Shockwave Flash function Library: Swf_shapearc

Swf_shapearc (PHP4 >= 4.0rc2) swf_shapearc---& ">nbsp; Draw an arc syntax: void Swf_shapearc (float x, float y, float R, float ang1, float ang ...)

Shockwave Flash function Library: swf_startshape

Swf_startshape (PHP4 >= 4.0rc2) swf_startshape---& "> nbsp; Start a composite shape syntax: void swf_startshape (int objid) Description: Swf_startshape () starts with a ...

Shockwave Flash function Library: Swf_definebitmap

Swf_definebitmap (PHP4 >= 4.0rc2) swf_definebitmap---& " >nbsp; Define bitmap syntax: void swf_definebitmap (int objid, string image_name) Description: S ...

Shockwave Flash function Library: Swf_definepoly

Swf_definepoly (PHP4 >= 4.0rc2) swf_definepoly---& "> nbsp; Defines a polygon syntax: void swf_definepoly (int objid, array coords, int npoints, f ...).

Shockwave Flash function Library: swf_actionprevframe

Swf_actionprevframe (PHP4 >= 4.0rc2) swf_actionprevframe---to the previous frame syntax: void swf_actionprevframe (void); Description: Go to the previous frame.

Shockwave Flash function Library: swf_definerect

Swf_definerect (PHP4 >= 4.0rc2) swf_definerect---& "> nbsp; Defines a rectangular syntax: void swf_definerect (int objid, float x1, float y1, float x2,...

Shockwave Flash function Library: swf_actionnextframe

Swf_actionnextframe (PHP4 >= 4.0rc2) swf_actionnextframe---to the next frame syntax: void swf_actionnextframe (void); Description: Go to the next frame.

Shockwave Flash function Library: swf_defineline

Swf_defineline (PHP4 >= 4.0rc2) swf_defineline---& "> nbsp; Defines a segment syntax: void swf_defineline (int objid, float x1, float y1, float x2,...

Shockwave Flash function Library: Swf_actiongeturl

Swf_actiongeturl (PHP4 >= 4.0rc2) swf_actiongeturl---from Shockwave HTML ">flash movie gets URL syntax: void swf_actiongeturl (string URL, string target) ...

Shockwave Flash function Library: swf_enddoaction

Swf_enddoaction (PHP4 >= 4.0rc2) swf_enddoaction---& "> nbsp; End Current action syntax: void swf_enddoaction (void); Description: End of current by Swf_startdoaction () ...

Shockwave Flash function Library: swf_actiongotoframe

Swf_actiongotoframe (PHP4 >= 4.0rc2) swf_actiongotoframe---play a frame and then stop the syntax: void swf_actiongotoframe (int framenumber) Description: Swf_actiongotoframe () will play it in the frame specified by Framenumber and then stop.

Shockwave Flash function Library: Swf_actiongotolabel

Swf_actiongotolabel (PHP4 >= 4.0rc2) swf_actiongotolabel---& ">nbsp; Display frame and specified label syntax: void Swf_actiongotolabel (String label) Description: SW ...

Shockwave Flash function Library: swf_startdoaction

Swf_startdoaction (PHP4 >= 4.0rc2) swf_startdoaction---The description syntax for the current frame action: void swf_startdoaction (void); Description: Swf_startdoaction () begins the description of the current frame action, which must be called before the current frame action definition.

Shockwave Flash function Library: swf_actionsettarget

Swf_actionsettarget (PHP4 >= 4.0rc2) swf_actionsettarget---& ">nbsp; Set the ins and outs of the action syntax: void Swf_actionsettarget (String target) Description: SW ...

Shockwave Flash function Library: Swf_nextid

Swf_nextid (PHP4 >= 4.0rc2) Swf_nextid---Returns the next object ID syntax: int swf_nextid (void); Description: Swf_nextid () returns the next available object ID.

Shockwave Flash function Library: swf_actionwaitforframe

Swf_actionwaitforframe (PHP4 >= 4.0rc2) swf_actionwaitforframe---& 37954.html ">nbsp; Skips action syntax if the frame is not loaded: void swf_actionwaitforframe (int frame ...)

Shockwave Flash function Library: swf_removeobject

Swf_removeobject (PHP4 >= 4.0rc2) swf_removeobject---Remove object syntax: void swf_removeobject (int depth) Description: Removes the object at the specified depth in the depth.

Shockwave Flash function Library: swf_actiontogglequality

Swf_actiontogglequality (PHP4 >= 4.0rc2) swf_actiontogglequality---& /37954.html ">nbsp; Fastened between high and low quality Flash movie syntax: void Swf_actiontogglequality (Voi ...

Shockwave Flash function Library: swf_modifyobject

Swf_modifyobject (PHP4 >= 4.0rc2) swf_modifyobject---& " >nbsp; Modify object syntax: void swf_modifyobject (int depth, int how) Description: Update location and/or object ...

Shockwave Flash function Library: swf_actionstop

Swf_actionstop (PHP4 >= 4.0rc2) swf_actionstop---& "> nbsp; Stop playing the Flash movie syntax on the current frame: void Swf_actionstop (void); Description: Stop playing flash movies on the current frame.

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