CCTV network to create a new image of credit network with CCTV

May 20, by the Guangzhou Net Surplus Trading Co., Ltd. created by the Fold Excellent Network ( and the most influential brand website------CCTV ( formally signed a cooperation agreement, fold excellent network won CCTV "five-star" strategic partners, The signing finally opened the prelude to cooperation between the two brands.  Many discount network agents and dozens of of domestic and foreign media are honored to witness and report this exciting moment. Create good faith network to buy new image praise such as the Tide Fold Excellent network ( ...

Qilian Mountain and its subsidiaries contributed 480 million capital increase Hongda building materials

NetEase Finance May 28, said the Qilian Mountains today, the company and the wine Steel Group, the Great Wall development, Hongda building materials and the company's wholly-owned subsidiary Yongdeng Qilian Mountain jointly signed the "About Wine Steel (group) Hongda Building Materials Limited liability company to increase capital expansion agreement." The announcement shows that the current registered capital of Hongda building materials is 5,469.210,000 Yuan, this time to increase the registered capital of 8,203.820,000 yuan, the Qilian Mountains and Yongdeng Qilian Mountains respectively with cash 24,131.820,000 yuan to subscribe for the registered capital of 4,101 yuan, the remaining more than the subscription of the new registered capital ...

Ultra-day sun issue price of 36 yuan

Super Sun: The first public offering 66 million shares under the net placing and online pricing issue notice 1, the Purchase code: 002506 2, the purchase of the abbreviation: Over the Sun 3, the issue price: 36.00 yuan/share 4, Issue quantity: 66 million shares 5, online issue quantity: 52.8 million shares, For this issue total of 80% 6, the net placing quantity: 13.2 million shares, for this issue total 20% 7, the on-line purchase time: November 8, 2010 9:30-11:30, 13:00-15:0 ...

Friendship shares absorption combined hundred shares two shares unlimited trading

NetEase Finance November 4 News hundred shares and friendship shares at night both announced, the Hundred shares will be 1:0.861 of the proportion and friendship shares for share, Friendship shares for the merger of the surviving company, the hundred shares by the friendship of the merger will terminate the listing and cancellation of legal personality.  At the same time, the friendship shares will be issued to the Hundred Group shares, the acquisition of the Hundred-Union group held in Shanghai eight with 36% Equity and Shanghai Hundred Group Investment Co., Ltd. 100% stake. According to the announcement, the reorganization of the shareholders who disagree with the exercise of the right to cash options, friendship shares of cash on the price for a A-share RMB 15.57 ...

Provident Fund and commercial loans to buy two suites compared to 800,000 Provident Fund savings total interest 250,000

The Ministry of Housing, the Ministry of Finance, the People's Bank, the CBRC jointly issued the "on the Standardization of Housing Provident Fund Housing loan policy related issues of the notice", the notice stipulates that the second Housing Provident Fund personal housing loans to the first payment ratio shall not be less than 50%, the loan interest rate must not be lower than the same period of  The second set of Housing Provident Fund personal housing loans to the object, limited to the existing per capita housing construction area below the local average level of pay into the family, and the loan is limited to purchase to improve the living conditions of ordinary home. The notice also stipulates that the use of housing public ...

Zhou Xiaochuan: Renminbi capital account convertibility and internationalization will continue to move forward

BCC, Beijing, November 4 (Xinhua) China's central bank governor Zhou Xiaochuan said the renminbi's capital account convertibility and internationalization will continue to move forward, according to the Chinese voice, "late peak of news". In the coming years, the convertibility of RMB capital account should be realized in a gradual way. Mr Zhou said China's 2011-2015-year five-year plan would focus on stimulating domestic demand, especially consumption. There is likely to be a substantial change in the structure of the economy over the next five years.

Xinhua pharmaceutical 20% Material net profit rose more than 50%

Shandong Xinhua Pharmaceutical yesterday, stimulated the stock price this morning, the increase in innovation 2.25 yuan, up to 19.68%, the latest reported 2.2 yuan, 17.02%, turnover 5.02 million yuan. Shandong Xinhua Pharmaceutical issued a profit in advance, is expected to the end of June 2009 net profit of about 39 million yuan (renminbi, the same below), compared with the same period last year 20.46 million yuan, by 50% to 100% Year-on-year.

