Three major line of the second half of Hong Kong equities see 20,000 points

Three brokerages yesterday unanimously optimistic about the second half of Hong Kong equities performance. Everbright Securities to increase the target price of the index to 20,000 points.  ing and Sun Hung Kai Finance both said it was possible to see 21,000 points during the year. Hong Kong media reported that the Everbright Securities Research Department issued a report yesterday to increase the Hang Seng index target from 17,800 to 20,000 points.  Tang Yu, deputy director of the company, said the mainland's economic growth is expected to reach 8.5%, plus the 2nd quarter earnings are expected to resume growth, and the market liquidity is abundant, so the stock market has an upward bias. He is particularly bullish on the mainland banking sector because of the narrow net interest margin ...

Global stock Market June debut Prev.

After every reporter Mao Jinnan yesterday prev 2,700 points, there are two possible trends: one is to continue to accelerate upward, to 3,000 points close to, the second is in 2,700 points of strong collation, waiting for the opportunity to continue to rise.  The market jumps empty, the volume upward, lets "the children's Day" also became the investor's holiday. Yesterday is the first trading day after the Dragon Boat Festival, close up a large jump empty high open 35.47 points, in the weight of the LED, the market quickly break through the early highs of 2688.11 points, the afternoon index plate up to 2726.72 points. As of closing, prev close 2721.2 ...

Investment Watch: Low-cost funds continue to flow into the stock market

The director of the Group Yi Securities (Hong Kong) Research Division, Zengyongjin US corporate performance and recent economic data, has largely failed to disappoint the market and has not reversed the market's vision of a turnaround in the second half of the US and global economy. Retail sales in the United States rose 0.6% in June, up from 0.5% in May and 0.4% per cent in the market, excluding cars below market expectations and last month's figures, reflecting the tendency of Americans to reduce consumption in the context of the deleveraging of financial institutions, a process that will microbicides US growth in the future. There is no denying the creation of negative effects. But the Fed has been pouring into the market ...

Steven Chu urges China to take the lead in setting 2050 emission targets

Steven Chu gave a very professional speech at Tsinghua yesterday. "If developing countries do not make commitments to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 2050, the world will face serious problems."  "U.S. Energy Secretary Steven Chu, speaking at Tsinghua University yesterday morning in a speech entitled" Tackling the challenges of climate change ", called on developing countries, led by China, to work with developed countries to make corresponding long-term emission reduction commitments. Chu's speech also showed that he was not only a political official, but a scientist, a Nobel laureate from an academic family. Morning 11 ...

The Suicide Squad staged the "Blitzkrieg" Rhine organism to stop the madness

Every reporter Liu Mingtao death squads you out of me, "combat" time is short, the end of the Rhine biological crazy trading.  Yesterday, the Rhine Biological (002166, closing price of 45.3 yuan) opened trading, a big shock, closed slightly up 0.38%, change hands 41%, a recent high. Yesterday morning, the Rhine creature still kept the strong momentum of the first two days, quickly after the opening, rose to touch 8%, creating a rebound in the new high of 48.75 yuan.  However, the life of the Rhine in a rapid decline after the rise, the tail plate is diving trend. Reporters from the Shenzhen Stock Exchange of information published in the transaction ...

Shanghai and Shenzhen deals 330 billion to hit new highs

"This newspaper Shanghai News Center reporter Lingxin 15th," June economic data is scheduled to be announced tomorrow, the market generally expects GDP growth will rebound to 7.5% in the two quarter, to stimulate the Shanghai and Shenzhen stock index to create a new rebound today.   Enthusiastic investor participation, led the two cities set a 330 billion yuan (RMB, the same below) "Days volume" deal, the history of the 19th time breakthrough 300 billion yuan mark. The Shanghai Composite Index was higher at 3,156 today, followed by a steady climb of 3,188 points, a 1.38% rise from yesterday, and a exponentially close to 13,112, a breakthrough in all three integers, or 0.68%.

