TNSNames configuration missing spaces caused by ORA-12154

Today, a netizen came to me to say with sqlplus remote connection always error, not connected, the final check found that his native tnsnames file configuration format is not the cause of the Here are my simulated environments, as follows: [Oracle@lo

Various string hash function comparison and various hash algorithm code Daquan __div

Commonly used string hash function and Elfhash,aphash, and so on, are very simple and effective method. These functions use bitwise arithmetic to make each character affect the last function value. There are also hash functions represented by MD5 and

Zip unzip Chinese garbled solution and use ant to implement zip decompression

Reason:Java encoding of the text is based on Unicode, so if Zipinputstream and Zipoutputstream to deal with the compression and decompression work, encountered in the Chinese file name or path, it is of course the Unicode to deal with ROM. However, n

TNSNames configuration missing spaces caused by ORA-12154

Today, a netizen came to me to say with sqlplus remote connection always error, not connected, the final check found that his native tnsnames file configuration format is not the cause of the Here are my simulated environments, as follows: [Oracle@lo

20 most popular it technology jobs and salaries

Unemployment is like a joke in the IT industry. In order to compete for top talent, many companies will offer higher salaries to attract high-level developers. "Our clients are getting a general raise. As wages have risen, so have their expectations

#if 0/#if 1 effect and usage

Transferred from: When commenting out chunks of code, using "#if 0" is better than using "/**/", because a comment with "/**/" to block the commented out code has nested "/**/", which leads to

NUTTX Operating System User manual (Nuttx Operating system users ' s Manual)

1. Introduction This manual provides general usage of the NUTTX real-time operating system from the perspective of the firmware developer. 1.1 Literature Review This user manual is divided into three sections:* Part 1th, Introduction: This sectio

Linear table _ Using stacks for binary conversion to octal/decimal/16 binary

1. Definitions and Concepts Stack Stacks are special linear tables that allow insertions and deletions on the same side. One end of the allowed insert and delete operations is called the top of the stack (top), the other end is the bottom of the stac

MP3 file structure and encoding and decoding process

AGENDA* MP3 Profile* MP3 File structure--TAG_V2 (ID3V2) label frame--Data frame--TAG_V1 (ID3V1) label frame*mp3 encoding and decoding process*mp3 File playback Process First, MP3 Introduction:MP3 Full name MPEG 1 Audio Layer 3, where MPEG (moving Pic

Hdu4185 Oil Skimming

Oil Skimming Problem Description Thanks to a certain "green" resources company, there are a new profitable industry of oil skimming. There is large slicks of crude oil floating in the Gulf of Mexico just waiting to being scooped up by enterprising oi

Understanding of the execution process of Web projects, starting with an HTTP request such as Http://localhost:8080/test/login.action

Understanding of the Web project execution process, including 1 HTTP URL 2 html, servlet, JSP 3 Tomcat and so on. The entire execution of the Web project, starting with an HTTP request such as Http://localhost:8080/test/login.action: 1 There are thre

"Common algorithms and data structures" elements sort (1)--simple sorting (with animations)

ordering Elements (1)--Simple sorting This series of articles mainly introduces the knowledge of commonly used algorithms and data structures, records the contents of "Algorithms i/ii" course, adopts "algorithm (4th edition)" This Red Cookbook as a

Basic Learning of DB2 database

Characteristics of DB2 Full Web enabled: HTTP can be used to send inquiries to the server. Highly scalable and reliable: multi-processor and large memory can be leveraged at high load, distributed database and data load across servers, can be quickly

ASCII, GB2312, GBK, UTF-8 encoding |0x7f-0xff____ encoding

ASCII, GB2312, GBK, UTF-8 encoding: Original address: HTTP://HI.BAIDU.COM/PHPEASE/ITEM/F450B5CAEC143014505058FC variable naming rules: 1. Variable names are case-sensitive (case-sensitive). 2. Must begin with a letter or underscore.  Va

Some concepts and distinctions of time (UTC, GMT, LT, Tai, etc.)

UT-World Time Universal TimeThe world is the earliest time standard.In 1884, the international 1s was defined as the 1/8.64x104 of the daily average length of the year. The time system formed by this standard, called the World, is UT1.The Internatio

How to completely eliminate Warning:cannot add header information-headers already sent in ...

Turn from: Reference: This article discusses how to completely eliminate the Warning:cannot add header information

Apache2 + mod_ssl + php5 Complete installation record (1)

Original address: Http:// Environment:RedHat 9.0DescriptionCommands that are executed by a normal user, starting with $Using # begins with the command that the root account executes First step: Install

kubernetes1.7 officially released

Historical Review of Kubernetes release Kubernetes 1.0-July 2015 released Kubernetes 1.1-November 2015 released Kubernetes 1.2-March 2016 released Kubernetes 1.3-July 2016 released Kubernetes 1.4-September 2016 released Kubernetes 1.5-December 2016


1. Data stored on the user's local terminalEdit Literal items Cookies help edit Encyclopedia cardCookies, sometimes in their plural form, are the data (usually encrypted) that some Web sites store on the user's local terminal in order to identify th

MCMC Algorithm of machine learning

Tags: math gibbs sampling reject algorithm application data The specific process will also be the case data-1. MCMC OverviewFrom the name we can see that the MCMC consists of two MC, namely the Monte Carlo method (Monte Carlo Simulation, referred to

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