Multithreaded Programming (17)

Depending on the main function of Waitabletimer, it is a bit inappropriate to put it on the topic of "Thread Synchronization", and it's time to end it. //重新看看那个 APC 回调函数的格式: procedure TimerAPCProc(  

Get information about the world's time zones and daylight savings Net2.0 under.

Under. NET 3.5, there is a timezoneinfo class that makes it easy to transform time zones and time transitions. However, under. NET 2.0, it is inconvenient to only handle the current server time zone.

Using jquery to select Traversal functions for complex HTML

10 very useful traversal functions in jquery With jquery, you can easily select HTML elements. But sometimes, when the HTML structure is more complex, refining the elements we choose is a hassle. In this tutorial, we'll explore 10 ways to refine and

JQuery 1.4:15 new features and optimization enhancements

JQuery 1.4 has recently been released . Beyond everyone's expectations, this is not a simple tinkering, 1.4 contains a lot of new features, enhancements and performance improvements! This article introduces you to these new features and enhancements

Solve the problem of transparent picture without support png24 under IE6

There are two common solutions: First: Use IE filter to solve Key code: CSS Code _background:none; (src= " Css/css/images/png24.png ", sizingmethod=" crop "); There

HTML 5 Web SQL Core Trident

The "51CTO translation" Web SQL database API, which is not actually contained in the HTML 5 specification, is a stand-alone specification that introduces a set of APIs that use SQL to manipulate the client database. Assuming you're a good web develop

JSON Quick Start Learning Tutorial

JSON Quick Start Three kinds of data in computer language 1, scalar a separate string or number such as "Chengdu"; 7 2, the sequence of some related data in a certain order together (array or list) such as "Beijing, Chengdu"; 7 8 9 3, mapping name/

How JSON data formats are used

Json_encode () JSON encoding a variable Json_decode () decodes a JSON-formatted string into a PHP variable Json_last_error returns the last occurrence of the error Resource types cannot be converted to JSON format or converted to serialize data for

DB2 NoSQL JSON feature (i) DB2 NoSQL JSON Introduction

Fast-changing application environments require a flexible mechanism for storing data and passing data between different application tiers. As it turns out, JSON (Java Script Object notation) is an important technology for moving, interactive applicat

Developing DB2 database applications with. Net

Brief introduction In the view of. NET application developers, using DB2 is no different from using any other relational database. You can see countless examples of using SQL Server and Oracle products to perform database tasks, but for use include.

DOS command dir use detailed

As we said before, in DOS we command computer work by typing commands. So what we want to say into the computer, the computer can understand? Obviously this is not possible, the computer under DOS can only understand the meaning of some special Engl

Visual Basic 9 syntax for incomplete entry sugar

Introduction In Visual Basic 9 Beta 1, there are some "trivial" syntactic sugars with the weight-enhancing enhancements of LINQ. These syntactic sugars do not affect the final compiled IL, but are sufficient to ease the programmer's workload and ach

DB2 V9 Automatic Maintenance, part 2nd: Enable automatic backup function

Enable automatic backup feature The database may become unusable due to a large number of hardware or software failures. Automatic database backup reduces DBA database backup management tasks, and it always ensures that the database performs the mos

DB2 User's point of view: Purequery and DB2 9 sparkle


DB2 9 for z/OS offers a number of new performance features. One of the most exciting feature combinations I have found in DB2 9 and purequery is the ability to convert dynamic JDBC SQL applications into static transactions. This combination uses the

How to rename an existing Sybase logical volume

I would like to change the current Sybase logical volume renamed, mainly Master, proc, tempdb, dbccdb equipment, how to change, in the database how to operate? Question Answer 1 shutdown Sybase 2 use CHLV to change master, proc, tempdb, dbccdb equ

Processing DB2 for iseries index in parallel mode


Brief introduction When people consider parallel processing in the database engine, they immediately think of an improved query response time by using multiple processors to process a single query. It is often not noticed that parallel processing ca

DB2 9.5 SQL Procedure Developer Certification Examination 735 preparation, 1th part

Before you start About this series This series, which contains 6 DB2 SQL Procedure Developer tutorials, covers all the basic structures and methods of SQL procedural Language (SQL PL) and shows how to store procedures, user-defined functions, and t

Come with me. Cloud computing (1) Storm

Overview Recently to do a real-time analysis of the project, so need to go deep into the storm. Why Storm In combination, there are the following points: 1. At the time of birth The MapReduce computing model opens another door to distributed com

Install APACHE2+PHP5+MYSQL5 under Win XP

See Php,mysql, all out of a new version, want to taste fresh, try to install a bit, and then put the installation process down, hoping to learn some of the novice PHP help, the owner can consider fine A simple process for new installation of Apache2

WCF from theory to Practice (6): WCF architecture

The previous articles, respectively, introduce the basic knowledge of WCF and the three important components of endpoint: Address,contract,binding. But nothing but glimpse, this article on the framework of WCF, from a holistic perspective to the WCF

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