China warns of trade retaliation for carbon tariffs

Sino-US Commerce ministers are concerned about China's Wang YANFA intern for foreign companies in the clean energy sector. Yesterday, U.S. Commerce Secretary Gary Locke (right) visited a thermal power plant in Beijing.  The high temperatures of Beijing's 36 ℃ yesterday allowed the two Chinese-American Ministers-commerce secretary Gary Locke and Energy secretary, who are doing "green diplomacy" in China, to feel "global warming". But the first "tipping point" in tackling climate change and clean energy is hotter in the US. China has reacted strongly to the "carbon tariffs" proposed by the US, while some American chambers of commerce and companies accuse China of being ...

Force suction Investment Customer collar both extended closing period

--in June next year, the 5% can be deferred 4 months. Reporter Ying for the market investment funds are abundant, in order to attract investors to introduce the flexible long term payment arrangement, the buyer will pay 15% downpayment first and then pay 5% of the property price at the time of next year's occupation, and can enjoy an extension of the 120-day closing period. This method of payment will require buyers to increase by 3%.   Real Estate today announced the sale price, tomorrow. Long field production investment director Huang Sicong yesterday in the press conference, said, in order to increase the use of the home and investors to the attraction, especially the introduction of flexible special ...

June M1, first Super 2 trillion

Experts say the rapid growth in money and credit has made the stock market more liquid. Data from the central bank yesterday showed rapid growth in currency credit and ample liquidity in the banking system in the first half of 2009. Data show that at the end of June 2009, M2 growth of 28.46%, the increase was 2.72% higher than the end of last month, the fastest growth in history, M1 grew 24.79% year-on-year, the increase was 6.09% higher than the end of last month.  The difference between M2 and M1 is 3.67%, a 3.38% reduction from last month. Credit data, financial institutions at the end of June ...

2.13 trillion dollars out of the store.

In April this year, China's foreign exchange reserves exceeded $2 trillion trillion, at $2.09 trillion trillion.  Liu Mapping intern Chen Shijun China's faster economic growth and a possible future appreciation of the renminbi, pushing China's foreign exchange reserves to break through the 2 trillion dollar mark in the two quarter and continue to be the world's leading leader. The total amount of foreign exchange reserves reached a record high of $2.132 trillion at the end of June, up 17.84% from a year earlier, according to the central bank's data released yesterday. Among them, the first half of the foreign exchange reserves increased 185.6 billion U.S. dollars, only two quarters ...

Mofcom: Not yet received Tengzhong bid for Hummer

Ministry of Commerce spokesman Yao Jian said 15th, has not yet received tengzhong heavy industry to buy Hummer antitrust application.  On suspicion that Rio Tinto employees were arrested for stealing state secrets, Yao said it was a case in general and a manifestation of China's further regulation of business practices in the process of participating in international economic activities. Yao said that for enterprises to "go out" is a positive attitude, this is the economic globalization of enterprises to develop autonomous behavior.  More than 100 million U.S. dollars of mergers and acquisitions projects need to be approved by the Ministry of Commerce, but currently has not received tengzhong heavy industry antitrust application. About iron ore negotiations, Yao ...

Wuhan Iron and Steel company shares allotment approved by CSRC for 2.35 billion shares

Wuhan Iron and Steel Shares (600005) The announcement of the Monday evening announced that the company had been approved by the China Securities Regulatory Commission and that it would place 2.351 billion new shares in the original shareholder.

WO-wheel point of view: CNOOC oversold rebound pay attention to its stock warrants

July 15, 2009, the Hang Seng Index to undertake yesterday's rally, opened that breakthrough 18,000 points, the plate was once up 404 to 18,289 points, closed at 18,258 points, an increase of about 2.1%, the market turnover increased by nearly 20% to about 60.7 billion yuan.  The index jumped to high yesterday, breaking through a number of important average lines, the form of strong, if the peripheral stock market with good, Hong Kong stocks in the short term is expected to challenge the nine gates. In the US, with news from Intel's Better-than-expected earnings and the Fed's comments on the economy, the U.S. stocks climbed strongly in Wednesday and the Dow rose 3.1%.

