Yanghe shares plan to buy double ditch 26.9% equity

Yanghe shares (002304.  SZ) announced today that the company intends to acquire 26.9% of the two-ditch wine industry, the company's shares since January 5, 2011 opened a duplicate. Recently, Jiangsu Suqian State-owned Assets Investment Management Co., Ltd. in Jiangsu Equity Exchange issued a notice, the proposed transfer of the holding of Jiangsu Double Ditch Liquor Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "double Ditch liquor") 29.61 million shares, accounting for the company's registered capital of about 26.9%. The announcement requires that the main business of the party is the liquor production and operation, and has the qualification, experience and ability to engage in the production and operation of the liquor industry.

Beijing 38% Non-public enterprises in the first quarter negative growth

City Federation of Industry and Commerce Initiative enterprises as far as possible not to lay off workers, not pay, wages (reporter Wang Yu) by the financial crisis, the first quarter of this year, 38.7% of the Non-public enterprises in Beijing negative growth.  Yesterday, the Beijing Federation of Industry and Commerce to the city's Non-public Enterprises issued an initiative: in response to the financial crisis in the critical period, as far as possible not to lay off staff, less layoffs, not pay wages, resolutely do not pay. Yesterday, the Beijing Federation of Commerce and Association held the "Capital of the economic stability of Employment mobilization Conference." The meeting revealed that the municipal committee of Front, the City Federation of Industry and Commerce recently launched a survey revealed that the financial crisis has spread to the capital Non-public Enterprises, the first quarter of this year ...

Insurance Agency Guild Wars net purchase to hit new yield or lower

13 Insurance institutions can participate in the network under the allocation of funds of about 211.185 billion yuan-our reporter Rosan with the three gold in Guilin, the first single IPO, the funds will also be competing in the new issue of new offerings battlefield.  It remains to be seen how the main insurance agencies will act. Yesterday, Ping an asset management company told reporters that we are willing to participate in the issue of new shares, will participate in the inquiry, but to see the online net rate of return decision whether to purchase. "IPO restart, the new stock inquiry is sure to participate in, as for the purchase to be based on the inquiry to come to ...

The bio-organism has risen 20% in the afternoon.

Fine-priced stocks of bio-organisms (00690), the current price of 0.12 yuan, + 20%. The current price of 0.118 yuan, Rose 18%, the deal has been more than 140 million yuan, in Friday only 63.53 million yuan.

The Audit commission said the BOCOG balance was 1 billion

Revenue 20.5 billion, spending 19.343 billion; the Audit office said Beijing was not the "most expensive Olympics" yesterday, the National Audit Office issued a report on the Beijing Olympic Games financial revenue and expenditure and venue construction (hereinafter referred to as the announcement).  The announcement showed that the opening and closing ceremonies of the Beijing Olympics Paralympic Games were spent at 831 million yuan.  BOCOG budget balance of 400 million announced that the Beijing Olympic organizing Committee's "surplus" will reach 1 billion yuan. According to the Audit Commission, BOCOG revenue will reach 20.5 billion per year, based on the actual receipts and disbursements due to March 15 and the results of subsequent revenue and settlement expenditures.

Zhangjiang subsidiary 1.1 billion RMB transfer project

Zhangjiang (600895) January 4 Evening Notice that the wholly-owned subsidiary of Shanghai Zhangjiang Integrated circuit Company in December 30, 2010 and Suqian Shen Hua Industrial Park signed a transfer agreement, will be located in Shanghai Pudong New area of the Golden Autumn building project to Suqian Shen Hua Industrial Park, the transaction price for the transaction price of 1.1 billion yuan. The company said that the implementation of the contract will be conducive to the promotion of listed companies operating performance, increase the company's main business income and profits, and increase the operating cash inflow of listed companies.

Market will be around the "performance + increase" continue to develop

-Huatai Securities Tension this week's IPO resumed as scheduled, but the market reacted flat. In the real estate, finance and consumer sectors under the impetus, the market quietly to five Lian Yang end.  From the market operation in the week, we believe that "performance + up" is still the main line of investment through the market, has not peaked, the proposal to pay attention to blue chips in the possible replenishment of the species. For recent economic and market performance, we mainly have the following views: First, the United States may bid farewell to the bad stage, ushered in the dawn of recovery. This is largely reflected in a series of data released this week by the US, which is better than expected.

Li Yizhong and other four people were added to the Ninth National Committee of CPPCC

Supplementary list of members of the National CPPCC Committee (11th session of the CPPCC National Committee, February 28, 2011) (adopted by surname) Taihua Liu Li Hu Zhenmin

Xinhua has drawn up 22 million shares to raise 456 million yuan

Xinhua all (002264) February 28 Evening announced the non-public issue of stock options, the issue of the Non-public offering of shares are included in the company's holding shareholder Xinhua Industrial Group Co., Ltd., the actual control of the company's Chen, including not more than 10 specific investors.  The holding shareholder, Xinhua Capital Group, Chen, respectively, pledged to subscribe to the Non-public offering shares of not less than 30% and 20% of the total amount proposed to be raised. The number of non-public offerings is no more than 22 million shares, the issue price is not less than 20.73 yuan/share. The total amount of funds raised does not exceed 4.

Half-way champion competition heats up three plates decide fund year middle seating

Every reporter Li Na this week, the Fund of the Year of the Ox half of the championship has gradually become a lively topic.  In the remaining 7 trading days, the fund began the final acceleration sprint. Throughout the fund's campaign of the Ox, the early "Man of the Hour" in the core of the preferred post of the eldest is being challenged.  At present, the financial, real estate stocks "solo", the consumer shares of the first show, that the fund can eventually win the first half of the championship, is still unknown.  The fund ranked fast since June, the fund's ranking, especially the competition for half the championship anxiety abnormal. According to wind statistics show ...

