Configure the FTP service under Linux (Red Hat 5.5) __linux

1, first check whether the system has installed an FTP package Rpm-qa|grep vsftpd 2, if not, to the installation of the CD-ROM directory. cd/media/CD name/server ls | grep FTP You'll see a lot of files with a suffix named. rpm You can choose to

Red Hat Linux Forget root password solution __linux

Today, there is a Red Hat server installation time too long, and the installer forgot the root password, only remember their username password (chenfeng/123), do? Later, the data were finally resolved. After the boot appears the System selection

Red Hat Linux 9 How to set up an FTP server

1. Install VSFTPD Server VSFTPD is currently one of the best Linux FTP Server Tools, of which vs is "Very secure" (very safe) abbreviation, visible its greatest advantage is security, in addition, it also has a small size, can be customized strong,

ORACLE9IR2 installation under Red Hat Advanced Server version 2.1

oracle| Server | advanced This article will introduce Oracle Database 9IR2 installation under red Hat Linux Advanced server2.1, if you have experience installing Oracle8i, the following installation process is trivial: Hardware requirements: Hard

Comprehensive use of the Web server under Red Hat EnterPrise Linux 5.4

This article will explain in detail the use of Web servers under Linux, I believe this is very useful for Web site maintenance personnel, in the Linux implementation of the Web server software There are many, the most commonly used is Apache, small

Automatically run programs in red Hat Linux

1. Run the program automatically at power-on startup After Linux is loaded, it initializes hardware and device drivers, and then runs the first process init. Init continues the boot process based on the configuration file to start another process.

Red Hat's desktop and management skills

Red Hat Linux (Red Hat) is a Linux desktop system, and the most used in red Hat is the KDE and GNOME two desktop environments, which are installed by default gnome. If you don't have a KDE package installed on the system, then let's see how to

Red Hat Linux 6.5 detailed illustration installation tutorial

Software IntroductionR edhat Linux 6.5 is a famous Linux company developed, also called Intenseness Hat Linux, this Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL) is a Linux kernel-based operating system developed by the company, has a very broad user base, And

Configure Red Hat Enterprise Linux6.5 64-bit with VM virtual machine installation

Configure Red Hat Enterprise Linux6.5 64-bit with VM virtual machine installationPreparation environment:Operating system: Windows7Virtual machine Software: VMware WorkStation 12Image file: Red Hat Enterprise 6.5 X86_64.iso 1. First click on "File"-"

Ultra-simple, install red Hat Enterprise6.5 with VMware Workstation 12

Preparation Environment:Operating system: Windows 7/8/10Virtual machine Software: Vmware Workstation 12Image file: Red Hat Enterprise 6.5 X86_64.isoFirst click on "File"---"New virtual machine" in the VMware Workstation 12 menu barNew Virtual

Comprehensive analysis of RHCE (Red Hat certified engineer) exam topics----SELinux Articles

Linux Security Protection modeDAC, autonomous access controlMAC, mandatory access controlSELinuxA set of MAC expansion modules that enhance Linux securityU.S. National Security Agency-led developmentThe operation mechanism of SELinuxIntegrated Linux

How to use Red Hat Enterprise Linux

Download CDLinux Code# Mkdir/media/cdrom# Mount/dev/cdrom/media/cdromNot mounted on reboot LinuxEdit Yum Source fileCreate the file in the/etc/yum.repos.d/directory. Repo, and add the following code in it (original, go directly to change)Update Yum

Linux Red Hat Installation Ansible

Today, the Linux system is installed on ansible by Red Hat Enterprise Linux Server release 6.5 (Santiago).Because the source of the system is a Yum source, install with yum install ansible, but error: (This error is that the Yum source is not

Red Hat Linux Resolution tuning

Manually generate the xorg.conf file under/etc/x11,# vi/etc/x11/xorg.confThe contents of the file are as follows:# #Add The following codes:section "Monitor"Identifier "Monitor0"VendorName "Monitor Vendor"ModelName "Monitor Model"Horizsync

How Red Hat Linux increases swap space

Follow the steps to explain how Red Hat Linux increases swap spaceMethod/Step First step: Make sure there is enough space in the system for swap swap space, I am using KVM, ready to add a swap file to a separate file system, add 2G swap files

Win7 (Qt 5.8) + Red Hat 7.3 (VMware) (Qt5.6) (Build environment)

Description:Qt5.6 with Red Hat 7.3 (graphical interface)Because of the complexity of the environment, I'm not sure that other environments are equally viable, and that if and only if this environment (my machine environment is like this) should be

Red Hat 6/oel6 Network configuration

Modify IP Address[Email protected] ~]# cd/etc/sysconfig/network-scripts/[email protected] network-scripts]# ll ifcfg* #切换到网卡配置目录-rw-r--r--. 1 root root 280 Dec 01:28 Ifcfg-eth0 #查看配置的网卡情况, because only one NIC is configured, only the eth0-rw-r--r--.

Red Hat cluster Suite RHCS Four section (concept article)

Red Hat cluster Suite RHCS Four section (concept article)First, what is RHCsRHCS is the acronym for Red Hat Cluster suite, the CAP cluster suite, RHCS is a collection of clustering tools that provide high availability, high reliability, load

Comparison of Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6 Versions

Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6 has three versions. Through installation, we found that the differences between the so-called "desktop", "workstation", and "server" versions are that they install different software libraries by default. The default

Xmanager3 remote connection Red hat 6.4 install weblogic12 and weblogic remote debugging

Xmanager3 remote connection Red hat 6.4 install weblogic12 and weblogic remote debugging Operating System: Red hat 6.4 (64-bit) Required tools: Xmanager3 Required Software: Jdk-7u55-linux-x64.rpm (corresponding to operating

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