WPS Skills: "Domain" exhibition style

What is "domain"? The so-called "domain" is actually a functional code. Insert in document: page number, date, hyperlink, table of contents, pinyin ..., just insert the corresponding: page field, date

How to quickly query a valid IP address in a local area network?

How to query a valid IP address quickly in a local area network? Usually in the daily use of computers in order to let workstations smoothly through the LAN Internet, we often need to configure a vali

Interaction Designer's work everyday

Teach you efficient use of working hours! Today's protagonist he listed his own in the United States, Germany and China's interactive design work, all in good order and weight, and finally attached to

How do I read txt text line by row?

How do I read txt text line by row? Can Ajax be implemented? You want to read the branch TXT file and add the content before and after each line. such as TXT file content is like this http://www.b

How to draw a dashed line in Photoshop

Creates a new document, 10x1 pixels. Enlarge the image, use a rectangle to make a selection, fill the black. CTRL + A Select all, edit > Define pattern. New d

Photoshop Fill Tool Tutorial

A fill is the processing of a selected area with a specified color or pattern, and there are four common methods: Delete, Paint bucket, fill, and gradient.   (1) Delete tool Use the DELETE key "Del"

A special Ox's date-time judgment regular expression

Here's how to judge Yyyy-mm-dd in this format, basically taking into account the leap year and February, but I've forgotten where I found it. ^ ((1[6-9]| [2-9]d) D{2})-(0?[ 13578]|1[02])-(0?[ 1-9]| [

I'll teach you to play. IIS anti-theft chain myiis-vif Super anti-theft chain

Why should the chain of anti-theft? You know, respect for intellectual property, webmaster toil, boil more night out of the resources, on other sites ruthless collection walk ... Truly distressed. In

What are the 5G WiFi phones

5G Wi-Fi (802.11AC) is the fifth generation of Wi-Fi transmission technology, and running in the 5Ghz Radio frequency band (here is a misunderstanding, is not running in the 5Ghz band Wi-Fi is 5G Wi-F

The best way to freeze the first row and the first column in Excel

Step one: In Excel, click to select the B2 pane, perform the window → split command (Figure 1), and then the effect shown in Figure 2 shows that the window split was unsuccessful if the effect shown i

Excel table up, middle, down whole function

In Excel tables, the number of digits is processed, and the number of digits you specify is often rounded as needed. Numeric rounding can be done with the following functions: Rounding =round (a1,0)

The future of interactive interface: to return to basics or true or false difficult to distinguish?

October 11, 2010, Windows Phone 7 was officially released. Microsoft has announced that the rebirth of the system has not only improved its intrinsic performance, but also highlighted its appearance:

Excel's Exp function

Introduction of EXP function function: Returns the n power of E. The constant e equals 2.71828182845904 and is the base of the natural logarithm. function syntax EXP (number) Parameter description

The application of plane composition: "Point, line and surface" in web design

  What kind of web design can be called excellent? Presumably a lot of people have the same questions as me. I personally think that the so-called excellent web design is a reasonable function layout

Why Foxmail can't send mail

Foxmail can not normally send mail, generally due to the following problems, please check each: I. Account configuration 1, the main interface click "Tools"-"account Management", the lef

HTML links and attributes

Links are also implemented through elements (element). It takes only one element and one attribute to do the link. Here is an example of a link to jinanwangzhanjianshe.com: Example 1: <a href= "h

What's fastcgi?

  First, what is fastcgi?the fastcgi is a language-independent, scalable, CGI-open extension that primarily acts to keep the CGI interpreter process in memory and thus achieve higher performance. As w

Why Foxmail can't receive mail

Foxmail can not normally send mail, generally due to the following problems, please check each: Small series recommend: Foxmail why not Send mail I. Account configuration 1, the main

IANA reserved address

The IANA refers to (Internet assigned Numbers authority), the Internet number distribution authority. Responsible for IP address assignment planning and port definition for TCP/UDP public services. Th

What is the NIC MAC address? How to modify the NIC MAC address

MAC (Medium/media Access Control) address is for the network card, the manufacturer in the production process, the network card in its EPROM burned in a group of numbers, this group of numbers, each n

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