Hong Kong "The Investor" Cao Renshu: To grasp the trend with eyes and ears mouth and nose

Each reporter Li Wenyi a A-share if rose to 3,300 points, August-October will adjust to 2,600 points. The last quarter entered the second phase of the bull market, for 3-5 years, three bull time 6-9 years Hong Kong gem only suitable for institutional and senior investor investors most need to master is the main trend, investment strategy flexible application, strict discipline from poor boys to billionaires, the legendary "stock of the stock" Cao Renshu, recently by virtue of "on the potential" A book in the mainland investment market is becoming more and more famous. In the 40-year investment career, Cao Renshu's personal wealth has accumulated from HK $5000 to 200 million Hong Kong ...

Batian shares proposed 48 million shares raise capital 740 million

Batian shares (002170) on the evening of February 28, the announcement of the Non-public offering of stock plans, the number of Non-public shares not exceeding 48 million shares, the issue price is not less than 15.63 yuan/share, the total amount of fund-raising not exceeding 740 million yuan.

Power stock market in sight to grasp the 3 major investment line

Every reporter Li since October 28 last year, the market rebounded in 1664 points, in a variety of favorable factors in the resonance, the birth of a large number of shares doubled cattle, but also created such as non-ferrous metals, real estate, mining, such as the overall increase of more than one-fold "star plate".  However, the industry pointed out that with the early surge of stocks continued to strengthen the risk has gradually accumulated, and the early period of serious stagnation and good fundamentals to support the stock and plate is expected to become the next stage of investment hotspots. But put on "stagflation" according to wind statistics show, from October 28 last year to this week four ...

Non-ferrous metal shocks will be the main tone

Friday the market continued to concussion. SYWG 23-tier industry indices rose and fell less. The Non-ferrous Metals index fell 1.58% per cent, a relatively large decline. Analysts believe that the drivers of policy stimulus, ample liquidity, and the weakening of the dollar, which are related to metal finance attributes, will show a slowing momentum, with little room for metal prices to continue to rise sharply.  Three quarters of non-ferrous metals in the vacuum period, the price callback is more likely to appear better buy points. Non-ferrous metal plate in the former cities of the stock index Friday to achieve a small increase. SYWG 23 Tier One industry index, transportation with 2.0 ...

Bull-A-share will rise in inertia

Shanghai A-share market this week, B-share market and the small and medium-sized market have been rising continuously, the rally is very fierce, to remove the weak trend of the B-share market, the rest of the market has created a new high, in particular, Shenzhen, a breakthrough 11,200 point mark, from the beginning of the rally 5577.23 points Rose has exceeded 100%.  In the absence of a full recovery in the context of the rise in the doubling is very rare, so the medium-term view of the market has been relatively limited, but in the short term, the market in the sentiment has been fully ignited, there is the possibility of inertia continue to go up. Take Shenzhen as an example ...

Shanghai index rises 656 points in the afternoon

Expert online Real-time answer >> Point this into the long afternoon again with the force, HSI opened quickly pulled high, the latest reported 18,827 points, up 656, up to 3.61%, deal 58.8 billion. The cumulative increase of three trading days since 27th has been close to 2000 points. Real estate, banking and insurance are still the most powerful sectors. The higher prices of Chinese stocks and Hong Kong's banks are the main drivers of the rise in midday trading. Mobile, Unicom jointly rose.  HSBC Holdings Rose 2.64%. More Hong Kong stock information please check Sina Hong Kong stock channel >> Point this entry

Preliminary formation of four major oil and gas inlet channels in China

China-Burma crude oil pipeline project confirmed according to Xinhua news agency, Beijing, June 19 (reporter Zhang Yi Anber) CNPC 19th confirmed to reporters that the company recently signed a memorandum of understanding with Burma's crude oil pipeline project.  Industry insiders said that the determination of the crude oil pipeline project marks the initial formation of China's four major oil and gas import channels, is conducive to the diversification of oil transport channels to protect our energy supply security.  With the dust settling of China-Burma crude oil pipeline project, the strategic pattern of the four major oil and gas import channels in the northeast, northwest, Southwest land and Sea has been preliminarily formed. Root ...

International industry by major shareholders to reduce the 5.4 million shares

International industry (000159) February 28 Evening Notice that the company's major shareholder Xinjiang foreign Economic and Trade (group) Limited liability company in January 11-February 25 reduce the company shares 5.4 million shares, accounting for the company's total share capital of 1.12%. After the reduction, the shareholder still holds 154 million shares of the company's shares, accounting for 32.2% of the company's total equity.

Annada last year to achieve net profit 26.77 million year-on-year growth of 132%

Annada (002136) Monday Evening disclosure of the annual report, the company 2010 to achieve net profit of 26.7707 million yuan, an increase of 131.87%, to achieve earnings per share of 0.34 yuan. Company refers to the main reason for the increase in performance is the initial fund-raising investment project after the launch of the new rutile titanium dioxide product sales increased.

Hang tooth forward last year to achieve net profit 129 million year-on-year growth of 52%

Hang Teeth Forward (601177) Monday Evening disclosure of the annual report, the company 2010 to achieve net profit of 129 million yuan, an increase of 51.58%, to achieve earnings per share of 0.3984 yuan. Company refers to the reasons for the growth of the performance of the international financial crisis caused by the rapid economic situation gradually eased, in the national infrastructure investment to stimulate domestic demand in the policy environment, the transmission product market appears to be a recovery of growth.

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