The new technology issued a large discount to the price of exchange-traded debt to the end of the city rose more than 70%

The new Technology (01063) issued a swap debt, the exercise price has a large discount, this morning, the share price has risen more than 50%, the end of the city increase to more than 70%, is now reported to 0.265 Yuan, rose 74%, the transaction surged to more than 90 million yuan, yesterday less than 7.2 million yuan. The new technology announces that it is proposed that, through Dun Yan financing, the placing companies will have a maximum of $200 million for the three-year term of the dividend-convertible bond. The exercise price of 0.1 yuan per share, compared to the closing price before the suspension of 0.152 yuan discount 34.2%.

China's infrastructure recovery rises 32% to increase capital to Shenyang joint venture

China's infrastructure investment stock prices soared after the afternoon, the main reason is to be engaged in property development business in Shenyang increased holdings, the stock has been 0.227 yuan, Rose 31.98%, the latest reported 0.215 Yuan, 25%, turnover 10.19 million yuan. China's infrastructure announcement, joint venture with Pan-China construction, to increase capital to Pan-China (Shenyang), an associated company engaged in property development in Shenyang, China, will contribute 45.42 million US dollars and 19.47 million U.S. dollars respectively to the Chinese capital construction and pan-China projects, thereby increasing the pool of registered capitals from 15 million to 7. 9.89 million dollars.

Taiwan announces public servants ' property more than billions of legislators

Xinhua Beijing, June 19, according to the "Central Society" report, Taiwan authorities "supervision of the Institute" 19th released the latest issue of public officials property declaration data, a number of "legislators" worth more than billion. "The Main Committee of the HKMA", Chen Chong, declared that the Taipei County hsichih section of the Land Construction 1, deposit about 24 million yuan (NT, the same below), negotiable securities about 7 million yuan, jewellery and other property about 2.1 million yuan, debt of about 8.5 million yuan,  He also trusts the land and construction of Xinyi District in Taipei City and the stock of the island's listed cabinet, about 29 million yuan. "Legislator" Qingzhong declared land about 130, 4 pens ...

Beijing's exchange of carbon compensation trading market boss bullish on China

Xinhua Beijing June 19 (Yua Ruifang, Huang Danlei) 18th, the world's largest "carbon emissions" spot trading market to sing-bluenext and China's first national environmental rights trading platform-Beijing Environmental Exchange in Beijing signed an agreement to establish a strategic partnership.  Under the agreement, the two sides will jointly establish a clean development mechanism (CDM) project internationalization information platform in China. According to the reporter understands, through the signing, the Beijing exchange and the Bluenext exchanges will establish the cross marketing cooperation relation: namely mutually will promote each other's brand; Bluenext can ...

Beijing Olympic Games balance will be set up to develop sports funds

Xinhua News (reporter Zooying) this morning, the Audit Commission in the announcement of the "Beijing Olympic Games financial revenue and expenditure and Olympic venues construction project tracking audit Results", the audit department of Fixed Assets Investment Auditing division in charge of this announcement answered the reporter questions, in response to the Beijing Olympic Games is "the most expensive" Olympic questions The official said that according to fixed exchange rate calculation, the Beijing Olympic Committee's expenditure scale is lower than the previous Olympic Games, and the next Olympic Games budget scale is also higher than the Beijing Olympic Games.  Therefore, the Beijing Olympics is not the most expensive Olympic Games. Problems with the trial with the correction of saving a lot of ...

Moody's: Long-term bullish on Chinese banks ' access to global markets

Securities Times reporter Guo Recently, China Construction Bank (601939) opened its first U.S. branch and the first wholly-owned European bank in New York and London respectively. CCB's focus in New York and London will be dollar clearing services and derivative products. Moody's, one of the three major rating agencies, said it had no direct impact on CCB's rating because of the small size of the business, but Moody's said the move was positive for its long-term brand value. In addition, Moody's believes that further expansion of Chinese banks overseas will be positive in the long run, but short of ...

Afternoon deployment: Securities stock index at 17700-17900 Point concussion

With the rebound of the stock index, Hong Kong stocks also rose more than 100 points in the morning, with a rise of more than 200 in the early part of the year, but the increase was narrowed after a delay of eight points. The Hang Seng index closed at 17,881 points at noon, up 104 points, an increase of 0.59%, and a half-day contract to only 31.6 billion yuan.  The brokerage material will fall between 17700-17900 points all day.  Japan's stock market and the South Korean stock market are all good, the former Rose 0.85%, the latter rose 0.56%. Ban, a joint director of Prudential Securities, believes that this morning, the city or unexpectedly did not fall back. He pointed out that in recent days ...

Taiwan shares rose 1.4% for the first day of 6th

Stocks led the Taiwanese stock market to rise for the first 6th, with a weighted average of 6231.15 points and a 1.4% per day rise.

Asahi Light resource margin reaction cold metal regeneration 43 times times

At the 361-degree opening of the IPO, the margin call was lukewarm, and according to the report of the Ming Pao, a total of 6 Hong Kong local brokerages, the margin quota for each bank was only 5 million to 100 million yuan respectively, reflecting retail investors still holding a wait-and-see attitude. In addition to the temporary record of $100 million on the margin of 1.38 per cent at a low interest rate, the company has received a margin of 1000 to 25 million dollars respectively, and the number of investors in the market is also low, with 4 brokers totaling about 155 million yuan. HSBC, which is located in Guantang, was opened 5 minutes after 9 o'clock in the morning yesterday.

New shares to be suspended after the sharp upsurge

AO-liang group suspended this morning, pending the company issued the announcement of new shares. The unit was suspended before the 0.18 yuan, 35.34, turnover of 15.19 million yuan.

