Futian New energy vehicle to be landed in Taiwan

June 20, Taiwan Cheng Yun Automobile Company and Futian Automobile (600166) officially signed the purchase of 75 Euro v hybrid new Energy passenger car purchase contract, Europe v New Energy passenger car will be in the recent first landing in Taiwan.  On the same day, Futian automobile also to Beijing Xicheng District sanitation Office and other 3 car units delivered new energy vehicle products. According to Jingguang, Deputy Secretary of the party committee of Futian Automobile, Fukuda automobile has been developing new energy vehicles since 2003, and its new energy vehicles have realized industrialization and commercialization operation, hydrogen fuel cell buses, hybrid buses, electric sanitation vehicles and other products are in the domestic collar ...

Guangdong to prepare four villages and towns bank Panyu, Heyuan shortlisted

Guangdong Banking Regulatory Bureau has reported the planning scheme, only to be approved after the start of the type of preparation: economic news Author: Locke off original Browse Volume: 0 Version: GC07 Edition: Daily Wealth Bank manuscripts: The Southern Metropolis Newspaper Summary: Our correspondent recently learned that, following the establishment of two village banks last year, Guangdong province this year to set up a new four village and township banks. Guangdong Provincial Banking and Regulatory Bureau has reported the relevant planning to the CBRC, but so far has not been approved. Guangdong's two village and township banks, which were built last year, have started their business successfully this year. CFP for our correspondent recently ...

The Hang Seng index is up 717, 18,888, 100.3 billion yuan.

HONG Kong stocks continued to last week's strength, the index after the high after the return to 18,415, the afternoon increase further expansion, and close to 18,896 Day high, close to 18,888, 717 or 3.95%;  , 300 million yuan, the period refers to 18,690, 540 points, than the spot low water 198 points, a transaction of 79,251. Heavy-stock control (00005-HK) rose 3.36%, Hang Seng (00011-HK) fell 0.45% ...

Experts say mixed-ownership executive pay should also limit

Regulation of executive remuneration of State-owned enterprises by the State Council the experts believe that mixed-ownership executive pay should also limit Wall Street's subprime mortgage storms that have engulfed the US in the midst of the economic crisis, and the bursting of the global economic crisis has made the high salaries of executives even more compelling.  The resulting discontent and even anger in the public led to the introduction of a "wage limit" in the United States, followed by China. Just yesterday, media said that the policy documents related to the annual salary of state-owned enterprises in 2009 had been adopted in principle at the State Council's executive meeting on June 10, 2009, which is expected to be held in July or August this year ...

Global aluminum three Cochederu to swallow aluminum

Kwong: Refusing to sell foreign investment, management buyout at the end of the month Category: economic news Author: Sinling original Views: 0 Edition: GC01 version: Daily Wealth cover manuscripts: Southern Metropolis Daily Summary: bustling Asia Aluminum Group (hereinafter referred to as aluminum) reorganization (this newspaper March 17, 18th, 23rd has been continuously reported) Nearing the end.  Yesterday, Kwong, chairman of the Board of Aluminum, told the newspaper, before the end of the month, with the support of investors, the aluminum management will buy back from the liquidator, the guarantee letter has been issued. The bustling Asia Aluminum Group (hereinafter ...)

The housing market is not a good time to buy a house

Summary: Whether the house is a fan or Shark's fin, there will be a very different answer for people who are ready to buy a house and have bought a house.  From left to right is: Peking University public Economic Research Center researcher Han Shitong, Zhongshan University International Business Department director Wang, Guangdong Zhongyuan Real Estate Project department general manager Huang. Whether a house is a fan or Shark's fin is a very different answer for people who are ready to buy a house and have bought a house. Within six months, some rigid demand in the domestic housing market began to be released, spurred by a surge in housing policy and credit. The housing market from the freezing point to heating up, the twinkling of an eye began to hot. The housing market ...

Beijing small property to become an ecological villa 600,000 rent per set

34 illegal projects, involving thousands of greenhouses, "agricultural ecological villas"-"China Economic weekly" reporter Wang Xiaozong intern He Jiao/Beijing reported in a "blocked" sound, the small property right room in Beijing part of the county to the name of the facility agriculture, has been quietly variant for the "Agricultural Ecological Park", "Agricultural ecological villas", "Greenhouse Villas" and " Arable House "and other forms, to" rent for Sale "way, dress up into the market.  "Agricultural development" has evolved into real estate development, real estate and farmland to achieve a clever combination. There are "new varieties" ecological greenhouses have more than 10,000 6 ...

