Nginx "403 Forbidden" error resolution

Nginx's 403 Forbidden errors indicates that you are requesting a resource file but Nginx does not allow you to view it.403 Forbidden is just an HTTP status code, like 404,200 is not a technical error.Which scenes need to return a 403 status code scen

LNMP One-click installation Environment 502 Bad Gateway

LNMP a key installation package for the environment but I found my WordPress backstage, some of the page 502 Bad Gateway error problem, let's look at the solution. My PHP version is 5.2.17. MySQL version is 5.1.60 WordPress version 3.8.3 Read the

SQL 2005 Character function instance and application example

SQL 2005 Character function instance and application example Use DemoGo/*Extract the value from the column string of the table code into the record tableThe character type in string isdsddddd,2222222,222221,3The last one was labeled for Biaoji in th

SQL 2005 back up the database. dat or BAK solution for structural errors

The disk structure version of the backed up Database tutorial is 611. The server supports version 539 and cannot restore or upgrade this database, and the RESTORE database operation terminates abnormally.The remote server host installed SQL Server 20

The Load tool enables DB2 to organize various suspend problem solutions

To speed up the loading of data, many DBAs prefer to use the load tool for data migration and loading, but the load utility brings us some problems as well, and today focuses on the solution when we encounter problems when we use the Load tool again.

The adaptive magnetic paste template and Toast notification XML document structure in Win 10 development

XML document structure of adaptive magnetic paste template in Win 10 developmentIn the same way, you can still use the 8.1-time magnetic paste template, in the win 10 API is also supported, in addition, WIN10 app also supports a new adaptive tile tem

A detailed explanation of Unicode, UTF-8, and ANSI character encodings

NSI, UTF-8, Unicode, three encoded formats for character codes, one character can be encoded into ANSI, UTF-8, or Unicode format, and the three formats are only different in expression and represent the same content. ANSI, UTF-8, Unicode ANSI, UTF-

How to connect Azure SQL database with SSMs the difference between connecting to a local library

Label:backgroundwe know that Azure Sql Database can reduce operation cost, is a pass mode, has the resource elasticity setting, can freely adjust the resources automatically corresponding to the different business peaks (also can reduce the cost

sqlserver2005 Reinstall (Installation assembly error, Setup cannot connect to database service for service configuration)

Tags: expr experience view mirror target details mod problem text2014-01-09 16:41 1687 people read comments (1) favorite reports Classification:database (1) Copyright NOTICE: This article for Bo Master original article, without Bo Master

SQL 2005 Installation

Tags: name spn svc. NET cal Enable WWW default windows SQL 2005 Warning 32-bit ASP. NET already registered, need to

VC++/MFC (VC6) Development Technology Quality Learning materials Download Summary

Tags: OPS does not implement a system development environment case for C + + HTTP. com technology工欲善其事, its prerequisite, VC developing MFC Windows Programs, Visual C + + or Visual Studio is a must, well, here's a summary for you, take it: VC/MFC

Spring for Apache Kafka 1.1.0 Milestone 2 released

Label:Spring for Apache Kafka 1.1.0 Milestone 2 released.This release has some bug fixes, and the following new features are being developed:1. When using @KafkaListener, M2 can process a batch of messages (Tengyun technology For example:

Upgrade the WIN Server 2003 AD domain to win server R2

Tags: serverRecently saw a lot of posts from the win Server 2003 AD upgrade, many of them say there is no way to upgrade directly, but need to upgrade to win Server 2008 or R2 and then upgrade to win server 2012 R2. This explanation is incorrect,

Detailed session mechanism

Tags: bin https Java platform different applications gets summary NAT processor createdAlthough the session mechanism has been used in Web applications for a long time, there are still a lot of people who do not know the nature of the session


Label:SecurityAs a technician, can not make two kinds of errors, one is the security problem one is a high concurrency problem, if a product arises these two problems lose a large number of users.    This section focuses on security issues, and

Elasticsearch1.7.3 upgrade to 2.4.2 record

Tags: elk, esWe use elk to do log analysis system, Elasticsearch1.7.3 run for nearly a year, has recently upgraded a cluster to ES5.1.1, but encountered more problems. So upgrading another cluster to the community recommended a more stable 2.4.2. In

Hash table and Perfect hash

Label:We know that any element in an array can be accessed within an O (1) time by direct addressing via an array (directly addressing). Therefore, if the storage space allows, you can provide an array, for each possible keyword to maintain a

RABBITMQ Technology

Label:RABBITMQ first knowledge of RABBITMQRABBITMQ is a popular open source Message Queuing system, developed in Erlang language. RABBITMQ is the standard implementation of the AMQP (Advanced Message Queuing protocol). If you are unfamiliar with

Teach you to be an all-stack engineer

Tags: browser website development programming language Server Engineer Pang engineer Teach you to become an all-stack engineer (full stack Developer) 0-What is a full stack engineer (2016-04-04) Teach you to be an all-stack engineer (full

2015-2016 front-end knowledge system

Label:Design and implementation of UI framework such as frame and component bootstrap Scaling layouts: Grid grid Layout Basic UI styles: Elements reset, buttons, pictures, menus, forms Component UI Styles: button groups, font icons,

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