Reprint: Plsql developer use skill finishing

Label:Shortcut:=====================================================================Edit/undo Ctrl + ZEdit/redo shift+ctrl+zEdit/pl/sql beautifier ctrl+w (Custom) Shift+home Selecting the cursor position to the beginning of the lineShift+end Select

Sqlite3 Simple operation

Label:Directory 1 Setting Up Database Archives 2 operating under the SQLITE3 hint column 3 SQL instruction format 4 Creating a data table 5 building an index 6 Add a piece of information 7 Search Information 8 How to change or

The relationship between MAC address and IP address

Label:Simply put: The IP address is the service provider to you, the MAC address is the physical address of your network card.First, IP addressFor IP addresses, I believe everyone is familiar with the 32-bit address assigned to the host using the

No one can remember all the syntax and keywords of a programming language, and if you don't know it, consult a reference book.

Label:No one can put a program language all the grammar and keywords are remembered, do not know, consult reference Books!!! No one can put a program language all the grammar and keywords are remembered, do not know, consult reference Books!!! No

Excel sort

Label: Title Description: Excel can sort a set of records by any specified column. You are now asked to write programs to implement similar functions. For each test case, the first output is 1 lines "Case I:"

Interface + abstract class + implementation class three-tier design model

Label:Model:Application Scenario:1, access to the portal is unified2, the specific implementation of a variety of changesSimulation Scenario:1, the Cake Shop has a machine (interface) for making cakes, and the machine has a abrasive slot (defined

Saaj-based client

Label:Overview Saaj-soap with Attachments API for Java structure diagram is as follows: Body 1. There are four key parameters for how to obtain the key parameter of a SOAP request: Xmlns-xml namespacesIf you do not have a

Date command

Label:In the Linux environment, whether it is programming or other maintenance, time is essential, but also often use the time of the operation, skilled use of the date command to express the time you want to express, certainly can give their work


Label:DAS (direct Acess storage-directly attached storage) refers to connecting a storage device directly to a computer through a SCSI interface or Fibre Channel.NAS (Network attached Storage)-networked-attached storage that connects storage devices

ora-28002 the password would expire solution

Label:ORACLE11G R2 database hint ora-28002:the password will expire within 5 days, is that the password expires, the Oracle password is set to never expire, but it is not recommended to do so, It is best to set the date password validity period

The love of a test

Label:The clock in the classroom feels faster and quicker, only 35 days from the college entrance examination, the teacher is lifeless, a class is lying down a piece, only one person in the corridor singing, occasionally also read a few verses that

Greatest common divisor (GCD) and least common multiple (LCM)--the method of Euclidean

Label:The method of common factor (also known as Euclidean algorithm) is the algorithm to find the maximumA greatest common divisor (a>b) of A, B is required, and we can recursively seek the greatest common divisor of b,a%b until one of the


Label:RPM OverviewRPM to execute the installation package:Binary packages (binary) and source code packages (sources) are two types. Binary packages can be installed directly on the computer, and the source code package will be automatically

Poj-1475-pushing Boxes (BFS)

Label:DescriptionImagine you is standing inside a two-dimensional maze composed of square cells which may or may is filled with rock. You can move north, south, east or west one cell at a step. These moves is called walks.One of the empty cells

Retrofit Study 1

Label:The following is an introduction to retrofit from GitHub. In other words, the translation of the Real egg hurts, it took 3 hours fast.Retrofit An Introduction to the type-safe HTTP client on Android and Java Retrofit can convert your HTTP API

If condition and for loop statement, while, do: While, switch syntax

Label:If statementint score = 70;if (Score < 20) {NSLog (@ "failed");}else if (score >= 60){NSLog (@ "pass");}If the judgment condition exists in more than one case, judging whether a year is run yearint year;printf ("Please enter a

Recommend an integrated environment XAMPP

Label:Excerpt from: novice contact joomla! The process should look like this: After seeing the word, you first have to figure out "what is joomla!" and then you want to "try it out".

DateTime.Now.ToString () Usage

Tags: April 24, 2008 System.DateTime.Now.ToString ("D"); 2008-4-24 System.DateTime.Now.ToString ("D"); April 24, 2008 16:30:15 System.DateTime.Now.ToString ("F"); April 24, 2008 16:30 System.DateTime.Now.ToString ("F"); 2008-4-24 16:

Wiki Grammar Encyclopedia

Label:Wiki Grammar Encyclopedia Editing a wiki page is easy. Just click on "edit this page" or the [edit] link on the right to modify the page, or click on "Discussion page" and then click "Edit Page" to discuss the

Entity Framework 6 Recipes 2nd Edition (11-1)---return a scalar value from the model definition function

Label:Section One Chapters functionThe function provides a powerful code reuse mechanism and keeps your code concise and understandable.They are also the database layer code that EF can use when it runs. There are several classes of functions:

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