China resources venture rose 4% consumption rebound increase in wine company equity

China resources, which announced earlier that it would cut capital spending targets and slow down its new store plan, Gaokaigao away this morning, with shares now up 3.62% to HK $18.34 and 1.96 million shares, or boosted by increased holdings of its wine-making subsidiaries to integrate their production facilities, as they are able to share more profits as consumption picks up. The company announced that its subsidiary China Resources Snowflake Brewery will spend RMB 48 million to acquire 20% of the shares of Shenyang Huajian Brewery to achieve a wholly-owned shareholding, but to be approved by Chinese regulatory authorities. And Shenyanghua Brew main production and sale of snow brand beer, the current annual output can be 120,000 thousand liters.

Hang Seng 430 Open 18698

The index of the early trading with the U.S. stocks opened 430 points, opened 18,689 points, or 2.36%, the state-owned enterprise indexes high Open 276 points, opened a report 11,137, or 2.54%.

News: Chinese residents ' consumer prices fell 1.1% in the first half of the year

Xinhua Beijing, July 16, the National Bureau of Statistics released today, the initial accounting, the first half of the household consumer prices (CPI) fell 1.1% Year-on-year, June year-on-year decline of 1.7%, June quarter-on-quarter decline 0.5%.

China's GDP rose 7.1% in the first half of 13.9862 trillion yuan

Xinhua News: The National Bureau of Statistics 16th morning in the State Council news office released data, the first half of China's gross domestic product (GDP) was 13.9862 trillion yuan, an increase of 7.1%.

China's economy rose 7.9% in the second quarter

Xinhua News: In the two quarter, China's economy grew 7.9% year-on-year, the growth rate was 1.8% higher than the first quarter.

Income of urban and rural residents continues to increase and transfer income increases significantly

BCC Network News Bureau of Statistics latest announced: The first half, urban households per capita income of 9667 yuan. Among them, per capita disposable income of 8856 yuan, an increase of 9.8%. Deduct the price factor, the actual growth 11.2%. The rural residents per capita cash income of 2733 yuan, an increase of 8.1%, deduct the price factor actually increase 8.1%.

GDP rose 7.1% in the first half

BEIJING, July 16 (Zhang Lulu) National Bureau of Statistics released today, according to the initial accounting, China's first half of the gross domestic product (GDP) of 13.9862 trillion yuan, an increase of 7.1%, compared with the first quarter of 1 points.

BYD to restart a share issuance program at 3%

BYD, which recently confirmed its plans to buy bus services and build its third-largest domestic production base, Rose 3.26% to HK $38 this morning, trading 280,000 shares, or buoyed by its announcement that it would restart a a-share issue. The company announced that it had shelved a-share issuance plan at the beginning of last year for a A-share market, and decided to apply for a A-share listing on the Shenzhen Stock Exchange, with no more than 100 million shares to raise funds for the production of lithium batteries and car research and development. The plan still needs to be approved by shareholders and regulatory authorities in the mainland.

The country refers to Yong Broken 10th line and 20th line half a 312-point rally

The HKMA sold 1.55 billion Hong Kong stocks on the market in Friday, sweeping the market's worries about capital outflows, Hong Kong stocks reversed last week's weaker buying to push the city to the market this morning, the company's index to the Big Sun, the 20th line and 10th line, the highest see 18,398, noon almost received the highest, reported 18,373 points, a big rise 452 points, or 2.52 %, turnover was HK $37.117 billion. State-owned enterprises index trend is similar, but the power slightly stronger than the big city, Rose 2.97% to 10,822 points. When rich assets on the short-term rally is not optimistic, refers to the capital inflow to boost the performance of the city, but because of market focus ...

Before: Stock rally 3% Hong Kong stocks first try 18500 resistance

The US manufacturing index, which showed a slowdown in the recession and a Better-than-expected credit-card default, combined with Better-than-expected performance in the economic thermometer, boosted the three-strong index last night, with a 3.07% per cent rally and 8616 in the Dow, which is believed to add momentum to Asian equities this morning. The mainland stock market in the transaction increase to create a new close to new highs, the market hot money abundant, Hang Seng index at the beginning of the week after the double top neck line rebounded rapidly, two consecutive trading days have rebounded 1000 points. Whether the adjustment is completed still see the trend of the next two days, if the HSI can be reduced to creep resistance of about 18500 level, and then add ...

Yu Yuan Group rose 2.09% Merrill Lynch bid to see HK $19.68

Yu Yuan Group (00551-HK) Rose 2.09%, reported 17.60 Hong Kong dollars, a deal of HK $26.6178 million, the stock market in early trading, the index rose 2.52%.  Merrill maintained the buying rating of the unit at a target price of HK $19.68, which had been reported to be in line with strong interim results. The bank pointed to a 4% increase in medium-term profits in 09 and a 9.7% increase in revenue. This shows that Yue yuan business more to consumers, especially the United States consumer sentiment improved, because the company in the global footwear market share of more than 20%, is Nike, ah ...

China Shenhua rises 3% coal production to boost revenue predictability

China Shenhua H shares opened 3.16% to HK $27.75 this morning, with a 885,000-share deal before the sale, and China Shenhua A shares (601088-CN) are also up 2.38% to 33.98 yuan, boosted by good sales and marketing data. The company disclosed the latest month's operating data showing that its commodity coal production in June grew 21.2% to 18.3 million tonnes from a year earlier, better than the 19% increase in May, while coal sales rose 16.8% to 22.2 million tonnes in the same month, better than May's 11.2%. Stable high-speed growth situation or continue to enhance China Shenhua coal ...

