN Beginner's Guide

Beginner's Guide to RMAN Beginners Transferred from Poly-Hyun Zhuang Author: gototop ============================================ This article was written last year, originally published in the Oracle Forum, included in the old version


xp_cmdshell New Information-September 2001 Executes the given command string in the manner of the operating system command-line interpreter and returns any output as a text line. Grants unmanaged users permission to perform xp_cmdshell. Explains

A detailed explanation of Sun's blade server

The server Sun Fire B1600 Blade chassis is a 16-socket 3U chassis that installs two integrated gigabit Ethernet switches, two system controllers, and two power supplies. This smart frame is highly reliable and has a server density of five times times

Compact version of JS (UNICODE->GB) (still contains pinyin and UrlEncode)

encode|js| Pinyin and GB conversion libraries with the following addressesHttp:// JS, local Test no problem, but put on the internet will feel a bi

JSTL Getting Started: expression language

Js The JSP standard Tag library (JSP Standard tag Library,jstl) is a set of custom tag libraries that implement common functions commonly found in WEB applications, including iterative and conditional judgment, data management formatting, XML operati

Matt Powell's "Server-side Asynchronous Web Methhods"

server|web| Asynchronous | Asynchronous Summary: Matt Powell Describes how to use asynchronous Web methods on the server side to create high-performance Microsoft Web services. Brief introduction In the third column in September (in English

The improvement of the function of outputting Chinese characters in GD

function | Chinese thanks sadly wrote the function of outputting Chinese characters in GD, I found in the use of this version of the output string must be pure Chinese, can not be mixed in English. With the modification of this bug, share with you ..

Understanding of the intrusion of MSSQL SA by Hacker's experience

We must all know what SA privilege is in MSSQL, which is paramount. Today I will talk about its harm, I am talking about with NBSI upload function to get Webshell. It is difficult to get a shell before you say a few things before speaking. 1. There i

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