Taste. NET magnum opus-book Review, Microsoft. NET Framework Program Design (revised edition)

. NET Framework | program | Design After a long wait, we finally saw the Tsinghua University Press organization Retranslation's Microsoft. NET Framework Program Design (revised edition) of a book. Thi

"Due to improper application configuration" solution


Many friends have encountered open QQ, PS, SnagIt and other programs, reported "because the application configuration is not correct, the application failed to start." Reinstalling the application may

How to create a friendly and elegant 404 pages?

No one would think that a site visitor would stay on the wrong page, but in fact it does. Especially on the 404 error page, visitors will often stay. So, you can design the 404 error page More attract

What do you mean, 502 bad gateway?

Cause 502 Bad Gateway Servers (which can be not Web servers) are gateways or proxies that meet customer requirements (such as Web browsers or our Checkupdown bots) to access the requeste

360 Browser shortcut keys Daquan

360 Browser Shortcuts Encyclopedia, as the saying goes, "工欲善其事 its prerequisite", for the frequent use of 360 browser to browse the web of friends who know the shortcut key is very necessary.   Label

Proud Zhang Browser how?

First, the Chinese names of the two are different. MAXTHON4.4.2.1000 's Chinese name is "proud swims the browser", but Maxthon4.4.2.2000 's Chinese name is "The Proud Zhang browser", has one "the clou

A connection to the server was successful but an incorrect resolution occurred during the logon process

A connection was successfully made to the server, but an incorrect solution occurred during the logon process Prompt when a database is opened A connection was made to the server successfully, but t

Reasons for using the Windows7 64-bit flagship and Win7 64-bit system downloads and benefits analysis

Because the author is very fond of browsing Baidu know, in particular, Baidu know the computer, network, system columns, the author often to answer some computer-related problems, recently visited Bai

What do you mean, x86 and X64?

x86 is the standard abbreviation for Intel processor-based systems. X has nothing to do with the processor, it is a simple wildcard definition for all *86 systems, a serial number of Intel general-pur

Storing XML in a relational database

xml| Data | Database Introduction There are various ways to solve the problem of effectively and automatically transforming XML into and out of relational databases. Database vendors such as IBM, Microsoft, Oracle, and Sybase have developed assistiv

New Install APACHE2,PHP5,MYSQL5 under Win XP

APACHE|MYSQL|PHP5 See Php,mysql, all out of a new version, want to taste fresh, try to install a bit, and then the installation process down, hope to learn some of the novice PHP help, the owner can consider fine A simple process for new installatio

Comparison of Active Server Pages and Lotus Domino

Active|dom|server| compared to play for a year of ASP Now the boss suddenly asked me to get Lotus domino/notes. Alas, there is no way ~ ~ Here is an article about ASP and Lotus Domino/notes, you see, talk about the view ------------------- (Turn http

oracle10g + SOLARIS9 for x86 + VMware installation steps

Oracle Turn from: CSDN Oracle recently released the latest version of oracle10g for Solaris x86, so it was tested and installed in VMware's SOLARIS9. This article simply records the basic steps of the installation and omits the commands for creati

SQL Data Operations Basics (intermediate) 10

Data operation date and time Date and time functions are useful for building a site. The owner of the site is often interested in when the data in a table is updated. With date and time functions, you can track changes in a table at the millisecond

PHP5 installation configuration and Zend Optimizer installation tutorial

installation 1. First download PHP 5.2.5 (http://www.php.net/downloads.php) The PHP installation path in this article takes c:\php 2. Download and get php-5.1.2-win32.zip, directly all to the C:\php\ directory can be php file storage directory c:

Some previously collected information---How to resolve InterDev error "Unable to contacts Web server"

interdev|server|web| Error | There are so many reasons to solve your problem, I have to list it for you: 1. First of all to ensure that your Web server running, check the method is to use IE casually open a page on your web Note that you open a page

PHP5.0 officially released not fully compatible PHP4 new multiple features

The long-awaited PHP5 was finally officially released July 13 local time. For both the PHP language itself and the PHP user, the PHP5 release is a landmark version. The PHP versions prior to the release of PHP5 have won the favor of many developers w

Access Google's Web service (MS) using Visual Basic. NET

google|visual|web| access to Google Web Services using Visual Basic. NET Learn how to access Google's Web API service from the Visual Basic. NET Windows Front-End. This article describes how to invoke a SOAP Web service, perform a Google search, acc

Simplifies publishing and resolving DLL Hell problems with the. NET Framework

Solve | Problem Summary: This article describes the assembly concept and explains how the. NET Framework uses the assembler to solve versioning and publishing issues. Directory Brief introduction Problem description Characteristics of the solution

DLP Link 3D Projector playback Set Raiders

First check the projector: To see the 3D screen, the projector must support the control of the LCD glasses high-speed synchronization switch DLP link function, and in the projector menu will open the option. Next is the source: because there is no un

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