The influx of hot money to the foreign reserve breakthrough 2.1 trillion dollars

After a brief pause at the beginning of the year, the pace of China's foreign exchange reserve growth accelerated again in the two quarter. Data from the central bank released July 15 showed that at the end of June 2009, the National foreign exchange reserves broke through the 2 trillion dollar mark, reached 2.1316 trillion U.S. dollars, an increase of 17.84%.  At present, Japan's foreign exchange reserves balance of 1.02 trillion U.S. dollars, China's national foreign exchange reserves are the world's second largest foreign exchange reserves, Japan's twice times. International hot money focus on China market analysts pointed out that the rapid growth of China's foreign exchange reserves and China's economic stability is closely related to the trend, but also at the police ...

Real estate bank rises at 452 points

Expert online real-time FAQ >> Point This entered the index of the first unilateral attack on the HSI, half a half-day closed up 452 points, reported 18,373 points, or 2.52%, the big city transactions of HK $37.1 billion.  State-owned enterprises index rose 312 points, closed to 10,822 points, or 2.97%. The launch of a blue chip in real estate and Chinese banks is the main driver of the index. Cross-line collar blue-chip. HSBC Holdings Rose 1.58%. Chinese property shares are the best performers in early trading. Iron and steel, color trend is strong.  Airlines, shipping stocks rebounded. For more information on Hong Kong stocks, please see Sina Hong Kong stock channel ....

Cosco shares rose more than 5%

Sino-Ocean Property (03377) has been approved to issue 2.6 billion yuan corporate bonds, and this morning the stock price was made, with a brilliant opinion of 8.37 Yuan and a rise of more than 5%.  The current price of 8.32 yuan, rose 4.65%, the provisional transaction over 140 million yuan. Sino-Ocean Real Estate's wholly-owned subsidiary Ocean Property Limited has 6 years of renminbi bonds, with initial coupon rates of 4.4% to 5% per annum for the first 3 years. The funds obtained are invested in property development projects, repayment of bank loans and general operating funds.

Hang Seng 452 18,373 37.1 billion yuan

U.S. stocks on the individual development in Friday, the HSI morning low opened 15 points steadily rose from 17,906 to the highest 18,399, Half-day closed to 18,373 08 points, 452.15 or 2.52%, the state-owned enterprise index rose 312 or 2.97%, reported 10,822 07 points,  The big city half time deals 37.1 billion yuan, the period refers noon to report 18,385, rises 470 points, is higher than the spot high water 12 points, deals 53,237 Zhang. Heavy-stock control (00005-HK) rose 1.58%, in other banking stocks, Hang Seng (00011-HK) Rose 2.19 ...

People and commercial China wind power 6 companies suspended

Persons and businesses (01387-HK) to suspend business and to issue announcements concerning the placing of existing shares and the proposal for a new IPO after the old one.  China Wind Power (00182-HK) is suspended pending the announcement of possible placing of shares and subscription of new shares.  Industrial Solar Energy (00750-HK) suspension, pending the issuance of the company's existing shares and subscription of new shares announcement.  China's pipe industry (00380-HK) to suspend business, to be issued a notice of the company including major transactions. Sea Wang Group (00070-HK) suspension, to be published by the relevant companies ...

Hang Seng Index 28-point H-Shares high 14

The Hang Seng Index, which opened 28 points this morning, opened a 18,917-point decline of 112, and the H-share index opened 14 points and reported 10,952 points, now down 71 points.  In blue-chip, the control (00005-HK) fell 1.34%, Mobile (00941-HK) rose 0.25%, the new Ground (00016-HK) rose 1.1%, Long Real (00001-HK) fell 1.17%, HKEx (00388-HK) flat open. H-Shares, the National longevity (02628-HK) fell 0.17%, ICBC (01398-HK) fell 3.13% ...

Europe's largest wholesale food distribution warehouse has a serious fire

Xinhua Paris July 15, Europe and even the world's largest food wholesale distribution center, located in Paris, France near the Langis Super Food wholesale market in a warehouse in the early morning of 15th fire, the loss of serious.  According to French media reports, 15th around 2:30 A.M., placed in the Langis market a warehouse near the shelves of a sudden fire, the fire continues to spread, quickly spread to the warehouse and next to a loading and unloading company, over the area of 2700 square meters. The firemen arrived at the scene shortly after receiving the alarm. As the warehouse also placed some gas cylinders, increased fire fighting personnel ...

Eastern Airlines rose 2.5% oil cover to increase profits

Eastern Airlines, which continued to expand its passenger volume in June, continued to rise this morning after a surge of more than 10% per cent, with shares now up 2.48% to HK $2.07 and 5.5 million shares, or by a large oil hedge to be boosted by medium-term earnings. The company disclosed that, in view of the first half of this year's crude oil price compared to the end of last year has risen 56.7%, after the calculation of the oil hedging contract fair value changes deducted from the actual delivery, the company's interim report on the profit impact of the value of about 2.74 billion yuan. This year's Q1 and the middle of last year's net profit was only $40.1 million and ...

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