Who is pushing the housing shortage? Who manipulated Shenzhen's soaring housing prices?

Absrtact: According to the tracking statistics of the World Union real Estate, in May this year, Shenzhen first-hand room turnover was 12901 yuan/square meters, up 15.79%, of which the last week the average price of 16540.9 yuan/square meters, creating a new high this year.  Shenzhen's housing prices are back to 2007 years of frenzied inflation. According to the tracking statistics of the World Union real Estate, in May this year, Shenzhen first-hand room turnover of 12901 yuan/square meters, an increase of 15.79%, the last week the average price of 16540.9 yuan/square meters, creating a new high this year. Second-hand housing transaction average price reached 14 ...

Point "jujube" into gold surgery: "I miss You" learn the Monkey King "72 Change"

Absrtact: From the date tablet of chewing gum, known as "Oriental Coffee" jujube powder, to the soup of jujube dry, crispy meat fresh red jujube, and then to JuJube tea, red jujube tonic wine ... Around a small red jujube, I miss you. JuJube Industry Development Co., Ltd. (formerly Henan Xinzheng Austrian Star Industrial Co., Ltd.) the head of Shi Zubin obstinately will "good want You" to build "red JuJube Empire", holding Red Xinzheng jujube. Illustrations: Ugly from the challenge of chewing gum jujube, known as "Oriental Coffee" jujube powder, to the soup of the jujube dry, crispy meat fresh red jujube, and then to Red JuJube tea, red jujube tonic wine ... Around a small red jujube, I miss your date industry hair ...

Hang Seng HSI afternoon highs 18170 liters 284 points

Hong Kong stocks this morning after repeated upward, the Hang Seng index from 18,043 down to 18,030 after the rise of 18,219, afternoon slightly back to 18,115 wandering, the latest reported 18,170 points, rose 284 points, the state-owned enterprise index rose 181, reported 10,833 points, the big city turnover of 40.3 billion yuan. In blue-chip, the control (00005-HK) rose 1.64%, Mobile (00941-HK) rose 0.68%, the new Ground (00016-HK) rose 3.08%, Long Real (00001-HK) rose 1.33%, HKEx (003 ...).

WO-wheel view: Big line sing multi-construction Bank to pay attention to its stock warrants

Last week, the Hang Seng index fell nearly 6% per cent for the first time in four weeks, affected by a general softening in the periphery.  Although the Friday HSI rebounded slightly, but still lost the eight-point, closed to 17,921 points, the increase of 0.81%, the big city deal continued to shrink to HK $62.9 billion. In the United States, the big stock index was mixed in 53 last week, as New York's July oil fell 2.6% to 69.56 U.S. dollars, oil prices fell back to 70 U.S. dollars, the energy stocks put pressure, but the firm's favorable rating for Microsoft is the support of technology;

BYD Electronics fell 0.6% and downgraded to weaker than the big city

BYD Electronics fell back this morning, the share price a small fall 0.58% to 5.14 Hong Kong dollars, 2.69 million shares.  Daiwa issued a report that downgraded the stock from holding to a weaker market, but raised the 6-month target price from HK $2.19 to HK $4.39, the equivalent of 12 times times the 2009 fiscal year, but still at a discount of 15% on the market. Daiwa, BYD's new electronics Business (netbook assembly) is progressing slowly, and the rebound factor in its core handset accessories and assembly operations in the second half of 2009 has been largely digested in recent stock downgrades.

Shanghai civil Aviation is still the spring and Autumn era Air China Southern Airlines Competition share

Air China Southern Airlines and new East Airlines compete for share private aviation squeeze in the development industry yesterday, the reporter interviewed analysis said: "After the integration of China Eastern Airlines, the Shanghai civil Aviation market in the short term or ' Spring and Autumn era '-big countries can live, far from the ' Warring States period '-' the state of a few countries ' situation is premature. "Air China, Southern Airlines," troops Shanghai restructuring, flight volume accounted for the entire Shanghai market around 50%, no doubt for Shanghai to build aviation hub port benefits. But the domestic civil aviation "Big Three", Air China, Southern Airlines will not give up the Shanghai market, both currently in Shanghai's market accounted for ...

