Red Hat Enterprise Edition cannot set problem

System environment: [Root@host conf]# More/etc/issue Red Hat Enterprise Linux Server Release 5 (Tikanga) Kernel \ r \m Problem phenomenon: [root@ha]# Locale Locale:cannot set LC_CTYPE to default locale:no such file or directory Locale:cannot

A common way to use a U disk in Red Hat

USB support is the key to drive, without the drive device mount execution is certainly not. The common way to use a U disk in Red Hat is as follows First, do not insert a U disk,/sbin/lsmod see if there is usb-storage. If not: Cd/lib/modules/2.4.20

Red Hat linux,apache2.0+weblogic9.2 Load Balancing cluster installation configuration _linux

*************************************************************************************************************** *********JDK Installation Steps 1. Log in to the system as root2. To to download JDK1.5 for Linux rpm, is a

LINUX Red Hat Series system network management common methods

A few methods of static configuration network1. ifconfig [Interface]-A: View all interfaces that include an inactive stateEnable or disable: Ifconfig IFNAME up|downor enable: Ifup IFNAMEDisabled: Ifdown IFNAMESet IP address: Ifconfig IFACE

Red Hat Linux configuration VNC desktop Remote Tools

  1, first confirm whether the VNC installationBy default, the Red Hat Enterprise Linux Installer installs the VNC service on the system.Use the RPM command to check if VNC is installed and display the software name if it is installed:[Email

New features of Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7

RHEL7 new features:1. Identity ManagementKerberos 's cross-platform trust mechanism:Kerberos is fully compatible with the Microsoft Active Directory, enabling full use of Active Directory authentication. REALMD: This feature simplifies the

Red Hat Linux related products ISO image download "Baidu Cloud" "Update 6.7 Boot Disk"

Not why, just for the convenience of search, special Red Hat El 5, EL6 of the various versions of the collation, shared out.RedHat Enterprise Server 6.7 for i386 Boot Disk:Rhel-server-6.7-i386-boot.isoSHA-256

Red Hat Enterprise Linux Server release 6.4 x64 install Yum source

I would like to install MongoDB into the Redhat, Yum can not be used, see the internet said to be installed separately.Tried several times on the internet, no success. Looking at also found the law, know how to change.Bring your own uninstall

Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6 64-bit detailed installation tutorial

First of all, Linux master please directly click on the top right corner of the page to exit.For Linux novices, installing the Linux operating system is a hassle, this time bringing you a detailed tutorial on red Hat Enterprise Linux 6 64-bit

Change the Rhel (Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5.8) Update source to update it automatically


HP 4411s Install Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5.8)Pick up from Rhel-debuginfo.repo RHEL-DEBUGINFO.REPO.BKGedit Rhel-debuginfo.repo[Base]name=red Hat Enterprise Linux

Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7.1 Installation

Insert the RHEL7.1 installation disc and select the first itemThe second item contains a checksum for the disc.650) this.width=650; "src=" "style=" float: none; "title=" 2015-03-

Red Hat Enterprise Linux Server Release 7.0 dual system installation

Red Hat Enterprise Linux Server Release 7.0 Dual System installation the Enterprise version of the 1.RedHat company 7.0 has been released. Here are the steps to install a dual system under 7.0. Pre-installation system: WIN7 Second system to

Red Hat Linux 6.4 DNS configuration (how not to publish?) )

1 Installing the DNS server buildInstall bind650) this.width=650; "title=" 1.jpg "src=" Http:// " alt= "Wkiol1qbszfhqzfnaacjtmlk_sk236.jpg"/>2 Starting the Service650) this.width=650;

Red Hat linux6.4 building a DHCP server

Sina blog Too pit, previously wrote all transferred 51cto. 1 See if the server has DHCP service installed650) this.width=650; "title=" 1.jpg "src=" Http:// " alt= "Wkiol1qbhbvg9khdaabp6

Red Hat Linux 6 review: Desktop performance par Ubuntu

Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6 was released as the most important update in nearly 3 years. The previous major version of Rhel 5, released in May 2007, uses the 2.6.18 kernel, although the incremental update adds many kernel updates and new features,

Install VMware Tools under [Red Hat Enterprise linux.5.10 Server Edition]

The role of Vmware-tools:VMware Tools is a driver for VMware's enhanced virtual graphics and hard disk performance, as well as for synchronizing virtual machines with host clocks, and the direct effect is to improve the display resolution of the

Red Hat Linux 9 Experience

1. first launch of Red Hat Linux 9--1.1, select operating system--After the first boot of the system, first run the boot loader grub and Select the appropriate system entry.--1.2, first boot initialization configuration--For the first time, the

How Windows virtual machines install guest agents and drivers in Red Hat Enterprise virtualization platform Rhev

Using a dependency package that is installed as a Red Hat Enterprise virtualization ManagerRhev-guest-tools-isoProvided byrhev-tools-setup.isoIsoFiles can be installed on a Windows virtual machine with the Red Hat Enterprise virtualization guest

Red Hat 6 login using XRDP remote interface

Redhat6 install XRDP Log in directly using Windows Remote Desktop ConnectionHere's how to do this:The first step: Download the source package and install some dependent software download XRDP source package? wget

Red Hat Storage Management 2--volume type and creation

Red Hat Storage Management 2--volume type and creationThird, the management of volumeThe main object of Red Hat Storage server Management is Volume,volume is a collection of brick logic, this kind of collection method also has many, different

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