Variable function library: is_int

Is_int (PHP3, PHP4) is_int---& ">nbsp; Determines whether the variable is an integer syntax: int is_int (mixed Var); Description: This function is an alias for Is_long (). Reference: Is_bool () is_double (...)

Variable function library: Call_user_func

Call_user_func (PHP3 >= 3.0.3, PHP4) call_user_func---& " >nbsp; Call the user function syntax according to the parameters: Mixed Call_user_func (String function_name [, Mixe ...)

Variable function library: is_float

Is_float (PHP3, PHP4) is_float---& ">nbsp; Determines whether the variable is floating-point syntax: int is_float (mixed Var); Description: This function is an alias for Is_double (). Reference: Is_double () ...

URL function library: UrlEncode

UrlEncode (PHP3, PHP4) urlencode---& ">nbsp; URL-encoded string syntax: String UrlEncode (String str) Description: Add all non-alphanumeric strings except-_. In percent sign (%) followed by two confusing numbers ...

Variable function library: is_double

Is_double (PHP3, PHP4) is_double---& ">nbsp; Determine whether the variable is floating-point number syntax: int is_double (mixed Var); Note: If the parameter var is a floating-point number, it returns TRUE, otherwise it returns false. Reference: Is_arr ...

URL function library: urldecode

UrlDecode (PHP3, PHP4) urldecode---& ">nbsp; Translation URL-encoded string syntax: String UrlDecode (String str) Description: Any% # #编码 in the string given, and returns the translated string. Example: ...

Variable function library: Is_bool

Is_bool (PHP4 >= 4.0b4) is_bool---& ">nbsp; Determine if the variable is boolean syntax: int is_bool (mixed var) Description: Returns True if the argument Var is Boolean (Boolean). Reference: Is_array () & ...

URL function library: rawurlencode

Rawurlencode (PHP3, PHP4) rawurldecode---& ">nbsp; Follow the RFC1738 URL encoding syntax: string rawurlencode (String str) Description: All non-alphabetic characters except-_.

Variable function library: Is_array

Is_array (PHP3, PHP4) is_array---& ">nbsp; Determines whether the variable is an array syntax: int is_array (mixed Var); Note: Returns true if the parameter var is an array, or returns FALSE. Reference: Is_double () & ...

URL function library: rawurldecode

Rawurldecode (PHP3, PHP4) rawurldecode---& ">nbsp; Translation URL-encoded string syntax: String Rawurldecode (String str) Description: Follows a string of two confusing digits following a series of percent symbols (%) ...

Variable function library: intval

Intval (PHP3, PHP4) intval---& ">nbsp; Gets the integer value syntax for the variable: int intval (mixed var, int [base]); Note: Returns the integer value of the parameter Var, using the specified base as the base of the transformation (the preset value is ten), Var ...

URL function library: parse_url

Parse_url (PHP3, PHP4) parse_url---& ">nbsp; Parse the URL and return its component syntax: Array parse_url (string url) Description: This function returns a combination of arrays, returns the various components of the URL, including "Schem ..."

URL function library: base64_encode

Base64_encode (PHP3, PHP4) base64_encode---& ">nbsp; MIME Base64 encoding Syntax: string base64_encode (String data) Description: Base64_encode () returns a BA ...

String function Library: STRTR

STRTR (PHP3, PHP4) strtr---& ">nbsp; Converts some character syntax: string strtr (String str, string from, string to) Description: This function operates on parameter str, and the arguments from all occurrences of ...

String function Library: STRRCHR

STRRCHR (PHP3, PHP4) strrchr---& ">nbsp; Gets the string syntax at which the last occurrence of the character is at the end: string strrchr (String haystack, string needle) Description: This function returns haystack ...

URL function library: base64_decode

Base64_decode (PHP3, PHP4) base64_decode---& ">nbsp; Decoding syntax with MIME base64: String Base64_decode (String encoded_data) Description: Base64_decode ...

String function Library: Str_replace

Str_replace (PHP3 >= 3.0.6, PHP4) str_replace---& ">nbsp ; Replaces all string syntax that appears in a string: string Str_replace (String needle, String str, Strin ...).

String function Library: Strpos

Strpos (PHP3, PHP4) strpos---& ">nbsp; Find out where the first occurrence of the string is syntax: int strpos (String haystack, string needle [, int offset]) Description: Return parameter needle in ...

Red Language 0.2.5 Publishing Homoiconic programming language

Red language is a homoiconic programming language with native code compilation capabilities and important symbolic symbols. It can reuse rebol syntax and semantics, support Static and JIT compilation plans, use the abstract and parallel collection of roles ( ">scala"), Support for concurrent tasks and data parallelism. Programming from low-level systems (built-in red/system C-Class DSL) ...

String function Library: Strtolower

Strtolower (PHP3, PHP4) strtolower---& ">nbsp; To convert a string to lowercase syntax: string strtolower (String str) Description: Returns the string after all alphabetic characters in Str are converted to lowercase. Note: The alphabetic character is from the current ...

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