Bootloader Detailed (reprint)

Reproduced, the source is unknown, the article is very good. One. bootloader Introduction Bootloader is the hardware in the power-on, in addition to the BIOS curing program to run the first software, responsible for loading the real operating system,

Soft link Hard link

Links and differences between hard links and soft links We know that files have filenames and data, which are divided into two parts on Linux:metadata (metadata) is an attached property of a file, such as file size, creation time, owner, and so on.Us

A detailed explanation of the process of applying memory from user space to how the kernel allocates memory for it

Linux Memory Management absrtact : This chapter first examines the process memory management of Linux from the perspective of application developers, and builds on the kernel to discuss the system physical memory management and kernel memory usage.

Valgrind for memory checking

Valgrind can check for memory leaks, crossings, etc. Reference: Http:// To use Valgrind for memory checking: 1. Copy the debug version

Users and permissions under Ubuntu (i)

First, the basis Use the command "Ls-l" under a directory to get detailed information about the files in the directory, such as: -RW-------1 m 30509 July 8 00:26 xsession-errors.oldDrwxr-xr-x 2 m 4096 April 15 19:59 public/Drwxr-xr-x 2 m 4096 April 1

GPG Use instructions

Reproduced from: Part I: generation, dissemination, void 1. Generate Key pair: GPG--gen-key Info: Solar (solar000) Key ID:538E9DA1 2, upload and download the public key: (for others t

Rhel 7.x uses Udev SCSI rules to configure RAW devices

1. Generate Rule File Touch/etc/udev/rules.d/99-oracle-asmdevices.rulesOrTouch/usr/lib/udev/rules.d/99-oracle-asmdevices.rules 2. Generate rulesThe SDB is not partitioned to execute the following shell script,For i in B;Todoecho "kernel==\" sd*\ ", s

Error: Implicit super constructor XX () is undefined for default constructor.

Error: Implicit super constructor XX () is undefined for default constructor. Must define an explicit constructorBecause your parent class has defined a constructor with a parameter and there is no default parameterless constructor in the parent cla

Valid UID actual UID saved settings user ID

UNIX environment Advanced Programming 8.11 mentioned in the user's actual ID, valid user ID, save the user ID set the concept of the time, I stuck, the internet to find a post, to do a detailed description. Collection of. 7.6 The USER ID of A PROCE

User account-User id: UID and GID

Although we login to the Linux host, the input is our account, but in fact, the Linux host does not directly know your "account name", it only know the ID. The correspondence between ID and account is in/etc/passwd. At least two IDs are obtained for

Chapter 2nd user, file operation and online Help: Writing who command

1. About Man commandThe man command uses option-K to search online help based on keywords, but only one keyword lookup is supported. The online manual is divided into a number of summaries, man followed by a summary number to see the different chapte

Ubuntu 12.04 FTP Server configuration

Installation: sudo apt-get install vsftpd # VSFTP (Very secure FTP) is a very secure and fast-stable FTP server in Unix/linux After installation, you may automatically generate an account "FTP",/home will also add a folder. If you do not generate thi

gzip Compression principle Analysis (33)--fifth chapter deflate algorithm detailed (524) Dynamic Huffman Coding Analysis (13) Build Huffman tree (05)

* Build a CCL tree Compressed data has become a bit stream, there is basically no space to continue to compress. Carefully observe the Literal/length code word length sequence and distance code word length series found that there are a large number

Unity3d HDR and bloom effects (high dynamic range images and floodlights)

The article starts with two sets of effects, the end of the article and then put two groups of effects This paper tests the scene resources from the light ink God, shader effect is the effect of this paper HDR People Limited vision system, on

MATLAB 2017a \b, 2016a\b, open function help document need to login MathWorks account and need to bind the product

We matlab 2017a \b, 2016a\b and other high versions, when opening some function help document, in the Help browser interface will be prompted to sign in to the MathWorks account: "To access this documentation, you must be associated with a license or

JVM Learning----Viewing stack information

JPS Viewing the currently running Java process The JVM process Status Tool displays all the hotspot virtual machine processes within the specified system. The JPS-LVM is used to view the Java processes running on the current machine.command format J

Matlab rounding reserved to specified decimals

Reprint Source: HTTP://BLOG.CSDN.NET/YF210YF Matlab takes the whole function: fix, floor, ceil, round. The rounding function is useful in programming. First, take the whole function 1. To 0 rounding (truncated rounding) fix-to 0 rounding (Round

In the beginning with Hibernate4 wrote a Basedao implementation please advise

Import; Import java.util.List; Import Java.util.Map; Import Javax.annotation.Resource; Import org.hibernate.HibernateException; Import Org.hibernate.Query; Import org.hibernate.Session; Import Org.hibernate.SessionFactory; Import

How to Package a cmake Ubuntu mobile app as a snap app

In the previous article, "How to Package a qmake Ubuntu mobile app as a snap app," we described how to package a qmake Ubuntu mobile app as a snap desktop app. In today's tutorial, we'll show you how to convert a cmake Ubuntu mobile project into a sn

Google Hacking (Google hack)

Goole Hacker (Google hack) Google Hacker-IntroductionGoogle Hacker (Google hacker) uses Google's search capabilities to find information that hackers want to find. The general is to find the site backstage, network management of personal information

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