Quietly cool 15 ℃ mute version of exhaust radiator to create the full introduction

As we all know, notebook computer The most effective external cooling equipment is exhaust radiator, but efficient, it also has a hair dryer in general roar, in many cases we have to reluctantly disca

Toshiba Qosmio X75 Game This evaluation

Toshiba released the latest version of the Qosmio series X75 game (China will be officially released on July 30, the domestic version of the model is X70). It has the strongest hardware configuration

Macbook Pro Install three system steps in detail

about how to install the three systems on the MacBook Pro (Mac OS x+windows+linux ubuntu), my laptop MB986 personally tested, after 4 days of fighting has been a small, specially write a detailed inst

Lenovo computer Lenovo a key to restore the system how to use?

Lenovo a key to restore the system how to use? Many people who buy Lenovo computers often don't know what to do when they use their automatic software. Below, we make a detailed explanation for the as

Beyond compare how to quickly compare pictures

Beyond Compare is a good helper in our work, providing powerful file picture comparison function, it can perform various types of comparison tasks, the next small series and everyone share, Beyond com

How to compare two txt files with beyond compare?

we often use the txt text file in the daily work, sometimes may need to compare two TXT file difference, but the text file has no law to say, found the difference, very difficult. This time we can use

Common motherboard Troubleshooting

Due to motherboard reasons, this type of failure is typically due to damage to the motherboard or damage to the BIOS caused by the CIH virus. After the general BIOS is damaged by the virus, the data i

How to save Flash animations on a Web page in a swf format file

Method one, directly save Flash Animation file This direct Save method applies only to this animated file Flash is present in a separate link under the current Web page, or click the Flash animation

360 Trojan firewall How to use?

Open the Security software and click on the Security Center. (Possible different versions of the Security software button location, please carefully find) After entering the Security Center, click on

Learn computer, you need to know the use of each key computer

F1 Help F2 Rename F3 search F4 address F5 refresh F6 Toggle F10 Menu CTRL + a full selection Ctrl + C copy ctrl+x cut Ctrl + V paste Ctrl+z Undo Ctrl+o Open Shift+delete permanently deleted Delete

What is the difference between IMAP and pop?

The IMAP full name is the Internet Mail Access Protocol, the interactive Mail Access Protocol, which is one of the standard protocols for similar mail access to POP3. The difference is that when IMAP

Lenovo U310 Touch Control version of ultra-extreme this evaluation

With the advent of summer vacation, notebook computers will also usher in a peak sales, especially the students will enter the University of friends, are looking for a low-cost but also has a mainstre

Echo Echo how to release sound

Echo echo can not only download to listen to their favorite songs, but also use echo echo upload to publish their own voice, with others to share good voice, then echo Echo how the Voice, echo echo ho

What is a hash value

Many friends do not know what the hash value is, want to know how to use the hash, small series here to do some popular science. What is the hash value The hash value is the ID card of the file, but

How to compare text with beyond Compare

the specific steps are as follows: Step one new two text files 1.txt and 2.txt on the computer, the text content as shown in the picture; Create a new two text file on your computer Ste

How to compare folders using beyond Compare

Beyond Compare is a powerful and Easy-to-use file Contrast tool that supports file contrast and folder comparisons. For example, when we need to compare a lot of files, how to deal with it? Then we ne

How does a Xmind mind map merge multiple maps?

How does a Xmind mind map merge multiple maps? You know, Xmind has a particularly magical feature that combines two completely different maps into a single map and saves everything. This only needs to

Common UNIX Commands

First, matters needing attention The command and argument must be separated by a space, and the arguments and arguments must be separated by a space. A line cannot be more than 256 characters, and case sensitivity. Second, the meaning of special c

Why is the sketch preset canvas size smaller than the true resolution?

Why is the size of the artboard preset in sketch smaller than the true resolution? This question has been asked by hundreds of beginners, every time it is difficult to explain, but static electricity is jiabuzhu two or three times a day even more peo

Lenovo G485 solutions for brightness adjustment

Lenovo G485 models recommend installing the Windows 7 or Windows 8 operating system. If you have a Windows XP-based system, the official driver provides only basic support for the new model and does not guarantee that all features under the XP system

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