12 tricks to improve EJB performance

Enterprise JavaBeans (EJB) is a widely used service-side component architecture based on the Java EE platform, which can be used to quickly develop flexible, reusable, mission-critical enterprise appl

DOM4J Introduction and code example

DOM4J is an open source XML parsing package produced by dom4j.org. DOM4J is an easy-to-use, open Source Library for Xml,xpath and XSLT. It is applied to the Java platform, with a Java collection frame

The converter in Struts 2.0 (Converter)

In my past Struts 1.x project experience, there is a question that arises occasionally-when creating formbean, what should be a string or other type for a property? Unlike developing a traditional de

Extend Spring's JMX support

The Spring framework minimizes architectural dependencies and materializes the components in the application, but the application is still managed. Fortunately, Spring 1.2 includes advanced JMX integr

Step by step localization CommunityServer2008.5 (SP1)

Recently, waiting for the CS2009, waiting for the time to do some advance preparation work, will CS2008.5 SP1 localization. Special here to share my localization process, and provide the relevant lan

jquery Knowledge: 20 jquery tutorials + 11 jquery plugins

In the field of network development, JQuery is becoming ubiquitous because it is easy to learn, easy to use, and easy to expand. Here's a 30+ of new and amazing jquery plug-ins and tutorials sorted out from some jquery-related articles. If you're loo

jquery Tutorial: Sorting out a few common beginner questions

As you may have seen, I've deleted the two jquery tutorials I've written in the past, because the attachment doesn't exist, and so on, so it's removed and I'm writing the second edition of the jquery tutorial from today on! I hope you can support me!

WEBJX collects 45 jquery navigation plug-ins and Tutorials

45 jquery navigation Plug-ins and tutorials. The initial 15~20 of a new user's visit to a website has a big impact on their preferences, prompting them to decide whether to stay or not. So it's important to develop an intuitive, easy-to-use, style-ap

jquery Tutorial: 14 Practical jquery Tips

jQuery is so popular and is widely used by almost everyone from big companies to personal blogs because it's easy to get started and used, and it gives us pretty good features that some people don't know about. I think most users of jquery are more l

"Pengo Micro Bo" Tencent Weibo three anniversary April 1 official start

In order to congratulate Tencent Weibo three anniversary birthday, by the CDC independent design, and Tencent Micro-Bo open platform for research and development of micro-blog client--pengo, today officially published. As the most interesting Tencent

IE9 CSS3 A variety of new features

Inadvertently see the powerful features of CSS3, more interested in sharing the next first ... Oh First you have to install IE9,,,, If you haven't installed IE9 Beata, come here and try ... Http://windows.microsoft.com/en-US/internet-explorer/down

HTML 5 form new function resolution

The wheels of time roll over, the front end of the road never stop. For this front end this is a lot of expertise, any technological innovation, we must first to learn about it, such as the web world of this beautiful flowers---HTML 5. Although HTML

Recommend to XML beginners

Almost every day people ask "What is XML", "What XML can Do", "XML can do this for me","What will the XML replace" and so on. As a result of a slight use of XML for some time recently,Let me talk about my feelings. These experiences are very simple,

Chinese English left-right padding consistent end to end alignment implementation

First look at the following figure: is a fixed-width container, the left and right padding value of 20 pixels, the result of entering a paragraph of text (Chinese also have English characters), will find that the right is not aligned at all, some

jquery removal

Interface for node deletion jquery divides four separate detach,empty,remove,unwrap, because the scope of the use is different, so the functionality varies, but is generally used to clean up the node. InnerText is our common method of text cleanup, b

Solution for SQL 2008 "database backup in Backup set is different from existing XX database"

Because it is a backup of a database of the same name on another computer, restore with the normal method, the hint is not the same database, do not let restore, find the following method on the net to solve: One, right click System Database master,

The runtime integrates data with an XSLT style sheet

This article describes a mechanism for doing the following: developing application business data and presentation data separately, and then combining them with a common XSLT style sheet. The application business data is formatted as XML, and the pres

Follow me. XSL (7) XSL function one

This period learns about XSL style methods for use with the select Properties of XSL elements <xsl:for-each>, <xsl:value-of>, <xsl:template>, <xsl: Apply-templates> 's match properties, <xsl:if>, <xsl:when> test Pr

That's how I use the data: Fish and paws.

Just began to participate in programming, heard of such a joke: A programmer critically ill, a long coma, all kinds of drug treatment, are ineffective. Family in every sense of anxiety, a colleague came to see him, but gently said: "Ni-ma, the demand

Research on TreeMap red-black tree algorithm by analyzing JDK source code

Introduction: TreeMap and TreeSet are two important members of the Java Collection Framework, where TreeMap is a common implementation class for the Map interface, and TreeSet is a common implementation class for Set interfaces. Although the interfac

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