What's the use of the Easy Transfer feature in Windows7

Q: What is the Easy Transfer feature in Windows 7? A: In Windows7, there are many surprising new features, of which easy transfer is undoubtedly one of them. When it comes to Windows Easy transfer,wi

Quick Hide Win8 System zoning Strategy

WIN8 System How do you want to set up a hidden partition? Together to refer to the following small Raiders: 1, in the Win 8 system right click on "Computer", click "Management", and then select "Disk Management." 2, in the "Disk Management" in th

Delete a folder virus for the EXE suffix in the system

A: a friend U disk to infect, performance symptom is all folders have suffix exe, size according to different variants, are hundreds of KB. The virus's author uses the camouflage technique, you see the folder is not the real folder, but is the virus

PS will take new photos "as new as the whole"

Old photos always give people vicissitudes, profound impression, so become those "play the feeling" of the best friend. Although digital cameras now have the so-called "old photos" mode, but this kind

Win7 the solution of black screen error 15:file not found on boot

Many users are afraid of the boot black screen phenomenon, but the Win7 system turned on the black screen phenomenon is not a rare imagination. Today's small series to introduce a black screen case er

The method of "Allow mixed sleep" under Win7 system

Under the Windows7 system, there is a mixed sleep mode, which allows the system to sleep and hibernate at the same time, for the familiar users of the computer system know that the sleep and hibernati

The method of successfully modifying Mac under WIN7 system

Many users on the internet want to modify the wireless MAC address under the WIN7 system for various reasons, but most of them fail to modify. Of course, most of the online methods are the early XP s

CSV file how to open

CSV (comma Separated values) is a plain text file used to store data, usually a file format for storing spreadsheets or data. Here are some common ways to open CSV files. Tools/raw Materi

Win7 64-bit system rar compressed file damage how to fix it


1, first open the WinRAR software, in the main window open the damaged main window open the damaged compressed file in the directory, and then select the damaged compressed file; 2, click on the top

Mouseposé Use Tutorial

In the speech and presentation, the audience should focus on the mouse point of view, and narrator's progress synchronization, but because there is no immediate accessibility, the audience is difficul

Computer prompts "No input file specified" How to do

A IIS noinput file specified Method One: Change the Doc_root line in the php.ini, open the INI file comment out the row, and then restart IIS Method Two: Please modify the php.ini Found it ; Cgi.

Tp-link Series Product Reset Method Summary

A lot of people do not know the method of router reset, today I take the tp-link of several products as an example of the specific operation of the wireless router reset procedures, and various classes of Tp-ink gave different methods, such as: tl-r4

Win7 system LAN How to hide computer name

1, press "WIN+R" key combination to open the "Run" window, enter "CMD" command, open the command prompt interface; 2, at the command prompt cursor at the input "net config server/hidden:yes"

Ubuntu Operating System Installation Tutorial

Ubuntu is a popular Linux operating system, based on the Debian distribution and GNOME desktop environment, compared to other Linux distributions, Ubuntu is very easy-to-use, and Windows compatibility

What file is TMP? What does the TMP file open with?

The first description is that the TMP file can be opened, but the file is open without any practical use. Why do you say that? This also starts with the function of the TMP file in the Windows system:

What is a hash value

Many friends do not know what the hash value is, want to know how to use the hash, small series here to do some popular science. What is the hash value The hash value is the ID card of the file, but

XP installation startup failure


Fault 1. Installation Prompts unknown hardware error "Symptom" After you install Windows XP SP3, restart your computer, prompting the C0000135 unknown hard error message, and Windows Installer cannot

The reason of garbled and the removal method Daquan

When we browse the Web, open a document or mail, and run the software, we often see garbled characters, usually due to the source file encoding, Windows does not correctly identify the cause, or it may be other reasons. Garbled to bring us too much t

Method of setting input key

In the actual application process, can be set on the desktop to show/hide the input method, you can also set a hotkey for the input method. 1. Show/Hide IME In the process of applying a computer, if

Why doesn't the computer shut down properly?

Win XP shutdown failure For Windows XP, because it uses a higher security performance NT kernel, the system is stable, in addition to the slow shutdown speed, in general, rarely shutdown failure. How

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