SQL while loop

Label:DECLARE @i intSet @i=1While @i<30BeginINSERT INTO Test (userid) VALUES (@i)Set @[email protected]+1End---------------While conditionBeginPerform actionsSet @[email protected]+1EndWhileSets the criteria for repeating the SQL statement or

SQL Time function

Label:SQL Time function, the need for friends can refer to the next. 1. Current system date, time select GETDATE ()2. DateAdd returns a new datetime value based on adding a period of time to the specified date for example: Add 2 days to the date

SQL Collate

Label:We often encounter such statements when we create TABLE, for example: Password nvarchar (ten) collate chinese_prc_ci_as null, what does it mean? Take a look at the following:First, COLLATE is a clause that can be applied to a database

Handler must be instantiated in the main thread? The difference between New Handler () and New Handler (Looper.getmainlooper ())

Label:The collation of a post:Handler must be instantiated in the main thread? The difference between New Handler () and New Handler (Looper.getmainlooper ())If you instantiate without parameters: Handler Handler = new Handler (), then this will

Soft test: Sort

Label:This article is a summary of some sort of data structure, including the analysis of the time and space complexity of various sorting methods, mainly from direct insertion, exchange (bubbling, fast), selection (direct selection, heap sorting)

CVPR2014 objectness Source conversion (full version) VS2012 X64–>win32

Label: One, version conversion 1. Convert the vs2012 X64 version in the source code to the vs2012 Win32 version.2. Source download and related information download http://mmcheng.net/zh/bing/3. Need to download source code (paper part) and VOC

Reflector decompile WinForm Program rebuild project resources and local resources

Label:Tools: vs2012,. NET Reflector8.1.0.35To resolve the issue:Code generated by reflector decompile can compile and display the form's local resources and project resource picturesFirst, the test projectTwo images placed in the project resources

[Fzyzoj 1320] LA

Label:P1320--LaTime limit: 1000MSMemory Limit: 131072KBDescriptionLa on the note to write n 16 binary number of a line, for some reason can only retain k, this k number of the original relative order remains unchanged, hoping to get as large as

Number of 0 of the mantissa of the integer factorial result

Label:Problem DescriptionGiven the parameter n (n is a positive integer), calculate the factorial of n n! The number of "0" is included at the end.For example, 5! =120, which contains the number of "0" at the end of the 1;10! = 3628800, with the

Excel Common functions

Label:When we use Excel to organize data, we often use its function function to automatically count the data in the table. Here we have compiled the functions of the most frequently used functions in Excel, how to use them, and the examples of these

Prove that any 6 persons inside existence three persons know each other or exist three humans do not know each other "graph theory, Drawer principle"

Label:The 6/7-month 1958 issue of the American Journal of Mathematics has the following title:"Prove that at any 6 people's rally, or 3 people have known each other before, or three people have not met each other before."This problem can be easily

vs shortcut Keys Daquan

Label:Believe. NET developers want to be able to memorize a variety of VS shortcut keys to improve the efficiency of peacetime development, but suffer from memory ability is too poor and shortcut keys and special many, particularly annoying, so

String.Format usage

Label:String.Format usageExcerpt from: http://www.cnblogs.com/weichao975/archive/2011/05/12/2044724.htmlName DescriptionThe format item in format (String, object) replaces the specified String with the text equivalent of the value of the specified

Whiteboard programming Talk about--why, what, how

Label:Http://www.cocoachina.com/programmer/20150603/11993.htmlLucidaWeibo: @peng_gongWatercress: @figure9Original link: http://lucida.me/blog/whiteboard-coding-demystified/This article excerpts from a book I am writing about fresh graduates

Qt gui@ Learning Log

Label:Day 1:QT class:It is best to understand a class from its Class code implementation.This diagram shows that there are several important classes that need to be studied: qt/qevent/qobject/qwidget/.Qapplication: (more complex and very common)

NUTTX Operating System

Label:A few days ago when the reply to see a classmate in use, came back after a bit of information.Source: It's light again.1 NUTTX Real-time operating systemThe NUTTX is a real-time operating system (RTOS) that emphasizes standard compatibility

Second Sprint Session 2

Label:Today, members of the panel have done the following:Tri Le:I. What has been done todayTry to partition a pictureTwo problems encounteredSlow progress, coordinate positioning is not allowedWhat do you want to do tomorrow?Find the coordinates of

Character encoding

Label:Character encodingReference:Http://www.liaoxuefeng.com/wiki/001374738125095c955c1e6d8bb493182103fac9270762a000/ 001386819196283586a37629844456ca7e5a7faa9b94ee8000As we've already said, strings are also a type of data, but a special string is a

LA 4945 free goodies (greedy)

Tags: dp uvaDescriptionB free GoodiesPetra and Jan has just received a box full of free goodies, and want to divide the goodies between them. However, it is the not-easy-to-do fairly, since they both value different goodies differently. To divide

Port Scan ——— Nmap

Label:Nmap Tutorial using the Nmap command example (Nmap use method) Browse:8268 | Updated: 2014-03-29 17:23 Nmap is a very useful tool for network scanning and host detection. Nmap is not limited to collecting information and

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