Multithreaded Programming (17)

Depending on the main function of Waitabletimer, it is a bit inappropriate to put it on the topic of "Thread Synchronization", and it's time to end it. //重新看看那个 APC 回调函数的格式: procedure TimerAPCProc(  

MIME and BASE64 encoding/decoding program code

First of all, I'm here to correct my mistakes in a mistake: Base64 is just a MIME encoding scheme, and my original MIME is actually another coding scheme for MIME--quoted-printable, so I've made some

"WCF Technology Insider" translation 9:1th Part _ 2nd Chapter _ Service-oriented: message coding

Message encoding As time goes on, perhaps we will be conditioned to think that XML (SOAP) is a structural literal. After all, text is human-readable, and each computer system can process text. The ge

Joda-time: Since you can't get rid of time, why not try to simplify time processing?

When writing an enterprise application, I often need to process the date. And in my latest project-Insurance industry-correcting date calculations is particularly important. Using Java.util.Calendar m

jquery Form plugin: Helping Web designers navigate HTML Tables

This article collects a large number of jQuery form plug-ins to help Web designers to better navigate the HTML table, you can sort the table horizontally and vertically, set the fixed table, search the table, the large table page, scrolling table, dr

jquery Knowledge: 20 jquery tutorials + 11 jquery plugins

In the field of network development, JQuery is becoming ubiquitous because it is easy to learn, easy to use, and easy to expand. Here's a 30+ of new and amazing jquery plug-ins and tutorials sorted out from some jquery-related articles. If you're loo

HTML 5 Web SQL Core Trident

The "51CTO translation" Web SQL database API, which is not actually contained in the HTML 5 specification, is a stand-alone specification that introduces a set of APIs that use SQL to manipulate the client database. Assuming you're a good web develop

Detailed Sha-1 algorithm

In the information system, in addition to the security technology, the other important aspect is authentication technology, authentication technology is mainly used to prevent opponents to the system active attack, such as camouflage, intersymbol, et

Using SQLServer2005 linked servers and Sybase

The Sybase database is synchronized with the SQL Server 2005 database, precisely by using SQL Server 2005 to read and write to the Sybase database tables. The data interfaces of other systems are sometimes required in the project, and the data in th

Teach you how to upgrade to SQL Anywhere10 (15)

Ultralite Application code upgrade tool You can use the C + + API Migration Wizard to help you migrate C + + source code generated through Ulgen. Wizards help identify Embedded SQL that is no longer supported in the version 10 standard. If you are u

Teach you how to upgrade to SQL Anywhere10 (12)

To upgrade an existing Ultralite database to version 10 on the command line 1, please read the important items in the upgrade carefully 2. To ensure that Ultralite version 10 utilities in the system path compare earlier versions of Ultralite utilit

How to rename an existing Sybase logical volume

I would like to change the current Sybase logical volume renamed, mainly Master, proc, tempdb, dbccdb equipment, how to change, in the database how to operate? Question Answer 1 shutdown Sybase 2 use CHLV to change master, proc, tempdb, dbccdb equ

Processing DB2 for iseries index in parallel mode


Brief introduction When people consider parallel processing in the database engine, they immediately think of an improved query response time by using multiple processors to process a single query. It is often not noticed that parallel processing ca

How to restore the data in the original database after DB2 uninstall


Question: I accidentally unloaded the DB2, what method to restore the original database data ah? Bow : DB2 Uninstall after the remaining DB2,DB2CTLSV two directories, but these two directories are not large, please DB2 database files : Is there any

DB2 9 Data server Development 3 music

It is hard to imagine that there are any applications that are irrelevant to the database. Even Microsoft's next-generation OS Vista uses its database to organize its new file system. It can be said that after years of development, the data has becom

Perfect Vista SP1 patch in the ideal user

Over the weekend, Microsoft developers on the official blog revealed the Windows Vista SP1 (hereinafter referred to as SP1) release time, as well as SP1 related to the latest details, so has been "plagued by rumors SP1" finally have a clear outline,

XML Getting Started FAQ (4)

How do I handle whitespace characters in the XML object model? Sometimes, the XML object model displays a TEXT node that contains white space characters. When whitespace characters are truncated, some confusion is likely to result. For example, the f

Install APACHE2+PHP5+MYSQL5 under Win XP

See Php,mysql, all out of a new version, want to taste fresh, try to install a bit, and then put the installation process down, hoping to learn some of the novice PHP help, the owner can consider fine A simple process for new installation of Apache2

Particle swarm algorithm (1)----particle swarm optimization

First, the history of particle swarm algorithm Particle swarm algorithm originates from complex adaptive system (Complex adaptive System,cas). CAS theory was formally proposed in 1994, and members in CAs are called principals. For example, the study

WCF from theory to Practice (6): WCF architecture

The previous articles, respectively, introduce the basic knowledge of WCF and the three important components of endpoint: Address,contract,binding. But nothing but glimpse, this article on the framework of WCF, from a holistic perspective to the WCF

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