Optimizing DB2 application Performance with SQL statements

One of the important issues to consider when designing a new or analyzing an existing system is the design of the application. Even if the database is well designed and optimized, application design is not appropriate or a database that can cause per

Comprehensive Introduction to DB2 database security


Brief introduction The problem we face is that the topic of database security has not been as compelling as the world record and report for the shortest downtime. When was the last time you read a smart article about security tokens and encryption?

Developing DB2 database applications with. Net

Brief introduction In the view of. NET application developers, using DB2 is no different from using any other relational database. You can see countless examples of using SQL Server and Oracle products to perform database tasks, but for use include.

Flume-ng Source reading: Hbasesink

All the contents of the sink about HBase are under the Org.apache.flume.sink.hbase package. Each sink includes its own custom, all extends Abstractsink implements configurable. First, the Configure (context) method. The method is initialized to the

Visual Basic 9 syntax for incomplete entry sugar

Introduction In Visual Basic 9 Beta 1, there are some "trivial" syntactic sugars with the weight-enhancing enhancements of LINQ. These syntactic sugars do not affect the final compiled IL, but are sufficient to ease the programmer's workload and ach

How to save storage space by saving a hexadecimal string as a binary array

If there is such a scene, the MD5 value of all the files on the client machine needs to be placed on the server side of the database, the server will periodically check the client's files to see if there are illegal files (note: Here with MD5 to do i

IBM biginsights Flume Easy deployment of scalable real-time log-collection systems

Introduction to IBM biginsights Flume Flume is an open source mass log collection system that supports real-time collection of logs. The initial flume version was Flume OG (flume original Generation), developed by Cloudera company, called Cloudera F

HTTP 204 and 205 applications

The HTTP 204 (no content) indicates a successful response, but no data is returned, and the browser does not need to be refreshed or directed to a new page. The HTTP 205 (reset content) indicates a successful response, resetting the page (form form)

DB2 V9 Automatic Maintenance, part 2nd: Enable automatic backup function

Enable automatic backup feature The database may become unusable due to a large number of hardware or software failures. Automatic database backup reduces DBA database backup management tasks, and it always ensures that the database performs the mos

DB2 return SQLCODE-818 Error


In the embedded C language project based on DB2, there is a very strange thing to share with you. In order to maintain the integrity of the test data and developer data consistency, but also in order to reduce the pressure of dbserver, so for each t

DB2 User's point of view: Purequery and DB2 9 sparkle


DB2 9 for z/OS offers a number of new performance features. One of the most exciting feature combinations I have found in DB2 9 and purequery is the ability to convert dynamic JDBC SQL applications into static transactions. This combination uses the

Win2K "Secret Weapon" DNS tool (i)

Tools applied in the network environment: useful for the person who is engaged in the maintenance. Also note that some tools require another tool to be used as a base to work, that is, when a tool is working, another tool that is the basis must be ex

S/MIME security and HTTPS over RPC for Outlook

Microsoft Outlook Address Book and object mode security Outlook supports Office object mode so that you can write scripts and programs to automate those repetitive actions. This is actually a double-edged sword: it is useful to allow programs (such

Get information about the world's time zones and daylight savings Net2.0 under.

Under. NET 3.5, there is a timezoneinfo class that makes it easy to transform time zones and time transitions. However, under. NET 2.0, it is inconvenient to only handle the current server time zone.

Use UTF-8 encoded/jmail component to send mail garbled problem

A long time ago listen to a friend said, use UTF-8 code to send mail, there will be garbled situation occurs. Recently for the company to develop support for multi-language Web sites, just want to use

Merlin's Magic: Exercise Full Control over graphical display

Do you like to let the program do some mischief and make others feel uncomfortable? If you answer "yes", then this month's tip must be for your appetite. With J2SE 1.4, your Java program can now chang

Based on Jquery+httphandler to achieve the image clipping effect code (for forum, SNS) _jquery

Body:To make the hierarchy clear and easy to read, the whole solution is as follows: Where Bitmapcutter.core is the server-side handler for the picture, the class diagram is: For more information, see the Source notes: Cutter is a crop object th

Java8 20 usage examples for the new Date time API _java

In addition to lambda expressions, stream, and a few minor improvements, Java 8 introduces a new set of time and date APIs, and in this tutorial we will learn how to use this set of Java 8 APIs with a few simple task examples. Java's handling of date

Common usage examples in Java8 time and date libraries _java

I was asked what is the best way to learn a new library? My answer is to use it in the actual project. There are a variety of requirements in a real project that will encourage developers to explore and study the new library. In short, only the task

DB2 stored procedure Dynamic SQL is truncated

Tags: Back success cee 0.00 Err int Theme Tab valWhen you write a stored procedure, when you use dynamic SQL, the variable assignment is truncated when you debug.The key code is as follows:The effect of the implementation is to first the upstream

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