Semi-IPO loyalty Wang re-creation high post-highs see profit pressure

Yesterday, the two-plus half of the new shares Zhong Wang (01333) and Xu Guang (00067), this morning again to create 9.45 yuan and 2.59 yuan on the new high, unable to go on, profit and spit pressure increase, the deal also reduced. Zhong-Wang Temporary insurance rally, now reported 9.16 Yuan, 0.65%, Xu Guang is now reported 2.45 yuan, fell more than 2.7%.

WO-wheel viewpoint: CNOOC benefits from higher oil prices pay attention to its warrants

June 18, 2009, the fourth consecutive trading day, the index fell, early in the peripheral stock market under the influence of the general poor to open 129 points, and then weakened repeatedly, once fell through the low 17,710 points last week; In the afternoon after a a-share higher promotion of the decline narrowed, closing down 1.7% to 17,776 points, Is the first time since the May low of 18,000 points.  The deal shrank to 63.6 billion yuan. On U.S. stocks, the Dow rose 0.69% to 8555.6 points as the latest data on the job market and regional manufacturing investors expect the economy to stabilise ...

Can end food unspoken rules: Food safety law faces seven Tests

There used to be a "joke": "The Chinese are chemically literate through food ——— know paraffin wax from rice; knew the dichlorvos from the ham, knew Sudan red from the chili sauce, knew formalin from the hotpot, knew the copper sulfate from the fungus, and knew the melamine from the milk powder ..." in the last ten years,  This one after another once unknown name because of the frequent food safety incidents have been become street know Lane, food safety has become the most concern of the public and the most concerned about the issue, legislation urgently. To this end, a wide range of public opinion, within three years a few drafts, repeatedly modified and ...

Mergers and acquisitions drama link Taiwan

After 3,000 points, the market is facing a major problem is: the main industry almost all have a larger round of the increase, the next momentum is where? A more focused focus is on mergers and acquisitions, which may be the biggest investment theme in the second half of the year. Recent mergers and acquisitions, asset injection of the drama even Taiwan, both strong alliances, there are "fish"-like project acquisitions, there is a steady stream of asset injection. And a stock performance is also extremely eye-catching: Gaochun Ceramic announcement After the reorganization of the plan, 10 consecutive trading; million good million announced after the reorganization news is also a continuous trading 8th ...

U.S. futures rise 21 points

U.S. futures rose, the S & P 500 index futures rose 1.5 points, reported 919.3 points, na refers to 100 period goods rose 4.8 points, reported 1, 455.8 points, the Dow futures rose 21 points, reported 8,571 points.

China Unicom's increase narrowed and bearish only HK $7.94

After China Unicom's high opening today, its share price has narrowed to 0.95%, to HK $10.6 and 19.71 million shares.  Daiwa issued a report saying that maintaining China Unicom is weaker than the big city, with a 6-month target of HK $7.94, based on the bank's recurrent profit forecast for the 2009 fiscal year, the target price is equivalent to 14 times times the P/E ratio, at a price discount of 25%. Daiwa, which maintains a bearish view on Unicom, because the company has the best 3G standard WCDMA, but this does not automatically convert to high profit growth; Unicom's 3G strategy does not match the characteristics of Chinese users ' needs ...

Air China has gained more than 7% earnings and more than 50%

Air China this morning, the stock price upward, due to more than half a profit and more than 50%, the pan of 4.24 yuan, Rob High 7.07%, the latest reported 4.18 Yuan, 5.56%, turnover 35.73 million yuan.  Air China is expected to make a profit by the end of June this year, the mid-term results will increase by more than 50%, mainly because of the year-on-year decline in fuel procurement costs, the domestic air passenger transport market steady growth, and national industry support policy implementation and other factors, plus its effective cost control. Citi said that after the Air China's surplus and happy to maintain the buy rating and target price of 4.7 yuan, the line of Air China's first half of the net ...

Afternoon review: Peripheral stock market continued to rally positive Hong Kong Gaokaigao go

U.S. stocks in Friday, the continuation of the rally this morning, 329 points to see 18,500, back to 18,415 before the rise of the wave, the end of the 18,674 point of the day of the closing of the day, rose 503 or 2.77%;  Period refers to the noon newspaper 18,603, rose 453 points, than the spot low water 72 points, the deal 41,443. Benefiting from rising raw material prices to support resource stocks, as well as a weaker US dollar to boost the growth of multinational companies with non-US dollar earnings, such as Coca-Cola ...

Increase subsidies to expand the scope of subsidies

Recently, the Ministry of Finance, Ministry of Commerce and other departments issued the "car to replace the new implementation measures" by the social aspects of great concern.  The Ministry of Finance, the Ministry of Commerce, 14th for the car with the old for new policy issues, received a reporter interview.  From June 1, 2009 to May 31, 2010, will meet the conditions of the old car, "yellow car" sold to the designated scrap car recycling enterprises, and the replacement of new car owners can enjoy subsidies ask: car with the old for new policy origin? Answer: Old car scrap update is an important part of automobile circulation, with the car insurance ...

Wanhua industrial 1.263 billion euros to buy 96% equity

Yantai Wanhua (600309.  SH) yesterday announced that the company's controlling shareholder, Wanhua Industrial Group Co., Ltd. (hereinafter called "Wanhua Industry") acquired a 96% per cent stake in the Hungarian Polaroid Chemical Company (BORSODCHEMZRT, hereinafter known as "Polaroid") through its overseas holding subsidiaries in 1.263 billion euros. The announcement said that the existing MDI production capacity of 180,000 tons/year, TDI capacity of 90,000 tons/year and PVC capacity of 400,000 tons/year. In addition, the BAOSDE is under construction of 160,000 tons/year TDI device, the completion rate of the device is about 80%. Its company's products are mainly ...

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