New Energy revitalization Development Planning Basic framework is expected to be announced recently

"The importance of solar energy in the new Energy development plan is second, except for nuclear power."  June 5, in the gap between the 2009 Green Energy China International Summit, Wu Guihui, deputy director of the National Energy Bureau, said that the basic framework of new energy revitalization and development planning has been established and is expected to be introduced recently.  Officials and experts from enterprises, investment bank and Energy, finance and construction departments believe that the development of new energy is very dependent on policy, and it needs the introduction of relevant industry standard system in comparison with policies such as investment, taxation and electricity price. In this respect, Wu Guihui to this reporter said, related issues have been included in the new energy ...

Hong Kong property stocks drop KGI Securities think more than fundamentals

Property stocks in Hong Kong quickly fell back, the Hang Seng Property Classification index fell 1.27%, ran to lose the index, the index fell 1.12%;  Bin of KGI Securities argues that property stocks are moving more than fundamentals, as expected interest rates rise, although not an immediate threat, but add to the pressure of correction.  In addition, the massive short-selling of property stocks in Monday may also indicate that there is more room for such stocks to fall in the near future, especially given the recent sharp rise in share prices, which may reflect the recent strong sales in the real estate market. Shares: Letter and home Purchase (0083-h ...)

News: HSI Fast dive fell 35 points

Expert online real-time FAQ >> Point This entered the Hang Seng index high nearly 200 points after the rapid dive, the latest reported 18,217 points, fell 36 points, a decrease of 0.2%. The large city deals at present 12.07 billion.  State-owned enterprises index fell 41 points, reported 10,626 points. Blue-chip real estate stocks once again play the market killer. The letter, the new ground, and other open collar rose stocks fell.  The exchange control, moves the increase greatly to narrow. More Hong Kong stock information please check Sina Hong Kong stock channel >> Point this entry

China Power 4% parent company to implement hydropower asset injection

Earlier, executive director Li Xiaolin said the parent company hopes to inject 28 billion yuan in the first half of the year with 3.5 Million-kilowatt hydroelectric assets in China, with a notable 3.7% to 2.8 Hong Kong dollar earlier this morning, a 1.185 million-share deal and a news incentive to be implemented by asset injections. Due to the latest release of China Electric Power, it will spend 4.465 billion yuan, the implementation of the acquisition of the parent company in Hunan and Guizhou engaged in the development and supply of hydropower in a total of 63% shares, so that the installed capacity (excluding Guizhou power plant) increased by about 25% to about 11282 MW, greatly enhanced ...

Green beer falls 1% not boosted by parent takeover Baotu Brand

The shares of Qingdao Brewery, which was previously held in full by the foreign-invested strategy shareholder, AB InBev, have dropped 1.13% to HK $21.95 this morning, trading 208,000 shares. The news that the parent company has raised its market share after buying a beer brand in Shandong has been boosted. Qingdao Beer Group has announced that it has funded the acquisition of Lu's Baotu Beer Sales Co., Ltd. 100% Equity and "Baotu" series of trademarks, after the acquisition will continue to retain the brand, so that the market share in Jinan will be more than 80%, further consolidate the green beer in Shandong ...

Wang Feng after a setback after more than 23% by the issue of rights

Wang-Feng international stock price this morning after the sharp rise, mainly by its folding to let nearly 15% rights-raising, the lowest 0.4 yuan, 14.89%, then the sharp advice 0.58 yuan, Rose 23.4%, the latest reported 0.51 Yuan, 8.51%, turnover 90.41 million yuan. Hong Feng International announced, according to 0.4 yuan per share, the first old after the new way, placing up to 150 million shares, to raise 60 million yuan, the estimated net amount of 58 million yuan, is intended to be used as the general operating capital of the group, with the sale price than the prior suspension of 0.47 yuan discount to 14.89%.

