What does the 404 Not Found code mean? 404 what does the error mean?

The 404 page is a frequent error in the WWW site access comparison. The most common error tip: 404 Not FOUND. The 404 page is the page that is returned when the user enters the wrong link.error reason cause type HTTP 404 error means that the link to

The adaptive magnetic paste template and Toast notification XML document structure in Win 10 development

XML document structure of adaptive magnetic paste template in Win 10 developmentIn the same way, you can still use the 8.1-time magnetic paste template, in the win 10 API is also supported, in addition, WIN10 app also supports a new adaptive tile tem

LNMP One-click installation Environment 502 Bad Gateway

LNMP a key installation package for the environment but I found my WordPress backstage, some of the page 502 Bad Gateway error problem, let's look at the solution. My PHP version is 5.2.17. MySQL version is 5.1.60 WordPress version 3.8.3 Read the

Centos5.10 64-bit silent installation oracle10g Upgrade method

Sync time Cp/usr/share/zoneinfo/asia/shanghai/etc/localtimeCrontab-e0-59/10 * * * */usr/sbin/ntpdate us.pool.ntp.org | Logger-t NTPNtpdate us.pool.ntp.orgHwclock-wTo set a local DVD as a source: Mkdir/mnt/cdromMount/dev/cdrom/mnt/cdrom#添加本地源 Cat &

Ubuntu Common 200 Commands

Tags:    view software XXX installation content: Dpkg -l xxx find software in the Software Library:apt-cache search  regular expressions find software in the Software Library: aptitude  search  package Find

Spring for Apache Kafka 1.1.0 Milestone 2 released

Label:Spring for Apache Kafka 1.1.0 Milestone 2 released.This release has some bug fixes, and the following new features are being developed:1. When using @KafkaListener, M2 can process a batch of messages (Tengyun technology ty300.com). For example:

Smarty Tutorial 1. Engine definition 2. Key Benefits 3. Simple Tutorial 4. Use Judgment 5. Loop Array 6. FAQ 8. Interpreter

Label:Smarty is a php template engine. More precisely, it separates logic programs from external content and provides an easy-to-manage approach. You can describe different roles for both the application and the artist, because in most cases they

Upgrade the WIN Server 2003 AD domain to win server R2

Tags: serverRecently saw a lot of posts from the win Server 2003 AD upgrade, many of them say there is no way to upgrade directly, but need to upgrade to win Server 2008 or R2 and then upgrade to win server 2012 R2. This explanation is incorrect,

win10 localhost resolves to ipv6 address:: 1 Solution

Label:Today, a strange problem has occurred, the localhost access is not found 404, but there are to access. The reason was finally found because Windows resolved localhost to IPv6 address: 1 instead of Check the hosts to IPv6

OpenSSL use 2 (SSL,X.509,PEM,DER,CRT,CER,KEY,CSR,P12 concept note)

Tags: using COM multi-table ODI core iOS friends habits x509SslSSL -Secure Sockets Layer, it should now be called "TLS", but because of the habit problem, we still call "SSL" more. The HTTP protocol is not encrypted by default, so it is likely to be

Elasticsearch1.7.3 upgrade to 2.4.2 record

Tags: elk, esWe use elk to do log analysis system, Elasticsearch1.7.3 run for nearly a year, has recently upgraded a cluster to ES5.1.1, but encountered more problems. So upgrading another cluster to the community recommended a more stable 2.4.2. In

The relationship between cloud computing and parallel computing

Tags: set up remote collection of extensibility information during task splitCloud computing is a computing model that represents a way to share resources to design, develop, deploy, run applications, and expand the resources to shrink and support

Hash (MD5 Check tool)

Tags: Strong height title released nbsp Original Hash complete imgThis site provides MD5 verification tool download. Hash (MD5 Check tool) is a small and easy to use hash calculator, hash support file drag and drop, fast, you can calculate the file

Redhat 6 Two ways to configure Yum sources

Label:Since Redhat's Yum online update is chargeable and cannot be used if not registered, if you want to use it, you need to uninstall Redhat Yum, restart the installation, and then configure other sources.This article includes configuring local

"Cdp-Cloud Design Model", chapter 1th, concept and classification

Label:1.1. What is CDP Cloud design mode?Cloud design patterns are a set of solutions and design ideas for solving common system design problems encountered when using cloud technologies.To create CDP, we reviewed the designs created by many

Regular expressions

Label:Regular Expressions:First, Introduction:A regular expression (or re) is a small, highly specialized programming language (in Python) that is embedded in Python and implemented through the RE module, which is then compiled into a series of

"Summary" leverages AWS to build a hybrid cloud architecture

Label:Download the full video: Download the full MP4 file1. Churyang's understanding Defines the concept of a hybrid it architecture (because some enterprises may not have a cloud locally, but need to build a cloud + physical architecture)


Label:DescriptionToday is Wednesday, the third day of the week. What's more interesting was that tomorrow was the last day of the year 2015.Limak is a little polar bear. He enjoyed a lot. Now, he's so eager to the coming year 2016.Limak wants to


Label:02.01_java Language Basics (Overview and use of constants) (master) A: What is a constant Its value cannot be changed during program execution The classification of constants in B:java Literal constants

February 29 after-school homework

Label:1. Technologies required for Web site system developmentJava language, environment configuration, database, PHP language2. Classroom Test Source code:<! DOCTYPE HTML PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD XHTML 1.0 transitional//en"

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