Zhenhua Heavy Industry: transition to Marine industry in hand orders still have more than 4 billion dollars

Financial Weekly reporter Jia Huafei/Wen Recently, the large-scale machinery industry has been a market concern, and the headquarters in Shanghai Zhenhua Heavy Industry (600320.SH) is one of the hot spots. Ultra-win data show that from June 1 to June 18, the unit total net inflow of funds of 380 million yuan, after 5 banks and Wisco shares.  Share prices also with the injection of capital slowly rising, since June 1, Zhenhua heavy industry reported 13.90 Yuan, up 18.7%.  Guotai that Zhenhua heavy industry "has a valuation advantage and business transformation stimulus." Among them, ...

GDP year-on-year increase 7.1%cpi down 1.1%

July 16, 2009 (Thursday) 10 o'clock in the morning, the State Council News office held a press conference, National Bureau of Statistics spokesman, National Economic Comprehensive Statistics Division Director Xiaochao introduced the first half of this year's national economic performance, and answer the reporter asked. [National Bureau of Statistics spokesperson, National Economic Comprehensive Statistics Division Director Xiaochao] this year, all regions and departments earnestly implement the central government's plan to deal with the international financial crisis and maintain a stable and rapid economic development, and strive to overcome various difficulties in the progress of the economy, the positive factors in the economic operation are increasing and the national ...

The integration of "Tang Steel department" is imminent

--Zhao Yang June 26, Tang steel three listed companies in Tang Steel shares, Handan Iron and steel and Chengde vanadium and titanium will be the merger and absorption of the vote, marking the integration of the Tanggang system into a substantive step. Handan Iron and steel arbitrage space in more than 9% in December 2008, the Tang Steel department announced the absorption of the merger scheme, according to the relevant program, Tang Steel shares to 5.29 yuan/share with Handan iron and steel and Chengde vanadium and titanium for exchange, which, Handan Iron and steel and Tanggang shares of the stock exchange ratio of 1:0.775, Chengde vanadium and titanium and Tanggang shares of the exchange rate of 1:1.089. have repurchase request ...

PetroChina "Twelve-Five" three major business strategy exposure

PetroChina "Twelve-Five" three major strategies in the 2011 working session of the first exposure.  PetroChina Chairman Jiemin put forward the keynote of highlighting natural gas, highlighting overseas development and highlighting strategic development; Meanwhile, three major strategies for natural gas, overseas business and the whole industry chain have surfaced. According to PetroChina's previously released data, the company has accounted for 83% of the country's natural gas supply share, natural gas has become PetroChina's latest profit growth. "Twelve-Five" period, PetroChina will continue to give full play to the advantages of natural gas resources; At the meeting, Jiemin again stressed the will ...

RMB deposits increased by 10 trillion yuan in the first half of the year

July 16, 2009 (Thursday) 10 o'clock in the morning, the State Council News office held a press conference, National Bureau of Statistics spokesman, National Economic Comprehensive Statistics Division Director Xiaochao introduced the first half of this year's national economic performance, and answer the reporter asked. [National Bureau of Statistics spokesperson, National Economic Comprehensive Statistics Division director Xiaochao] money supply rapid growth, financial institutions loans increased significantly. At the end of June, the broad money supply (M2) balance of 56.9 trillion yuan, an increase of 28.5%, faster than the end of last year 10.6%; narrow-sense money supply (M1) balance ...

Heavy Turbo 28% introducing strong strategic shareholder to promote development

The Chinese heavy truck, which had earlier been affected by a sharp drop in car sales and a fall in selling prices, issued a medium-term profit warning, which opened 27.83% to HK $9.6 in advance of the deal this morning, and 2.64 million shares before the market, and was driven by the introduction of strong foreign strategic shareholders as partners. Man-xe, the German truck manufacturing and engineering company of the world's third-largest heavy truck maker, plans to spend € 560 million on a 25%-plus 1-share stake in China's heavy cars, including convertible bonds and some share acquisitions, and a price of about 0.8113 per share, the company announced.

US Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner says he will create conditions for a stronger dollar

said the global economic recovery may be repeated many times, the United States is aware of the responsibility of "locomotive"-Bu Xiaoming (Xinhua News Agency), the U.S. Treasury Secretary Timothy said 14th, as Governments on the loss of wealth and public debt surge accustomed to, the global economy on the road to recovery may encounter many circuitous repeated. "The financial crisis undermines the scope and extent of the global economy," Geithner said in a speech on the day in the western city of Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. "Given the extent of the damage to the financial system, the loss of wealth and the world's long ...

Foreign media says U.S. trade with China does not sell Treasury bonds to sell technology

Xinhua Beijing, July 16, the U.S. "Overseas Chinese newspaper," The local time 15th published a signed article, said, from the United States two China ministers to carry on the issue, the focus on the future of joint development of High-tech market, began to turn to "sell technology." It seems that the United States government began to change the "buy Chinese goods, sell US Treasuries" trade model and inertia thinking, so that the development of the United States and China's economy based on a rational and mutually beneficial on the basis of the operating platform.  The visit of two Chinese ministers will be an opportunity for the United States and China to jointly "explore the future". The article extracts as follows: Two in Austria ...

That is, the monthly H-share period refers to high 308, 11,134.

That is, the monthly H-share period refers to 308 points high, 11,134 points.

U.S. stocks rose every 3rd Hong Kong city grams million more Qiao

Li Weicheng New York in the performance of the ideal and the central bank to increase economic forecasts and other factors such as support, even the rise of all 3rd and expand the increase, so that the two major Hong Kong stocks grams 18,160 and 18,258, is expected to fight the right shoulder 18.883 and the top of the head of the broken shoulder stability. Wall Street's three biggest indices have soared: (1) The Dow Jones index closed at 8,616.21, a 256.22 or 3.07% increase, up from 180.16 points and 27.81 points in the first two days, 3rd, 464.19 or 6.1%; The S & P index is 26.84 points, 932.6.

Oriental newspaper surged 14.63% by a premium privatisation news stimulus

Boosted by the privatization of the premium, the Eastern Press (00018-HK) today rallied 14.63% to 0.94 Hong Kong dollars, trading 9.102 million shares, and the index is down 0.91%. The company's major shareholder, the Horse Family Trust, 0.95 Hong Kong dollars per share or a premium of 15.9%, proposed a comprehensive acquisition, involving 878 million yuan, will eventually be withdrawn.  The horse family's current stake is 61.45%. The stock was suspended for HK $0.82 before its suspension.

High-speed temporary suspension of the proposed purchase of quality road assets

Deep-speed H shares were suspended today for no explanation. Shares rose 4.37% per cent to HK $3.58 yesterday, trading 5.5 million shares. Deep-speed A-share (600548-CN) is now rising 0.55% to 5.51 yuan. The company issued an asset purchase announcement yesterday that it would settle all the interests of the company, including 45% per cent of the company and the corresponding shareholder loan, at a price of 1.0688 billion yuan, thereby further increasing its road assets. According to the April operating data released earlier by the Shenzhen High Speed Express, the original 55% interest of the aircraft.

Road-strength infrastructure is up 3.28% boosted by selling assets

Buoyed by profits from the sale of the company's assets, the 01098-HK infrastructure is up 3.28%, offering HK $6.29, a deal of HK $1.3504 million, which is now winning the big city with the index falling 0.58%.  The company announced that 1.0688 billion yuan to the Shenzhen Expressway (00548-HK) to sell the company's 45% equity and shareholder loans, the material can produce about HK $545 million without the audit proceeds. The proceeds from the sale of the project are expected to greatly boost its 09 performance, earning about HK $660 million in 08.

Wang's contention for trial continued: Witness has dug up 80 feng Shui caves in Chinachem

Xinhua Beijing, June 2, according to the Hong Kong "Big Bulletin" reported that the late Hong Kong Chinachem Group chairman Nina Wang, a week after recess, 1st trial resumed, for Nina digging contractor Wang Liangyu court to testify.  Wang said that under the direction of Chan, at Chinachem headquarters and 30 to 40 sites dug 80 feng Shui caves, digging to help gong find her husband Teddy, but also help gong "inhale", Nina repeatedly told Wang Liangyu to follow Chan instructions. On the same day, Benjamin, a barrister at the Chinachem Charitable Foundation, pointed out that someone had written a feng shui will under the guidance of others and found that the words were very much the same as the 2006 version.

