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Friday the market continued to concussion. SYWG 23-tier industry indices rose and fell less. The Non-ferrous Metals index fell 1.58% per cent, a relatively large decline. Analysts believe that the drivers of policy stimulus, ample liquidity, and the weakening of the dollar, which are related to metal finance attributes, will show a slowing momentum, with little room for metal prices to continue to rise sharply.  Three quarters of non-ferrous metals in the vacuum period, the price callback is more likely to appear better buy points. Non-ferrous metal plate in the former cities of the stock index Friday to achieve a small increase. SYWG 23 One-tier industry index, transport to 2.01% of the rise in the first, of which high speed, the airport type of stock performance outstanding, Shandong high speed up to 9.38%, deep high-speed 5.64%, Central Plains High speed 4.83%; Shenzhen airport rose 6.05%, Shanghai airport rose 5.92%. Analysts said that as the index continues to climb, the pressure to adjust more and more, and high-speed, the airport is a typical defensive plate, do not exclude part of the funds began to configure in advance.  The second-place food and beverage tourism sector is also very defensive, which further validates the analysts ' view. The top two of the biggest declines in the strong cyclical plates, nonferrous metals and mining, fell by 1.58% and 1.2% respectively. Non-ferrous metal components stocks, in addition to two St-stock ――*st tungsten and St Zhang copper performance is relatively good, the other few rise in a few components of the stock gains are basically under 1%. Recently, the performance of non-ferrous metal plate significantly behind the market, but this year's increase is still more than 120%, ranked the top 23 first-tier industry index. Analysts say that the rise in basic metal prices in the first half of the year is not an upward trend in fundamentals, but more because of external factors such as policy effectiveness and liquidity.  The second quarter metal prices have slowed down, domestic and foreign trends are shaking pattern, the three quarter will even be likely to fall in price, which will inhibit market performance of future non-ferrous metal plate. Demand stable price macroeconomic situation there are signs of warming, the industry boom has rebounded markedly, the overall profitability of non-ferrous metal enterprises to restore the situation, while the supply and demand fundamentals also show some optimistic signals. The Great Wall Securities analyst Sino in its "Nonferrous Metals industry Investment Strategy Report" in the second half, because of the early support of metal prices increased policy stimulus, ample liquidity and the depreciation of the dollar and other metals related to the financial attributes of the driving force of the trend of slowing momentum, the second half of the metal prices significantly upward space And the demand effect of the real economy is gradually appearing. In the second half of the commodity properties of metals or will become the support of non-ferrous metals prices, demand will be the basic metal to stabilize the role of prices.  The second half of the metal price high volatility of the greater probability. Chief analysis of Nonferrous metals Industry Kun said investment in infrastructure projects has accelerated significantly, driven by a series of fiscal stimulus policies in China. With the recovery of industries such as real estate, non-ferrous metal consumption is expected to continue to increase. And the Western economic recoverySigns are beginning to emerge, and demand for major consumer areas such as construction and transportation is expected to get out of the doldrums.  In the long run, commodity prices, including non-ferrous metals, are expected to rebound further as the global economy steps out of the doldrums.  Ping An Securities analyst Xiao Zheng, high-level, the three-quarter non-ferrous metals in the vacuum period, the possibility of a correction in prices, four quarters may be with the Western developed countries recovery, the dollar depreciation and inflation expectations and other factors again higher. Investment strategy, Ping An securities analyst said, due to the three-quarter non-ferrous Metal callback is more likely to maintain the industry "neutral rating."  At present, the overall high valuation of the industry, if the three-quarter color prices and stock valuations have a correction, there may be a better buy point. Plate trend
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