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Hyper Cloud Dong Xin: Cloud servers are for specific cloud applications

As the word cloud gradually became popular, many of the nouns associated with it began to flood users ' eyes and ears, and "cloud Server" was one of them. However, what is the "cloud server"? What is the difference between it and a traditional server? I believe many users still have doubts. Recently, a chance to let reporters interview China's first "cloud Server" supplier World Super Cloud company vice President Dong Xin, will be "cloud server" a probe. ▲ World Super Cloud Vice President Dong Xin is different from the traditional server! Two characteristics of cloud server what is Cloud server?...

The fast-seeding CEO lost one months, exposing the interest chain behind the fast sowing

By virtue of their own technical advantages, the rapid occupation of the player market, but now in the fast-seeding encounter a predicament, so have to break with the past. And behind the events, tens of thousands of small and medium film stations once received the "blessing" will not be returned.   Where will they go, for them, and for the future?   The best of times is over. In the afternoon of May 20, the Shenzhen market Supervision authority on the Shenzhen Fast Broadcasting Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "fast seeding Technology") served the hearing notice of the proposed administrative penalty, written in the notice of the proposed ...

Can you pay a fine for the fast seeding?

Today may be more content, please be patient to read, because it may be more important.    Now the attitude of the national regulatory authorities is very tough ...   As for the reasons we all know, the hearings are focused on four focal points: 1, the case is not a violation of the principle of impunity, 2, the question of the nature of infringement, 3, the law applicable to the amount of punishment, 4, there is also a high level of punishment. (I'm sorry, I wasn't able to hear, but it's said that every ...

Oracle releases new SPARC servers world's fastest CPU

"Tenkine Server channel March 27 News" Oracle today announced the launch of a new SPARC T5 and M5 server running Oracle Solaris as a comprehensive upgrade to the high-end SPARC server product line. The newly launched Oracle SPARC T5 Server is based on the world's fastest microprocessor SPARC T5. The world's fastest microprocessor SPARC T5 today's business needs strong computing power to fully tap large data to maximize competitive advantage, using analytical tools to explore ...

Fast enough to service the path of cloud migration

Fast enough is a collaborative service provider based on cloud storage in China. For all types of enterprises and institutions, government agencies and school groups, to provide the establishment of the Ali Yunping platform for cloud storage and cloud-based storage based on a variety of collaborative application services. Infoq is quick enough to interview engineers for fast-moving architectures to migrate to the clouds. Related vendor content to share cloud computing in traditional IDC, mobile Internet, SaaS applications, PAAs platform applications, Aliyun Developer conference, free enrollment! How to effectively use the elastic properties of cloud computing to meet demand and resist challenges? ...

Small and medium-sized enterprises must pay attention to seven aspects of the purchase of foreign servers

Intermediary transaction SEO diagnosis Taobao Guest Cloud mainframe technology hall facing the development of large data on the Internet, many small and medium-sized enterprises traditional business has been hit by the upsurge of new business, at this time, the previous small and medium-sized enterprise used a single virtual host can not meet the needs of business development, Strong data exchange and storage for IDC product performance requirements are more and more high, followed by security is a huge challenge; in order to break through the virtual host itself in all aspects of the restrictions, high-performance High security server to become the majority of customers the first choice, so far, the server market has been vigorously developed ...

The fast-sowing suffers the Holocaust, the alleged original crime to promote the piracy

In the "otaku artifact" of the fast-sowing security to spend a few spring and autumn, the rapid sowing in April 2014 suffered a catastrophe. In the fast-seeding initiative to shut down the QVOD server, clean up the vulgar and pirated content less than a week, a large number of police personnel suddenly into the fast-broadcast Shenzhen headquarters investigation, which is terrified of the fast-sowing staff.   And there are more rumours that the fast-seeding CTO, the vice president of operations and two technologies were taken away that day by the police. Before the incident, the Rapid broadcast CEO Wang has gone abroad, and insiders explain is a routine, Wang their first time is also used micro ...

Why Hong Kong servers are becoming more and more popular

Intermediary transaction ">seo diagnose Taobao guest cloud host technology Hall now People's life can not be separated from the network, especially in China, the development of the Internet seems to have reached the peak, This creates business opportunities for many people on the web. With the increasing number of stations, there is a growing demand for the leasing of domain names and servers, so there are more and more people renting servers. Domestic server ...

Fast enough. Yuncu and new Oriental cooperation cloud storage official commercial

October 31 News, fast enough Yuncu with the new Oriental formal cooperation, cloud storage to achieve formal commercial. It is learned that the cloud library is fast enough based on Aliyun cloud storage file management platform. New Oriental CIO Jian said that this cooperation is a few years ago the new Oriental is looking for an opportunity for different product lines are facing some important issues.   And revealed that now both sides have begun to do the content of the attempt. Fast enough cloud CEO Jiang Shuo Miao, hope that with the help of Aliyun strength to provide customers with better protection, the current Aliyun can provide relatively complete service. Speaking of the understanding of cloud computing, he said, "...

Reveal the Hunan-Hubei situation curve compiled fast broadcast truth

Since July 1, the name of Hunan, Hubei and Hubei changed its name to "Zhongke Yunwang Technology Group Co., Ltd." ("Zhongke Cloud Net"), the Internet transformation of "the first share of private catering enterprises" has started. Shortly thereafter, the troubled network video player and on-demand platform - fast broadcast so that "Zhongke cloud network" to find a quick breakthrough. On July 9, the announcement of the Hunan, Hubei and Hubei Province announced that it will jointly set up Shenzhen Cats New Media Network Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Shenzhen Cats") with Li Li, a natural person. Notice "part of the staff for the Shenzhen fast broadcast Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as" fast broadcasting company ")" said ...

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