Similarities and differences of configuration between PHP4 and PHP5

php5| comparing configuration PhP4 or PHP5, the steps of php4,5 configuration are roughly the same, but there are some differences in configuration content. In Linux and other environments, in general, as long as the correct compilation options, conf

Select Mail Server 12 Essentials (5)

server | mail server Mail server is a network for multi-user service software system, the development of manufacturers not only according to the different volume of business, the introduction of different types of versions, but also with the progre

PHOTOSHOP52 a difficult problem solution

Answer | questions (1) Q: How to set the shadow of the graph in the rounded corners; A: There is a layer effect in the PS6, no matter what shape you are, as long as you are alone in a layer, you can implement this effect, which has the necessary grap

Training 6: One months to quickly build 1000ip

Spring Festival before 30 days Sprint: Free website Construction Training 3 days a lesson 10 hours let your website quickly reach 1000 IPFree Training by the webmaster Graph King, will be 6 years experience in personal website and thousands of succes

Configure SQL Server2005 Express with JDBC Connection

Express|server|sql This paper mainly introduces the whole process of configuring SQL Server2005 Express and JDBC connection. Can the Java application under SQL Server2000 be run on SQL Server Express, and tested and configured to summarize the follow

Write a relatively bad directory file list program, support multiple systems, can be sorted by time, can enter the multi-level directory, other functions please add yourself!

Compare | program | sort PLEASE criticize!!! <?//list.php Power by $Path = ($dir) urldecode ($dir): "D:";/best use Session to set PATH security $handle =opendir ($Path); while ($file = Readdir ($handle)) { $newpath = $Path. "

PS Tip 167 Article

Tips Tool Panel Tips 1. Quickly open file Double-click the background space in Photoshop (the default is the gray display area) to open the Browse window for the selected file. 2. Change the canvas color freely Select the Paint Bucket tool and hold

PHPMYADMIN3.4.0-BETA2 Installation Configuration Instructions

Recently reconfigured the PHP environment on the new machine, Conveniently installed phpMyAdmin The current latest version of the 3.4.0-beta2, from the point of view of the PHPMYADMIN3.4.0-BETA2 insta

The interchange function of gb2312 and utf-8 without Iconv library

The function of a copy of Gb2312.txt (184799 bytes) does appear to be a bit too large and is also converted by Unicode. This table is 51965 bytes, much smaller. It is also useful for situations where the ICONV function library cannot be used. <?p

Use UTF-8 encoded/jmail component to send mail garbled problem

Jmail|jmail Components | coding | sending mail | questions A long time ago listen to a friend said, use UTF-8 code to send mail, there will be garbled situation occurs. Recently for the company to develop support for multi-language Web sites, just wa

New Install APACHE2,PHP5,MYSQL5 under Win XP

APACHE|MYSQL|PHP5 See Php,mysql, all out of a new version, want to taste fresh, try to install a bit, and then the installation process down, hope to learn some of the novice PHP help, the owner can consider fine A simple process for new installatio

Storing XML in a relational database

xml| Data | Database Introduction There are various ways to solve the problem of effectively and automatically transforming XML into and out of relational databases. Database vendors such as IBM, Microsoft, Oracle, and Sybase have developed assistiv

Beginners Flash People's Gospel FAQ Big Summary

Beginners | questions 1. What do you mean by the MC, FS, as representative on the forum?Mc=movie Clip (cartoon break); Fs=fscommand is a very important command set for Flash; As=action script is the programming language of Flash. 2. Please say the

Base64 on-line encoding and decoding implementation code demo and download

Online Demo Address: gb2312 version UTF8 version Copy CodeThe code is as follows: <?php Header (' content-type:text/html; charset=gb2312 '); $

oracle10g + SOLARIS9 for x86 + VMware installation steps

Oracle Turn from: CSDN Oracle recently released the latest version of oracle10g for Solaris x86, so it was tested and installed in VMware's SOLARIS9. This article simply records the basic steps of the installation and omits the commands for creati

SQL Data Operations Basics (intermediate) 10

Data operation date and time Date and time functions are useful for building a site. The owner of the site is often interested in when the data in a table is updated. With date and time functions, you can track changes in a table at the millisecond

FrontPage 2000+DB2 Implement Database Information publishing

The question of the proposed How to realize the sharing of DB2 database information We set up MIS system, mainly for information sharing, in order to improve the efficiency of office, then how to achieve DB2 database information sharing? With the d

Looking back at the job 2012 Outlook 2013

For a long time did not write articles, I believe many people have forgotten me! Recently, not very smooth, blog hang, network card, mobile phone bad, website revision ... The whole person is in a trance, but on the last day of 2012, as an SEO staff,

Some previously collected information---How to resolve InterDev error "Unable to contacts Web server"

interdev|server|web| Error | There are so many reasons to solve your problem, I have to list it for you: 1. First of all to ensure that your Web server running, check the method is to use IE casually open a page on your web Note that you open a page

A new XML processing method in AS3-e4x

Xml Today we look at the new XML processing method in AS3: e4x, until now, ECMA Scripting language Specification (ECMA-262)--ascriptscript 3.0 's core Foundation, and does not provide any XML data processing classes or methods. The previous version o

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