China's tobacco tax still has room to raise

With the approval of the State Council, the Ministry of Finance and the State administration of taxation have made major adjustments to the policy of consumption tax on tobacco products, and in addition to the maximum rate of consumption tax to 56%, an additional 5% per cent tax is levied.  The new policy is to be implemented from May 1 this year. A certain degree of relief to financial pressure the most striking aspect of this policy adjustment is the imposition of a tax on cigarette wholesale, with a tax rate of 5%.  Experts believe that the adjustment of tobacco consumption tax will help reduce the smoking population, while easing the national financial pressure to some extent. Kang, director of the Finance Science Institute of the Ministry of Finance, said January-April revenue was negative, giving ...

Greentown China Flat but sending special dividend to enhance valuation appeal

Recently, the company's chief executive, Shou, said that this year to sell the continued hot and proposed special dividend of the Greentown China, the stock price this morning before trading, the final flat opened in HK $11.04, 1.3 million shares, did not respond positively to its distribution of special dividends to be implemented positive. As a result of the announcement, the special dividend for the year ended 08 was $0.18 per share (about HK $0.21), with an annual share of HK $0.53, which was a significant increase of 47% over 07. The calculated Greentown China's current price dividend rate of 5.8%, higher than the same industry in China Overseas development (0 ...)

Hutchison Whampoa drops 2.86% Macquarie Rating 54 HK $

Hutchison Whampoa (00013-HK) closed down 2.86%, reported HK $54.40, a deal of HK $387 million, which today basically synchronized the city, with the index falling 2.64%. Macquarie downgraded the unit to neutral but raised its target price to HK $54. The bank said that the bank had lowered its earnings per share of 09 and 10 to 13% and 8.3% on the basis of the weak performance of the port and telecommunications business. But in response to a rise in global port valuations and a better outlook for the property market in China, the forecast for equity per share was raised by 14% to HK $67.5;

Housing construction Ministry said the first half of the price stable rebound to stabilize market confidence

Housing Construction Department: Focus on stabilizing housing prices in the first half of the rally, will focus on stabilizing market confidence and expected according to Xinhua news agency responsible for urban and rural Construction 15th, the current real estate market recovery, the future will focus on stabilizing market confidence and expectations, stabilize real estate investment, promote the real estate market stable and healthy development Corporate capital pressure to further alleviate the housing construction department that the real estate market in general to maintain the rebound trend since March, the market consumer confidence gradually increased, commodity housing turnover steadily rebound, investment growth decline in the trend of easing, corporate capital pressure into a ...

Japan's stock market closed in the morning 9796.02 point Rose 0.1%

Japan's stock market was built this morning, with the Nikkei average closing at 9796.02 points in the morning, or 9.76 points or 0.1%.

Four traps for food circulation permit

Five departments talk about the implementation of food safety law, hepatitis B virus carriers do not affect the food production and operation (reporter Xu Jingjing) Yesterday 15 o'clock, the Ministry of Health, the Ministry of Agriculture, AQSIQ, the general administration of Industry and commerce, the Food and Drug Administration of the relevant officials to visit the Chinese Government Network, on the "Implementation of food safety law to ensure food safety" and online In the exchange, a netizen asked hepatitis B virus carriers engaged in food production and operation of the industry, the Ministry of Health Food Safety comprehensive coordination and health supervision of the Deputy director Zhiyi said, Viral hepatitis, hepatitis A patients, is not engaged in ...

M1 and M2: Double policy fine-tuning in the second half

June, M1 24.79% to create a new Year's high M2 28.46% to record the June M2 and M1 growth of the "trumpet" has narrowed down to 3.7% Liu Mapping although the volume of credit data has already been announced, but the central bank yesterday released the operation of the June currency credit is still not a lack of new ideas: June,  The narrow money supply (M1), which represents economic activity, has topped 20% per cent for the first time this year (compared with the same period last year), at 24.79%. At the same time, the broad money supply (M2), which represents liquidity, has increased year-on-year.

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