Shockwave Flash function Library: Swf_shapelineto

Swf_shapelineto (PHP4 >= 4.0rc2) swf_shapelineto---& "> nbsp; Draw a first-line syntax: void Swf_shapelineto (float x, float y) Description: Swf_shapelineto ...

Shockwave Flash function Library: Swf_addbuttonrecord

Swf_addbuttonrecord (PHP4 >= 4.0rc2) swf_addbuttonrecord---& ">nbsp; Control button appearance and action of the region position syntax: void Swf_addbuttonrecord (int states, int s ...

Shockwave Flash function Library: swf_fonttracking

Swf_fonttracking (PHP4 >= 4.0rc2) swf_fonttracking---& " >nbsp; Set current font distance syntax: void swf_fonttracking (float tracking) Description: Sets the value of the font interval as a parameter ...

Shockwave Flash function Library: Swf_shapemoveto

Swf_shapemoveto (PHP4 >= 4.0rc2) swf_shapemoveto---& "> nbsp; Move current position syntax: void Swf_shapemoveto (float x, float y) Description: Swf_shapemove ...

Shockwave Flash function Library: Swf_startbutton

Swf_startbutton (PHP4 >= 4.0rc2) Swf_startbutton---& "> nbsp; Definition syntax for Start button: void Swf_startbutton (int objid, int type) Description: SWF_STARTB ...

Shockwave Flash function Library: swf_fontslant

Swf_fontslant (PHP4 >= 4.0rc2) swf_fontslant---& ">nbsp ; Set font tilt angle syntax: void swf_fontslant (float slant) Description: Set the current font tilt how many angles, parameters slant specified ...

Shockwave Flash function Library: swf_shapefillbitmaptile

Swf_shapefillbitmaptile (PHP4 >= 4.0rc2) swf_shapefillbitmapclip---& /37954.html ">nbsp; Set the current way to fill in the position of tile tiles syntax: void swf_shapefillbitmaptile (int b ...)

Shockwave Flash function Library: Swf_endsymbol

Swf_endsymbol (PHP4 >= 4.0rc2) swf_endsymbol---& ">nbsp ; Definition syntax for end symbols: void Swf_endsymbol (void); Description: Swf_endsymbol () End by swf_startsy ...

Shockwave Flash function Library: swf_fontsize

Swf_fontsize (PHP4 >= 4.0rc2) swf_fontsize---& ">nbsp; Change current font size syntax: void swf_fontsize (float size) Description: swf_fontsize () change font size to parameter si ...

Shockwave Flash function Library: swf_shapefillbitmapclip

Swf_shapefillbitmapclip (PHP4 >= 4.0rc2) swf_shapefillbitmapclip---& /37954.html ">nbsp; Set the way to fill a bitmap that omits a portion of the current syntax: void Swf_shapefillbitmapclip (I.)

Aspose.slides for Java 2.8.2 Publishing slides for Java components

Aspose.slides for Java is a Java component that is used to manipulate PowerPoint slides. It features no need to install PowerPoint, support for exporting to PDF format, embedding audio and video links, slide cloning, thumbnail generation, presentation features, and the ability to extract text from a presentation. Aspose.slides for Java 2.8.2 The release is primarily maintenance and more stable. This hotfix ensures that Java Aspose.slides ...

Shockwave Flash function Library: Swf_setfont

Swf_setfont (PHP4 >= 4.0rc2) swf_setfont---& ">nbsp; Change the current font syntax: void swf_setfont (int fontid) Description: Swf_setfont () sets the current font to the value of the parameter Fontid.

Shockwave Flash function Library: swf_shapefillsolid

Swf_shapefill ">solid (PHP4 >= 4.0RC2) Swf_shapefillsolid-- -Sets the currently filled style to the specified color syntax: void Swf_shapefillsolid (float R, float g, float ...)

GTK + 3.3.18 Publish graphical user interface creation tool

GTK is the abbreviation for GIMP Toolkit, a multi-platform toolkit for creating "> Graphical user interface Tools. Its design is small and efficient, with enough flexibility to allow programmers to create interfaces freely. GTK + provides some unique functionality through the standard component library. It uses the OO-featured C language Development framework, which enables it to develop GUI applications that are tightly knit with the operating system ...

Shockwave Flash function Library: Swf_definefont

Swf_definefont (PHP4 >= 4.0rc2) swf_definefont---& "> nbsp; Define a font syntax: void swf_definefont (int fontid, string fontname) Description: Swf_de ...

Shockwave Flash function Library: Swf_shapefilloff

Swf_shapefilloff (PHP4 >= 4.0rc2) swf_shapefilloff---& " >nbsp; Close fill syntax: void Swf_shapefilloff (void); Description: Swf_shapefilloff () Close fill ...

Shockwave Flash function Library: Swf_startsymbol

Swf_startsymbol (PHP4 >= 4.0rc2) swf_startsymbol---& "> nbsp; Defines a symbolic syntax: void swf_startsymbol (int objid) Description: Defines an object ID as a symbol (symbols ...).

Shockwave Flash function Library: swf_endshape

Swf_endshape (PHP4 >= 4.0rc2) swf_endshape---& ">nbsp; Ends the definition syntax for the current shape: void Swf_endshape (void); Description: Swf_endshape () ends the definition of the current shape.

Shockwave Flash function Library: swf_shapelinesolid

Swf_shapeline ">solid (PHP4 >= 4.0RC2) Swf_shapelinesolid-- -Set Current line style syntax: void Swf_shapelinesolid (float R, float g, float B, flo ...)

Shockwave Flash function Library: swf_getbitmapinfo

Swf_getbitmapinfo (PHP4 >= 4.0rc2) swf_getbitmapinfo---& " >nbsp; Get information about bitmaps syntax: array swf_getbitmapinfo (int bitmapid) Description: Swf_getb ...

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