Shimao Real estate rose 3% to buy Xiamen block to build upscale community

Previously announced that the first 5 months of this year contract sales have been more than tens of billions of dollars and the annual target of 17 billion yuan of nearly 60% of the Shimao real estate, the share price this morning high 3.3% to 13.16 Hong Kong dollar, before the deal 276,000 shares. The company disclosed the progress of the purchase of land, said that it has successfully competed for 3.02 billion yuan in Xiamen city, Fujian Province, an area of 137,000 square meters of land plots, and plans to this site located in the Xiamen Lake Reservoir area of the plot to develop into a residential and business in one high-end integrated community.  Xu Rongmao, chairman of the company, had said that Shimao would buy the land carefully and would be dominated by one or two-line cities. But ...

CNOOC down 2% trend far beyond the oil price Credit Suisse low to see 6.57 yuan

International crude oil prices fell slightly, CNOOC this morning to go low, the share price is now down 1.85% to 10.62 Hong Kong dollars, 21.89 million shares.  Credit Suisse issued a report that gave the unit a weaker-than-market rating, with a target price of HK $6.57, a sharp discount of 38% on market prices. The oil price moves beyond fundamentals and CNOOC moves beyond the price of oil, Credit Suisse points out. The fundamentals of crude are weaker than price movements, showing that excess capacity has reached its highest level since the start of the bull market, and that even if demand recovers, excess capacity will be hard to fall to 2003 years. Oil prices reflect recovery expectations, by the United States ...

Chinese food and beverage stocks fall sharply

Chinese-funded food and beverage stocks have fallen significantly this morning; Yurun food (01068-HK) now Spit 6.4%, Mengniu Dairy (02319-HK) also fell 3%, Tsingtao beer (00168-HK) flat, only China food (00506-HK) a small rise of 0.43%. China Merchants Securities (Hong Kong) released a new study, said the second half of the class to give the neutral rating, because the plate 23 times times 09PE valuation is not cheap. But at the same time, 2009 in the first half of the food and beverage industry sales income slowed down, but the industry is gradually recovery. Raw materials for the second half of 2009 ...

Period of 18467 after the rebound on the increase narrowed now report 18185

China Asset Management Co., Ltd. the Rev-Wood burst was narrowed after a 18467 rebound, now reported 18185, yesterday, the first fall in addition to reflect the United States dollar rebound, should have been ahead of the U.S. stock fall last night, and the U.S. stock first back stability, the period refers to 18398 high open, up to 18467 after repeated soft to 18149, completely back to fill this morning 18350 /18150 that is the city rising Rift, continue to adjust the process, still see whether the period to continue to observe 18000, to repeat the form of digestion.

Air China, Nomura reiterates buying a 4.92-dollar view

China's H shares traded lightly in the morning, trading at HK $3.8 and 4000 shares.  Nomura issued a report saying it maintained the stock's buying rating, but set its target price from HK $4.27 to HK $4.92 (based on a 1.9 times-fold price-book value for fiscal year 2010), at a premium of 29% per cent. Nomura, the average price for the 2009 fiscal year is expected to increase from 48 U.S. dollars per barrel to 58 U.S. dollars, Air China's 2009 fiscal year profit forecast will be higher 16.5%. That the company will benefit from fuel hedging, increased demand for domestic delivery and new ... in fiscal year 2009.

Kowloon Mountain major shareholder intends to transfer company not exceeding 30% equity

Kowloon Hill (600555), Kowloon Mountain B (900955) February 23 Evening Notice, by the company to the controlling shareholder of the Kowloon Mountain Bay Resort City Leisure Service Co., Ltd., Pinghu Kowloon Mountain is currently with the company another foreign B shareholder Resort Property International Ltd. plans to transfer a and B shares holding no more than 30% of the company's total share capital to HNA Property Holdings (group) Limited or its associated company. In view of the change in the actual control of the company after the completion of the equity transfer, the current ...

The performance of the increase dividend more than the sun spent billions of yuan expansion

Today, the Super Sun (002506, closing 51.55 yuan) produced the first annual performance report since the listing. In this report card, although the year-on-year growth of 30% of net profit is not eye-catching, but the company's generous allocation of plans and the collective appearance of a number of institutional funds, the annual report has been enriched.  It is particularly noteworthy that the company announced the same day, to spend billions of dollars to buy two solar enterprises to achieve capacity expansion and industrial chain integration. Net profit 30% Super Sun Today's annual report shows that the company 2010 operating income of 2.687 billion yuan, year-on-year increase ...

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