Label: <title>Sql–alter</title> Sql–altertable of Contents Character Engine Add Drop Primary key: FOREIGN key Default Modify Change Rename generally cannot be changed, the data may be wrong

Object-oriented database db4o: initial knowledge db4o

Label:Preface > The industry's quest for persistent storage has never stopped, and many new technologies have sprung up in the open source and business sectors to make it easier and easier to use objects to express our thinking. In the past year,

Mac Install Brew

Tags: mac brewrecently just put the development platform from Windows to the Mac, found that some things also need to install according to their own needs, so searched, found on the internet, the Great God recommended brew, read the introduction,

A small program every day--choose a small problem when sorting!

Tags: c language ProgramAt first, my program is as follows, has been the error, basically there is no logical error, compiled with C-free run-time sorting is useless, and later changed to be useful!(i) the problematic procedure#include

Beginner Ibatis

Tags: ibatis orm database JavaIbatis is an easy-to-use data access tool and a framework for the data persistence layer. Ibatis is the mapping of SQL statements to Java objects compared to an ORM framework such as Hibernate, which maps a database

Makefile file

Tags: Compiler program extensionMakefile three elements: goals, dependencies, commandsMain pre-defined variables for GNU makeMake-f makefilename Specify Makefile File1. Predefined variable meanings$* does not contain the name of the destination file

Character encoding

Label:Every programmer will inevitably encounter the problem of character encoding, especially to do web development programmer, "garbled problem" has always been a headache problem, perhaps you have rarely encountered "garbled" problem, however, to

STM32F4XX--Cortex M4

Label: stm32f4xx Official page: http://www.st.com/internet/mcu/subclass/1521.jspIntroduction fpu-floating Point BenefitsDsp-benefitsPricePortfolioTutorial Application Notes, Manuals, etcSoftware ToolsEvaluation BoardStm32446e-eval-evaluation board

UVA 1345 Jamie's contact Groups (Max Stream + two minutes)

Label:UVA 1345 Jamie ' s contact GroupsDescriptionJamie is a very popular girl and have quite a lot of friends, so she's always keeps a very long contact list in her cell Phon E. The contact list have become so long that it often takes a long time

12 golden rules of success before the age of 35

Label:12 golden rules of success before the age of 35 first chapter: a ship with no sailing target, wind in any direction is upwind 1, why you are poor, 1th is you do not set the goal of becoming rich 2, what is your core goal of life? The

Day06_ Method _20150806

Label:day06_ Method _20150806-------------------------Review:---------------------------------1. Better application conditionsWhen---while until---do--while a fixed number---for2. Nesting loopsLoop in the loop of the sleeveOuter walk once, inner

1th Basic knowledge of Unix

Tags: Unix operating system1.1 IntroductionAll operating systems serve programs: Execute new programs, open files, read files, allocate storage, and get the current time1.2 UNIX ArchitectureThe interface of the kernel is called a system callPublic


Label:Review:1. Better application conditionsWhen---while until---do--while a fixed number---for2. Nesting loopsLoop in the loop of the sleeveOuter walk once, inner layer walk all timesAs little as possible.Break3. Arraysint[] arr = new INT[4]; 0,0,0

Yii2 in the GridView

Label:YII2 Native Sql+gridview Paging problemhttp://www.yiichina.com/question/235Yii2 The use of the combination of GridView and DropDownListhttp://www.yiichina.com/tutorial/473<?= $form->field ( $model, ' provinces ')->dropdownlist

HDU 3191 How many Paths is there (SPFA)

Tags: ACM algorithm SPFAHow many Paths is thereTime limit:2000/1000 MS (java/others) Memory limit:32768/32768 K (java/others)Total submission (s): 1339 Accepted Submission (s): 468Problem Description OOOCCC1 is a software Engineer who have to ride

Logcat filtration and common usage finishing

Label:Usage: logcat [Options] [Filterspecs]Options include:-S Set default filter to silent.Like specifying Filterspec ' *:s '-F <filename> Log to file. Default to stdout-R [<kbytes>] Rotate log every kbytes. (if unspecified).

Shortcut keys

Label:1 Shortcut edits F1 Displays Help content for the current program or Windows. F2 When you select a file, this means "rename" F3 when you are on the desktop Open the "Find: All Files" dialog box F5 refresh F10 or Alt to activate the current

Encryption and decryption practices using the digital certificate of the second degree (ii)--Encrypting sensitive data using RSA certificates

Label:I. Using RSA certificates to encrypt and decrypt sensitive dataThe certificate standard supports three kinds of asymmetric encryption algorithms: RSA, DSA, Diffie-hellman algorithms. The most common is the RSA algorithm. So this article is

The difference between cursor and refcursor and Sys_refcursor (reproduced)

Label:The landlord marked is reproduced, I only sent the address I reproduced http://www.cnblogs.com/honliv/archive/2011/07/21/2112639.htmlExplicit is relative to the implicit cursor, which is the cursor with a clear declaration. The declaration of

Cocos2d-x function Record

Label://Clone WizardCcsprit*clone (Ccnode *sp) {Ccsprite*csp=NULL; Ccsize size=sp->getcontentsize ();floatTempx=sp->Getpositionx ();floatTempy=sp->getpositiony (); SP->setposition (CCP (size.width*0.5, size.height*0.5));

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