27 million The new Farm fund was diverted

(Reporter Yang Huayun) The first audit of the new rural Cooperative Medical Service of the National Audit Office found that more than 27 million funds were diverted.  The 2010 is the target year of the new rural cooperative system established in the whole country to cover the countryside residents, the audit carried out a survey of 45 counties (cities and districts) from January 2009 to May 2010 in 9 Provinces of Liaoning, Heilongjiang, Jiangsu, Anhui, Fujian, Henan, Hubei, Hunan and Sichuan. The new agricultural and investment fund was moved to the pension audit investigation did not find a major disciplinary violations, but a small number of counties and grass-roots hospitals in the specific implementation of policy, the basis ...

Huaxia Bank directed additional 20.8 billion awarded

Huaxia Bank announced today that the company has received China's Securities Regulatory Commission on February 16, 2011, the approval of the Chinese bank limited public offering of shares approved, approved Huaxia Bank non-public issue 1.859 billion shares.  The official reply shall be valid for 6 months from the date of approval of the issue.  According to Huaxia Bank announced the plan, Huaxia Bank proposed to issue about 1.859 billion shares, the price is 11.17 yuan/share, the total amount of financing does not exceed 20.8 billion yuan, after deducting the relevant costs are all used to supplement the core capital. Among them, Shougang Corporation Subscribe 6.9 ...

China Taiping sale of CAs to final stage

February 16, China Taiping (00966.HK) announced that the sale of China and the whole of the interests of the Chinese must be approved, currently the sale to the final stage, pending the start of the buyer's routine formalities completed. CAS China is wholly-owned by the Hong Kong Civil Aid Holdings Limited (hereinafter referred to as "CAS Holdings"), headquartered in Shenzhen with a registered capital of HK $1 billion. In November 2009, China Taiping bought a 48.66% stake in CAS Holdings, plus previously held a stake, CAS Holdings became China Taiping wholly owned subsidiary. CAS China has also become China's Taiping indirect holding ...

The New Farm fund was embezzled 27.38 million

(reporter Peng) 5 counties of the government departments to misappropriate the new Agricultural and fund 27.3818 million yuan.  Yesterday, the Audit Commission released the "2011 7th Audit Results Bulletin--45 counties urban New Rural Cooperative Medical Fund audit findings." The audit investigation indicates that the government departments of Quanjiao County, Dawa County, Xifeng County, Fengcheng and Yuechi County have embezzled the new agricultural and Social Fund 27.3818 million yuan, which is used for issuing the basic endowment insurance for the employees; Shucheng, Xiapu County, Longhai, Jianyang, Fuding, Miluo a total of 6 counties of the new agricultural and rural co-operate agencies to falsely participate in ...

Beijing Housing Construction Construction program will have a number of nuclear inspection checks

Our News (reporter Sino) with the "Beijing 15" policy issued last night, the city's Housing construction construction organization issued "on the implementation of the city House restrictions on the purchase of the relevant issues of notice," the purchase procedures to do strict requirements.  Starting from today, residents of the home purchase information submitted, will be "submitted materials-preliminary verification-certification-network sign-The Housing Registration Department check-Housing registration" process, after a number of checks. According to the "on the implementation of the housing restrictions on the purchase of the relevant issues of the notice" requirements, the necessary procedures and procedures for buying a house should include: The city household households to buy household, to submit family member ID card ...

Supor large shareholder Seb International overweight to 70% Suzenfo exit

NetEase Finance February 16 Supor 16th evening issued a notice, said the company's controlling shareholder Seb International is to be held by the Supor Group Limited and Suzenfo holdings of some Supor shares in the way to its strategic investment.  Suzenfo will no longer hold Supor shares. The announcement said February 16, 2011, SEB International and its second largest shareholder Supor group and the company's third largest shareholder Suzenfo signed the agreement on the transfer of shares, the Supor group will hold its 70.2254 million shares of Supor shares to SEB International, accounting for Supor of the existing total share of 12.17%;

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