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What are the core advantages of cloud communication for peers?

As we all know, the traditional communications industry has been the impact of the development of Internet communications, SMS, voice calls to a certain extent by the Internet communications replaced, with the continuous development of the network intergenerational, now the Internet communications industry development trend, the difference is significantly greater than homogenization, IM, VoIP, Audio and video calls and other communication methods and terminal replacement rate quickly, so that its development in the Internet industry has been much attention. Shenzhen Cloud message Fusion communication platform as a communications service provider, since the line, the cloud has become a vast number of developers, enterprises and entrepreneurs into the communications industry's most ...

Toward Marketing 2.0 times--Panorama article

Go to Marketing 2.0 Times Editor's note: This is a "sales and market" to write a big article, should have more than 12,000 words. Although writing has been written more comprehensive, but still deeply inadequate, especially in how to find the crowd, how to carry out marketing plans, how to make full use of the wisdom of the masses, and so on, not how to write, please wait for my later articles.   I am not a person who likes too much theory, just marketing 2.0 can't do some work. Marketing 2.0 is not a ready-made tool to provide existing market competition, but a bar to the future market competition ...

Five goals must be achieved to promote business-to-business websites

The intermediary transaction SEO diagnoses Taobao guest Cloud host technology Hall do everything have a goal, only the goal is determined, in order to do things around the goal, to make decisions, business-to-business industry portal to promote the goal: to find the site's target users, so that the target users can know the site, so that the target users to the site after the recognition site, Let some of the target users become fee-based customers, in the target users to establish brand.   Only the completion of this series of processes, is a successful website promotion. 1, to find the site's target users of any site, have its eyes ...

Four marketing trends you need to understand

Mobile terminals have become the center of the user platform, perhaps their screen is not the largest, but gradually they become the user input the highest level of equipment. EMarketer released 2014 years of digital marketing 4 Trend report summarized the four major trends in 2014, they are: the time of online users, mobile advertising spending will increase more than 50% times online to promote advertisers to increase advertising spending, through RTB to buy ads will increase by 38% Time online means time to shop, and for retailers, 2014 will be the pressure to provide faster and more convenient services ...

Cloud computing may be a replacement for the storage industry

1. e-mail as the most popular communication services, the continuous evolution of e-mail, providing people with faster and more reliable means of communication. Traditional e-mail mailboxes use physical memory to store communication data, and cloud computing allows e-mail to use cloud resources to check and send mail, users can access their mail anywhere, any device, and any time, and businesses can use cloud technology to make their mailbox service systems more secure. 2. The advent of data storage cloud computing makes local storage unnecessary. Users can store the required files, data stored in the mutual ...

Can financial industry create new gold mine in Internet

December 11, I was invited to participate in the Sohu Blog training camp, and with many netizens and the event of this period of the guests Fast Money founder Mr. Guoguang on the current payment industry development and in-depth exchanges. As we all know, in recent years the rapid development of online shopping, has completely changed the way people consume, in the context of financial crisis, the network shopping with its fast, convenient, cheap and other advantages more and more popular netizens, this also highlights a huge internet payment industry, that is, Third-party payment platform ...

Enterprise Mobility Trends: Focus on applications, data and connectivity

Foreign media recently published an article to analyze the status of enterprise mobility, talk about its challenges, focus changes, application development and so on. The article points out that enterprise mobility is becoming more and more popular and its application scope is gradually enlarged. With the advent of mobile offices, work has finally turned from a fixed-place office to a place where people have the flexibility to choose office space and equipment. The following is the main content of the article: Enterprise Mobility (Enterprise adroit) is one of the goals that people have been pursuing for a long time, and some results have been achieved, such as wireless mail clients and specialized vertical applications. ...

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