Create and deploy blog and wiki modules with Apache Geronimo: a Guide to Practice

Blog and wiki Technology overview Since the late 1990s, when the Web boom is reaching a certain saturation point, some users have started editing their favorite Web site listings that match a certain

". Net Micro Framework portingkit–09" serial Driver

Although in the PC machine, the serial line is becoming far away, but in the embedded field, the serial port can still be said to be the zenith, because it is inexpensive, and programming is also more

How to protect DLL files in. NET (anti-cracking, decompile)

. NET is a language that is built on virtual machines that directly generates the intermediate language of MSIL, and then the. NET compiler JIT interprets the image as native code and delivers CPU exe

is J2ME simple?

A few friends who want to learn J2ME have asked me this question. I think there are two answers to this question. The J2ME is simple. The simple, more important reason is that J2ME development uses

Custom Component UITypeEditor

Using System; Using System.ComponentModel; Using System.Drawing; Using System.Drawing.Design; Using System.Windows.Forms; Using System.Windows.Forms.Design; namespace Mylib {//This uitypeeditor can is

Mastering the debugging Art of CB

The less bugs the program, the higher the end-user's evaluation of the program. And the more developers are dealing with bugs in advance, the more information the end user can provide about bugs, the

NetBeans IDE

A representative state transfer (representational states Transfer, REST) is an architectural style for distributed hypermedia systems such as the World Wide Web. The core concept of a restful architec

UVa 10038/poj 2575/zoj 1879 Jolly jumpers (Water ver.)

10038-jolly Jumpers Time limit:3.000 seconds Http:// &problem=979

UVa 10008 What ' s cryptanalysis? (Water ver.)

10008-what ' s cryptanalysis? Time limit:3.000 seconds Http:// &problem=949 Cryptanalysis

Integrating the spring framework and data Studio

PureQuery is a new IBM development platform included in Data Studio for developing Java™ database access applications. Its simple API and integration tools not only improve the efficiency of data acce

. NET Deep Learning Notes (4): Deep copy and shallow copy (Deep copy and shallow copy)

Today continue to use the preparation of WSE security development articles free time, perfect. NET Deep Learning Notes series (Basic). NET important points of knowledge, I have done a detailed summary

Create a REST API with WCF

Aaron Sloman and Haider Sabri in MIX08 talk about how to "create a Rest API using WCF", which introduces an example of a rest application named Restchess. Aaron Sloman first talked about some backgro

Mail receiving program written in JavaMail

Some time ago has been busy school inside things, there is no time to write down the heart of the program to receive mail, now the school of things finally busy, you can calm down to do what they like

Introduction to IBM Workplace Designer V2.6 Application Development

You've heard of IBM Workplace Designer and want to know what it is. This article introduces you to IBM Workplace Designer, describes who should use it, and when to use it, and walks you through buildi

[You must know. NET] The 23rd time: taste details, in-depth. NET's type Builder

1 Introduction Today, Artech on the question of type initializer and beforefieldinit, and see if you can give us the correct explanation, we know an interesting example of the execution of a type con

Pl/sql block definition part of a scalar type

The definition section mainly defines variables and constants, and the syntax is as follows: DECLARE Virablename [CONSTANT] dataType [NOT null][:=|default exp or value]; The following guidelines should be followed when naming variables or constant

Database mirroring adjust automatic failover time

Problem Database mirroring has become a popular feature in SQL Server 2005. With the following simple steps, using the SQL Server Management suite or running some T-SQL commands, you can easily create database mirroring in one or more of your databa

Do not call Dial-Up Networking in programs

The RASAPI function used to dial the dial-up connection is rasdial, and its function prototype is: function RasDial (prasdialextensions:lprasdialextensions;//is useless under Win9x and can be set to nil lpszphonebook:pchar;//phone name, no action u

The network function of the API

Wnetaddconnection Create a permanent connection to the same network resource WNetAddConnection2 To create a connection to the same network resource WNetAddConnection3 To create a connection to the same network reso

Logging external device logs using Ubuntu's syslog

Requirements: Use the Ubuntu 8.04 Server version of the syslog record Juniper isg1000 log for 3 months. 1. Allow syslog to record external logs Modify the/ETC/DEFAULT/SYSLOGD to change the syslogd= "" to syslogd= "-R" 2. Define external log types

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