PL/SQL Developer using tips, shortcut keys, stored procedure debugging

Label:1, class SQL Plus Windows: File->new->command window, this is similar to Oracle's client tool SQL Plus, but it is much more useful.2, set the keyword automatic capitalization: tools->preferences->editor, will keyword case select

Ubuntu System Installation Docker

Tags: dockerThis article only introduces the method of installing Docker on Ubuntu System host, osx,windows and other systems please refer to the reader:Window Installation Click hereOSX Install click hereInstalling Docker in the Ubuntu

Qt and MFC comparisons

Label:see on the Internet, take it with you to discuss. This article will not enumerate the advantages and disadvantages of Qt and MFC respectively. The fact that I used QT before I used MFC could have affected my objectivity.(MFC is more efficient,

Eclim instruction Set

Label:Reprint: following contains all the directives that can be used in Eclim and provides a brief reference usage.Full Region instruction Set ¶:P Ingeclim-Connect the ECLIMD server.:

Process automation Layout

Label:In many cases, process design is required, and the most difficult part of the process designer is the manipulation of the process node. One way is for the process designer to drag and drop the node to where it is, although freedom is free, but

BZOJ1099: [POI2007] Tree Drz

Label:First 1 with I exchange, n with I exchange, I with i+1 exchangeable can $o (n) $ calculated.Then just consider I and x Exchange (1<i,x<n and |i-x|>1).SetA[I]=H[I-1]B[I]=H[I+1]f[i]=|h[i-1]-h[i]|+|h[i+1]-h[i]|C[i]=min

Tiny Template Editor

Label:Feature Introduction Outline support: Supports displaying key content in the outline, and can quickly locate Syntax highlighting: support for coloring in the editor, based on syntax, making code easier to read and debug Error

Tiny Process Editor

Label:The process Editor is a graphical tool for the tiny framework that provides the editing process. Currently supported processes have logical processes and page processes, and may extend other processes in the future.Introduction to the Process

Nobel Works Collection

Label:1.1901 Works "Loneliness and reflection" won the Nobel Prize in literature. Souli Pludom (1839~1907) French poet. The reason for the award: "Is the noble ideal, the perfect art and rare heart and wisdom of the evidence"2.1902 Works "Rome" won

#pragma pack

Label:Original link: aligns the specified byte boundaries to the members of a struct, union, class, and so on. Unlike the/ZP switch for compilation options, it is not for the entire

VC realizes the transparency of the top window and realizes the transparency of the child window "Focus: child window transparent processing"

Tags: window transparentI in the VC development process, many times because the window transparent and painstakingly, in my previous article "Updatelayeredwindow and SetLayeredWindowAttributes" has indicated the realization window transparent method,

Can a massive routing table be stored using a hash table?-hash Find and Trie tree lookups

Label:Please don't! Many people say so, including me.The Linux kernel has already removed the hash routing table, and now it's only trie, but I'd like to have some metaphysical discussions on both of these data structures.1.hash and Trie/radixhash

Fragment (Fragmenttransaction.add) (id,fragment) Error: No view found for ID 0x****** for Fragment

Label:1. Error message:06-26 22:54:28.509:e/androidruntime (20363): java.lang.RuntimeException:Unable to start activity componentinfo {com.exe.custommenu/com.exe.custommenu.mainactivity}: Java.lang.IllegalArgumentException:No View found for ID

Centos6.4 Configuring the Mail server postfix3.0.1 (a)

Tags: Mail server postfix 3.0Mail server Deployment1 Compiling and installing postfixwww.postfix.org① because CentOS already has a postfix[Email protected] ~]# Rpm-qa|grep postfixpostfix-2.6.6-2.2.el6_1.x86_64So we have to uninstall it first[Email

Binary, bit operation notes

Label: In-process Bit arithmetic Introduction to the System  A way of counting, a representation of a number.Common binaries are: binary, decimal, octal, and hexadecimal.Binary:0 and 1, the C language represents the beginning of 0b

Cookies and session

Label:Session tracking is a common technique used in Web programs to track a user's entire session . Common session tracking techniques are cookies and sessions. The cookie determines the user's identity by logging information on the client , and

Write a random shuffle function--probability problem

Tags: shuffle function probability array algorithmTitle Description:Write a random shuffle function. 52 of the required wash out! All kinds of combinations are equal probabilities. That is, the probability of a combination you wash out is 1/(52!).

Regular expressions

Label:The regular expression ("regexes") is an enhanced find/string substitution operation. When you edit text in a text editor, regular expressions are often used to:1. Check if the text contains a given pattern2. Find any matching pattern3. Pull

XA transaction processing

Label:To illustrate the importance of the X/open XA interface in JTA transaction management, and the timing of its use, the EJB code for a fixed income transaction mentioned in the previous chapter is an example: @TransactionAttribute

LNMP notes: Domain redirection, read and write permissions, display WP Theme, GMT

Label:Write the side of the note, will be used in the future.REDIRECT to Open/usr/local/nginx/conf/vhost/The domain name of your website. com.conf 2. See if server_name in the original server{} already contains two domain names

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