DB2 Command Daquan

Label:Check archiving processing View Log Archive status DB2 "Select Date (CAST (start_time as TIMESTAMP)) as DATE, COUNT (*) as Number_of_logs_per_day, (Count (*) *23.4375) as AMOUNT_LOGS_DAY_MB, Dbpartitionnum as Dbpart From Sysibmadm. Db_history

Memcached detailed

Label:Problems with cluster architecture How does memcached work? What is the biggest advantage of memcached? What are the pros and cons of memcached compared to MySQL's query cache? What are the pros and cons of memcached

Operating system Learning Notes process

Tags: blog http using SP for strong file on dataDefinition of the process1. A process under implementation;2. An instance of the program being executed on the computer;3. Entities that can be assigned to the processor and executed by the processor;4.

BASE64 algorithm

Tags: des style blog http io ar color using SPSimple Concept Understanding:The BASE64 algorithm uses the idea of a single-table permutation algorithm. Base64 uses a 64-character mapping table, seeBase64 character mapping table,all other symbols are

Memcached Complete Anatomy Series Tutorial "Turn" memcached Complete Anatomy Series Tutorial –4.memcached distributed algorithm

Tags: des style blog http io ar color OS useDirectory of this documentMemcached's distributed· What does memcached mean by distributed?· A distributed approach to cache::memcached· Calculate dispersion based on remainder· Disadvantages of dispersion

Win32 Display GIF pictures

Tags: c + + Win32 PicturesRecently in writing Win32 send picture program, due to the requirements of the GIF format, have to force themselves to write such a program, the main reference to VC + + Win32 SDK display GIF pictures, but the inside of

Win7x64 using vs Debug Web Project "ORA-06413: Connection not open" error resolution

Tags: WinForm style http OS using SP for on file Error description Common Web projects, Web projects running on 32-bit systems well, a little bit of a problem. Using the VS built-in Development server debug, the page will start

Image Gaussian blur application-involving the use of libjpeg, NDK operations on Surfaceview, image obfuscation, source code

Tags: android ndk libjpeg picture processingReprint please keep the original link: http://write.blog.csdn.net/postedit/42400825Today's microblog, circle of friends, all kinds of social platforms are filled with photos, selfies or a variety of life

Real number theory (1) deduction of the basic properties of proportional numbers

Label:Question 1: Why A+b=b+aQuestion 2.1/3 Why is a positive number, 1/3 why greater than 0Question 3: Why a third proportion must exist between any two scale numbersQuestion 4: How to prove the Archimedes nature of the proportional numberQuestion 5

Embedded development Character Overlay---gb2313 GB code, UTF8 International Code, Unicode uncensored

Label:(1) Introduction of GB code(2) Encoding conversion(3) Time acquisition(4) Display toggleRecently made a character overlay, including time overlay, word character overlay, position movement, and other functions open. Because the general

IBM Cognos 10.2 Latest Experience Tour

Label:A powerful tool to build the IBM Cognos data Manager Database This article describes in detail the use of Data Manager, the latest version of Cognos 10.2, for database managers, and for those who want the system to understand Cognos

OpenGL Learning 05_ pip mode (dot-draw polygon)

Tags: opengl dot draw Polygon Glpolygonstippleby default, filled polygons are drawn in solid mode. In addition, they can use a 32-bit x32-bit window-aligned PIP mode. The Glpolygonstipple () function is used to specify the point-drawing mode of a

AEAI DP Debug Mode description

Tags: java aeai dp hotserver server1. Overviewprogram debugging is a very necessary function in the process of mis-locating complex business logic, and debugging can make programmers have a better understanding of the program, which is a basic skill

Geography error and wearing lens in the film assassination of Kim Jong-un (for entertainment only)

Tags: Google earth map GPS GISIn the first 15 minutes, North Korean communications officials called the producer Aaron Rapaport and gave him a coordinate to meet with the North Korean side, which was given in decimal degrees and latitude and

x86 and x64 and x86_64

Label:x86 refers to Intel's development of a 32-bit instruction set, starting from the beginning of the 386 era, has been used to date, is a CISC instruction set, all Intel early CPU,AMD early CPU support this instruction set, Ntel Official document

PNG format

Tags: http ar io color OS using SP for strongFile structure of PNGFor a PNG file, the header of the file is always described by a bit-fixed byte: Decimal number 137 80 78 71 13 10 26 10 Hexadecimal number 4E 0

Cookie Security Summary

Tags: style blog http io ar color OS sp forCookie mechanism: In general, any request made by a browser within the same domain will be brought with a cookie, regardless of the resource requested, and the cookie appears in the cookie field of the

chmod 777 Setting Directory Permissions

Tags: blog http io os using SP strong on fileHttp://william71.blogbus.com/logs/33484772.html755 on behalf of the user to the file has read, write, execute permissions, the same group of other people have the ability to execute and read, no write

Inter-conversion between the binary systems

Tags: style blog http color os SP on logThe original: The transformation between the binary systems The conversion between the binaries is as follows: By the way, there are 12 conversions in the system. Each of the 12 conversion methods is

Inter-conversion between the binary systems

Tags: style blog http color SP on log BS The conversion between the binaries is as follows: By the way, there are 12 conversions in the system. Each of the 12 conversion methods is described below(1) binary into octalPrinciple: <1>1 bit

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