The parent page of an IFRAME nested page in an HTML page and the child page JS method invoke each other __JS

We are writing HTML page or JSP page is, sometimes need to use the IFRAME tag in one page nested another page, and two pages some data need to interact, this time will use JS technology, call each other method, When we need to invoke the JS method in

A handy parsing HTML tool--JSOUP__JS Using the syntax like jquery, it's easy to use. Java Sample code: Package org.jsoup.examples; Import Org.jsoup.Jsoup; Import Org.jsoup.helper.Validate

Web Interactive Revolution-the design patterns used in the JSF framework Introduction __ Framework

Design patterns can help users abstract details at a higher level and better understand the architecture. If you are familiar with the GoF design pattern and the JavaServer Faces (JSF) framework, this article can help you gain insight into the design

Jqgrid Learning Notes (II.)

The original article is: This section describes the other uses of Jqgrid, mainly some basic operations, special data display and so on. 1 Refresh jqgrid data. commonly used to refresh Jqgrid data is, when used

Ubuntu Common Command Rollup

1. get Ubuntu version number :/etc/issue or Lsb_release-a 2. view Ubuntu system digits : Uname-ar or getconf long_bit 3. View the processor architecture of the Ubuntu machine , resulting in i686 or X86_64:arch or uname-m 4. display the contents of th

Interpretation and usage of various attributes of <html:link

<html:link> tags are used to generate HTML <a> elements. <html:link> when creating hyperlinks, there are two advantages: (1) allow the request parameters to be included in the URL in a variety of ways. (2) When the user's browser cl

User-defined labels

In the Java EE Project, JSP pages often insert dynamic content by embedding scriptlets in a static page template. However, as complex programs grow, JSP pages become unmanageable. While developing small projects in this way is readily available, scri

RABBITMQ source Installation and configuration

1. Before installing RABBITMQ first (1) Install Erlang.: Erlang: Download the latest Erlang installation package from Erlang's official website, Linux and MacOSX downloads are r15b01 Source File (72.0 MB I am the M

Spring Boot 2.0.0 Reference Manual _ Chinese version _part iv_24

Article Author: TyanBlog: |  CSDN | Jane Book 24. External configuration Spring boot allows you to perform an externalized configuration, so you can run the same application code in different environments. You can use attribute fil

Research and analysis of dynamic topological coloring of power system based on FO graphics library

1 Overview Power grid dynamic topology coloring is an advanced application system of power system, topology analysis is an important part of electric power speciality, it is the foundation of power automation analysis, it directly reflects the power

Solaris under GCC installation

Technorati Tags: Solaris, gcc Solaris under GCC installation 1 view Sun OS version uname-a command to view the system version. Know is SunOS 5.8. SunOS 5.8 is called Solaris 8 SunOS 5.9 is called Solaris 9, then there is no 5.x, to the Solaris 10 ...

The Solaris GCC installation

1 Viewing the Sun OS versionuname-a command to view the system version. Know is SunOS 5.8. SunOS 5.8 is called Solaris 8 SunOS 5.9 is called Solaris 9, then there is no 5.x, to the Solaris 10 ... 2 Installing GCC1. Download gcc-3.4.6-sol8-sparc-local

Analysis of three problems of data partition, split scheduling and data reading of InputFormat

When executing a job, Hadoop divides the input data into n split and then launches the corresponding n map programs to process them separately. How the data is divided. How split is dispatched (how to decide which Tasktracker machine the map program

Distributed transaction and its implementation in OFBiz

1. Concepts related to distributed transactions Distributed transaction processing (distributed Transaction PROCESSING,DTP) refers to the possibility that a transaction may involve multiple database operations, and the key to distributed transaction

! Experience on foreign Trade mail processing

Do foreign trade is not short, say the details, hope to everyone a little help:1: Price list. My quotations are made by myself, and I do it in my own mood. Can be very cartoon, can also be very upright, mainly to look at the customer's product requir

HoloLens Development Starter Series 1-Installation development environment

HoloLens Development Starter Series 1-Installation development environment OfficialThis article is a simple translation of the above article and practice record, English OK, directly to crossing network better. Catalogue 1 operating system and hardw

A summary of the legality verification of bank card number

On the verification of the legitimacy of the bank card number, the online mainstream verification algorithm is the LUHN algorithm, the code is as follows: /** * Get check digit with LUHM check algorithm from bank card number without check digit * @a

RABBITMQ Problem Summary

Log Plugin Turn on logging plugin (available through the admin interface) Rabbitmq-plugins Enable rabbitmq_tracing Rabbitmqctl trace_on Opening trace affects the message writing function and closes when it is opened properly. After installing th

What are the differences and connections between OAuth and SSO, rest?

When it comes to oauth, many people naturally think of SSO and others think of rest. In fact, OAuth does not have a deep relationship with SSO and rest, and they have different scenarios for each. Next, let's look at the difference between them and w

URL short address compression algorithm-short URL mapping __ algorithm

Microblog short Address principle parsing (Java implementation) one way to do this is to invoke a third-party interface that provides a short-address service to generate. Generally they provide interfaces or call packages. Such as: How to call Baidu

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