We are happy to see HK $17.9 in the 0.61% Grand Fu Review

Everyone Lok Group (00341-HK) is now down 0.61%, reported 16.36 Hong Kong dollars, a deal of HK $5.2118 million, which is now running for a big city, with a 1.76% rise in the index. Fortune gave the unit a rating of HK $17.9, the target price, equivalent to 18.5 times times the expected price-to-earnings ratio in the 10 fiscal year. The bank said it has built two new food processing plants, one in the Guangzhou development Zone and one in Hong Kong's Dapu industrial zone, which is expected to be put into production later this year and 2011 respectively. The new plant will boost the productivity and profitability of the company. Added that everyone will continue to expand their distribution network, ...

Afternoon deployment: Brokerage materials failed to stabilize the short-term 18,000 points

Following the largest increase in the 1-month period yesterday, Hong Kong stocks continued to be built on the periphery in the morning, weighing tens of thousands of eight points, closing at 18170.98 points at noon, 1.59% Half-day, and 33.4 billion yuan for a half-day.  Analysis of the stock index may not be stable in the short term 18,000 points. Ban, a joint director of Prudential Securities, said the U.S. stock market has not gained much, but it has stabilized, combined with Goldman's Better-than-expected results.  But he questioned whether the index can stabilize 18,000 points, short-term support for a bit 17700-17800 points. HSI component stocks all up this morning, only BOC Hong Kong ...

Reforming and innovating foreign exchange management policies to promote the development of foreign direct investment

In order to carry out the development strategy of "going out", further support the steady and healthy development of foreign direct investment of domestic institutions, promote investment facilitation, make full use of "two markets, two resources", and steadily and orderly promote the opening-up process of Cross-border Capital transactions, the State administration of foreign exchange released the Regulations on foreign exchange administration of overseas direct investment by domestic institutions (hereinafter referred to as "Regulations").  The provisions have been implemented since August 1, 2009. The regulation is based on the integration of foreign Exchange management policy measures of foreign direct investment in recent years, combined with the direct investment in foreign exchange management information system of safe.

Experts say China's tobacco tax rate is still 10% worse than the international

CCTV News (Midnight News): With the approval of the State Council, the Ministry of Finance and the State administration of taxation have made major adjustments to the policy of consumption tax on tobacco products, while the maximum rate of consumption tax is adjusted to 56%, with an additional levy of 5% per cent of the price tax.  The new policy is to be implemented from May 1 this year. According to the latest policy, the excise tax rate of a class of cigarettes is adjusted from 45% to 56%, the B-type cigarettes are adjusted from 30% to 36%, and the cigars are adjusted to 25% by 36%. At the same time, the original Category B cigarette Division standards have also been adjusted, the original 50-yuan demarcation line up to 70 yuan, that is ...

Officials say health reform meets five challenges Xiaonian says market role is forgotten

Chinese Medical Insurance Research Association president says China health reform faces five challenges Chinese New Society Shanghai June 20 (reporter Li Jiajia) China Medical Insurance Research Association president, Wang, Vice minister of China's Ministry of Labor and Social Security, said here 20th that China's new round of health reform will face severe challenges in five areas, including: the development of supporting documents,  Complete the task indicators, handling capacity building, mechanism building and supporting linkage. "China's health insurance task is very difficult, if summed up as one," Wang said at the fifth session of the China Healthcare Industry Summit Forum held today by Ceibs.

State-owned enterprise executive pay Norm has passed China's safe and unfettered

Policy documents related to the annual salary of state-owned enterprises in 2009 have been approved in principle by the State Council at its executive meeting on June 10 and are expected to be enacted in July or August this year.  It is reported that the document is only for the state-owned or holding companies such as PetroChina executive pay. And because the MA more than 60 million annual salary is pushed on the "High pay gate" the cusp of China's peace, because the ownership is "state-owned" "Mixed ownership", its executive remuneration is not listed in the above document norms. According to the Economic Observer

PICC to subsidize difficult enterprises with 13 billion unemployment insurance fund

According to Caijing, as of the end of May, the National Unemployment Insurance fund accumulated a balance of 140 billion yuan, of which 13 billion yuan will be used to the financial crisis hit the difficult enterprises to subsidize.  According to the plan of the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security (hereinafter referred to as "the Ministry of Protection"), the expenditure should be 30 billion to $40 billion. June 18, 2009, the Department of the Ministry of Health and the China Employment Promotion Organization to "deal with the crisis, stable employment ——— play the Unemployment insurance fund to prevent unemployment and promote employment" seminar, the department responsible for the Ministry of Health revealed that the above expansion ...

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