case in syntax SQL then else end usage-resolves a field to take a different value based on the condition

Tags: copy replacement labor and so on unique female not mode economicsCase has two formats. Simple case function and case search function.--Simple case function when ' 1 ' then ' Male ' when ' 2 ' then ' women ' else ' other '

Real-time database: Benefits and quotes

Tags: monitor fetch data I/O file disk language database SBO combined1 references(1) Introduction to real-time database, Real-time database introduction and comparison,

Display engine InnoDB status explanation

Tags: exe No 4.0 moni multi-point KB tuple lag numberA lot of people asked me to explain the output of show INNODB status , to see what the show INNODB status is outputting, and what information we can get from this information to improve MySQL

installation process of DB2

Tags: directory rect technology buffer Insert Table space make row error:date1, DB2 installation  This installation of the server system is Linux, version is redhat6.3[uname-a results: Linux pss-seat2 2.6.32-279.el6.x86_64 #1 SMP Wed June 1

A killer cockroach, the kill process is not valid for an analysis process that is not valid during the troubleshooting process for the kill process

Tags: task exception kernel pid ONS bin has a filesyste showToday, dealing with a machine abnormal load (1000+) problem, encountered a situation has never encountered, met an unusually stubborn molecule. I used all the methods I could think of to

ubuntu14.0 Steps to install ITK

Tags: mkdir use rac download type www. Too art dir(1) sudo apt-get install CMake(2) sudo apt-get install Cmake-curses-gui(3) Download the installation package insighttoolkit-4.11.1.tar.gz,sudo tar-xvf insighttoolkit-4.11.1.tar.gzmkdir BuildCD

SCCM Client Ccmcache folder cleanup and modification and Installer folder size issues

Tags: ccmcache installerAbout Ccmcache Folder size issues:Early in the morning to receive e-mail alerts, the OA system C disk space is insufficient, the use rate of more than 85%650) this.width=650; "src=" Https://

ES6 Stereotypes Array

Tags: prototype open canvas find specific binding lam join () combinationPrevious wordsThe training array is a dedicated array for processing numeric types (as its name, not all types) of data, originally used in WebGL, a ported version of OpenGL ES

JS table sorted by a column

Tags: table field render gets des table order function dataThe essence is that the object is sorted by an attributeThis takes the form of JSON data returned in the first order/* Sort */function Getsortfun (order, SortBy) {var Ordalpah = (Order = =

Vue interface Data (array) statement

Tags: image route lob export const INSERT data type ORG nbspWhen the interface data already has an array, it is actually simpler to directly bring up the array in the data, using the name in the data.1 <Divv-for= "Item in Listarr" 2 : Class=

OpenSSL Asymmetric Encryption algorithm RSA command details

Tags: EJB plain Info Bar dump signature tool long verbose1. Overview of Asymmetric encryption algorithmsAsymmetric encryption algorithm is also called Public key algorithm, which solves the problem of symmetric encryption algorithm key distribution,

Python_ nested lists into normal lists

Tags: idea nbsp list break except count www through spanHow to put [1, 5, 6, [2, 7, [3, [4, 5, 6]]] into [1, 5, 6, 2, 7, 3, 4, 5, 6]?Thinking:--The For loop iterates through the list layer at a time--Add a single value to the new list--To change the

How spring loads an XSD file (org.xml.sax.SAXParseException:Failed to read schema document error resolution)

Tags: local 2.0 file read spatial path summary file in Lex PatThere was an error in configuring Spring XML todaymultiple annotations found at the: -schema_reference.4:failed to read schema document ' HTTP://WWW.SPRINGFR

Initialization of arrays and two-dimensional arrays, pointers and arrays

Tags: c1, the initialization of the array, relatively simple, the instance is as follows:#include <stdio.h># define M 12int main (void) {int Days[m]={31,28,31,30,31,30,31,30,30,31,30,31};int i;for (i=0;i <m;i++) printf ("Months%d has%2d

Multi-threaded Combat (a): Traffic light Management system

Tags: indicates exe als demand analysis thread track ack place voidI. Project requirements:Simulation realizes traffic light management system logic at intersection. Detailed requirements such as the following:1. Asynchronously randomly generates a

SPRINGMVC configuration Data Validation ()

Tags: red lang statement regexp form ble controller binding max1. Additional Hibernate-validator in Pom.xml2. Append JSR-303 annotations to the domain of the DTO class Public class DataS { = "1993*", message = "Birthday Must start with 1993")

Little Turtle Python3 Notes

Tags: How much structure is passed another user argument 16 one variable scope000-Happy StartEasy to get started, hard to learn, less code.Cross-platform: Windows, Mac OS, Linux, UNIX.  Application area: Operating system WEB 3D Animation enterprise

Dates and APIs

Tags: calculate last save pattern RAC version between ane simpleJava1.0 support for dates and times can only depend on the Java.util.Date class, the start of the year is 1900 you, the beginning of the month is calculated from 0. Its return value

Windows7 under Installation and crack IntelliJ IDEA2017 (reprint)

Tags: CTS blank ref click SSO Address Server Star assignIdea, IntelliJ ideas, is the integrated environment for Java language development, and IntelliJ is recognized as one of the best Java development tools in the industry, especially in smart Code

Spring MVC + zookeeper + Dubbo configuration

Tags: image png parameter save replace prot hidden bin Open1, First Download Zookeeper registration Center,:, in the Conf directory, there is a zoo_sample.cfg file, name it zoo.cfg, and modify the

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