Principle of SHA-1 encryption algorithm

Label:SHA-1 is a one-way hash function that calculates a hash value of 160 bits based on a message with an upper limit of 2^64 bits, and its grouping and filling of data is the same as MD5, with 512 bits being 1 groups, filling the data with 1,

Microsoft Root Certificate program deprecated SHA-1 hashing algorithm

Label:Microsoft Root Certificate program deprecated SHA-1 hashing algorithmMicrosoft Official January 12, 2016 issued a security advisory, since January 1, 2016, Microsoft has released code discard changes, that is, after January 1, 2016 with the

Simplicity is beauty-Copy an array with a while statement

Label:Simplicity is both beauty, and programmers should try to write concise expressions, to use simple code to achieve more functionality, of course, this depends on the situation (sometimes you have to consider the program run time).When reading

Start with the zero-based backtracking algorithm

Label:This article in the writing process reference a lot of information, can not be enumerated, but also forgive me. The definition of backtracking algorithm: The backtracking algorithm is also called Heuristic method, which is a method to search

The inode numbers in the partitions are blocks of numbers No. 0 and 1th.

Label:The inode numbers in the partitions are blocks of numbers No. 0 and 1th.I believe that everyone in the use of Linux has encountered the accidental deletion of file system data, whether it is their own mistakenly deleted or to help others to

The difference between the instance method and the class method

Label:In Objective-c, there are both instance methods and class methods. Class methods are sometimes referred to as factory methods (Factory method) or as convenient methods (convenience method). The appellation of the factory method is obviously

Perfect solution to the Chinese garbled problem of Informix

Label:Perfect solution to the Chinese garbled problem of InformixInformix is a database of IBM, but for this project, I don't know if I have a database in my life. Want to the company's projects across the country, a variety of deployment

10 useful Django Tips and advice

Label:Django, as an excellent open source framework for Python, may not be as much of a compliment as other popular frameworks such as rails, but it is as refined as any other framework, paying great attention to the dry (Don ' t Repeat Yoursef)

The world's shortest clock code! Shorter, have the wood to have?

Label:I. INTRODUCTION processingjs author is John Resig, this is the second masterpiece following jquery.processingJS provides a programming language and operating environment for teaching visualization. By writing the processing program, teachers

Git first Experience

Label:Reference website: A long time ago want to learn git use, but find a traditional tutorial to see my heart is broken, give up, yesterday joined Hao elder brother'

Magento Introductory Development Tutorial

Label:modules-> Modulecontroller-> Controllermodel-> ModelMagento is the most powerful shopping cart online platform on the planet. Of course, you should have no doubt about it. However, you may not yet know that Magento is also an

Refusal to buy invitations, three years of dedicated development, open source private cloud disk "Mini Cloud" (10-person team in three years by self-financing focus on the development of works)

Label:From36 Krypton Open Day Shanghai station.Dropbox and other cloud storage services in the past two years, the rapid red, the Giants have launched their own cloud storage services (Apple's ICloud, Microsoft's SkyDrive, Google's GDrive), there

Abstract class

Label: abstract class editing Abstract classes are often used to characterize the abstract concepts of analysis and design of problem areas, and are abstractions of a series of concrete concepts that look different, but

The code in the movie "Mechanical Ji": Sieve method for prime numbers

Label:Today saw "Machine Ji", to explore the topic of artificial intelligence films, watercress rating 7.5, or pretty good movie. A python code appeared at 1:09:29 in the movie, and a closer look at the Python code, found to be the Sieve method for

Unlimited drop-down or paging?

Label:Source: Medium-nick Babich Translations: Nuggets translation Program-Ruixi Original:"Should I choose infinite dropdown mode or paging mode for my project?" "Some designers are still struggling with what the

Talking about 802.1X Certification

Label:First, originThe 802.1X protocol originates from the 802.11 protocol, the latter being the standard Wireless LAN protocol. The main purpose of the 802.1X protocol is to solve the problem of access authentication for LAN users, which has now

"One Day together Leetcode" #60. Permutation Sequence.

Label: One Day Together Leetcode series (i) Title The set [,..., N] contains a total of n! Unique permutations.By listing and labeling all of the permutations in order,We get the following sequence (ie, for n = 3):1: "123"2: "132

Server (SMTP/POP3) address and port summary for common mailboxes Server address: (port: 110)SMTP Server address: (port: 25)126 e-Mail:POP3 Server address: (port: 110)SMTP Server address: (port: 25)139 e-mail:POP3 Server address:

A brief analysis of coding

Label:Coding has always been a headache for the novice, especially GBK, GB2312, UTF-8 the three more common differences in the page encoding, but also let many novice disoriented, how to explain the explanation is not clear. But coding is so

12,864-point Array LCD display

Label:Fundamentals of 1 system 12,864 point formation liquid crystal display12,864-point array graphic liquid crystal display application, one through C51 programming realizes to the LCD12864 LCD screen control, the liquid crystal display (LCD) has

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