Red Hat Enterprise Linux as Release 4 configuration yum (Rhel as 4 installation yum) __linux

In Redhat 4, yum needs to be individually installed: (1) First view the current Redhat system version: Cat/etc/issue Displayed: Red Hat Enterprise Linux as Release 4 (Nahant Update 7) Kernel \ r \m The system information is stored in the issue file.

Red Hat Enterprise Linux as Release 4 installation Yum__linux


Red Hat Enterprise Linux as Release 4 installation Yum View the system hairstyle version[Root@localhost~] # Cat/etc/issueRed Hat Enterprise Linux as Release 4 (Nahant Update 8) 1. Download package[root@localhost~] # wget

Red Hat Enterprise 5 uninstall virbr0

If you have created a VM, use # Yum groupremove "virtualization" to uninstall all components. Output: Loading "rhnplugin" pluginloading "security" pluginsetting up group Processrhel-x86_64-server-vt-5 100% | ===================| 1.4 kb 00:

How to Use the ISO downloaded by Red Hat Linux9 to burn the installation disc

1. Install the recording software Nero 6. If you don't have any questions, contact me. I will send you one!2. Start Nero 63. Click "copy and backup", as shown in Figure 1: 4. Click "burn image to CD". The select ISO file dialog box is displayed.

Red Hat Linux Command set (1)

1. The mkdir command is used to create a subdirectory, such as: mkdir data1. 2. The rmdir command is used to delete files in empty subdirectories or useless directories. eg: rmdir data1 3. The CP command is used to copy files or directories to

How to install Red Hat Linux 9 on Vmware 8848

Linux, which was just installed on Vmware, now writes some processes during the period and hopes to help readers. 1. Install VMware 8848 (note the version number, which is said to be the classic version in 4.x). Remember to register it

VMware Red Hat Linux9 no link present. Check cable

After Red Hat Linux9 is installed on the vmwarevm, the connection to the network is always faulty: Determining IP information for eth0. .. failed; no link present. Check cable?   Solution:Modify ifcfg-eth . N is usually

Install mysql5 in Red Hat Enterprise Linux 4

Uninstall the old MySQL version on Redhat. On as4. 1> use "rpm-Qa | grep MySQL" to check which components of MySQL are installed. Check which component names are available and use them in step 2 Uninstall. 2> use "rpm-evv " to completely uninstall

Install mysql5.1 (Linux Red Hat 3)

First: Uninstall MySQL   Then install: Linux MySQL (RPM) Installation User Manual Install MySQL1. Download the MySQL Installation FileInstalling MySQL requires the following two files: MySQL-server-5.1.7-0.i386.rpm For:

Upgrade Red Hat 9.0 (kernel 2.4.20-8) to Linux kernel 2.6.15 (most comprehensive)

Author: kendivPrepared on: 2006/02/01 ***********************************1. install necessary tools***********************************1. Install module-init-tools-3.2.tar.gz:

Compiling opencv 2.3.x and 2.4.x Based on Ubuntu 11.10/12.04 (applicable to fedora and Red Hat RHEL 6.2)

Copyright Notice: All original articles in this blog can be used for personal, educational, or non-commercial purposes, however, it is important to ensure the integrity of the article and to indicate the original author, source and this statement in

Configure ftp in Red Hat 9

  1. Install the vsftpd Server Vsftpd is currently one of the best FTP server tools in Linux. Among them, VS is short for "very secure" (very secure). It can be seen that its biggest advantage is security. In addition, it also has the advantages of

You can also build a lamp Development Environment on Red Hat Enterprise 6.0!

Install and configure apache2.2.6 + php5.2.5 + mysql5.0.46 in redhatenterpriselinux6.0Note:The above software is only available on the Internet. The key is that the software version determined by the development environment is fixed, so the

Red Hat 9.0. Compile busybox

Http:// It's a nice day for me to write this note which will show you the compilation process of busybox1.ust and what I must point out that are my Linux kernel version is 2.4.18 and host

Install VMware Tools in Red Hat Linux 9

Environment Red Hat Linux 9 + Windows 7 Ultimate + VMware 7.1  Problem Install VMware Tools in Red Hat Linux 9  Solution 1. VM ----------> install vmwaretools ----------> wait for the Virtual Machine to mount the installation file; 2. Go

Comprehensive Analysis of the installation process of Chapter 5-Red Hat 9.0 in "writing the operating system by yourself"

In "writing the operating system by yourself", some important choices during the installation of Red Hat 9.0 are illustrated and selected, the figure below shows the entire process of installing Red Hat 9.0 by myself. Because I only want it to

Install ntop in Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5.3

Installing ntop on Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5.3As Linux is widely used, a large number of network servers use the Linux operating system. To comprehensively measure the network running status, you must be able to perform more detailed and accurate

Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5 installation manual

Since the development of Linux, I personally think it is already a very mature operating system. The biggest drawback is that the number of applications that support this feature is relatively small. As an open-source software, it is already good.

How to install VMware Tools in Red Hat Linux 5

Red Hat Linux 5 How to install VMware ToolsAfter VMware is installed, VMware Tools is not installed by default. After Linux is started, wmware tools is not installed on this guest is displayed in the status bar of VMware. choose "install wmware

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