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How to choose a reliable VPN

N years ago due to the needs of the work, has become a scientific internet just need the crowd. From the beginning of the collection of proxy, the next ssh, Socket5, VPN, shadowsocks, which use the longest time or VPN. Choose a stable and easy to use VPN as a scientific Internet tool, no doubt can put more energy on the work, improve efficiency. How do I define a good VPN? The most common question to reach the party is: "Which is the best?" "And for good products, everyone has their own definition and needs." Although the author was early Taobao players (yes, ...)

BYOD and cloud computing change network VPN management is still indispensable

Despite the advent of professional tools such as Google Apps, self-contained devices (BYOD) Policies and Dropbox, the more data, applications, and accesses are in the cloud, the reliable Virtual private network (VPN) strives to keep the WAN abreast. James Gordon is vice president of information technology at Needham Bank, who, like many IT managers, does not trust the latest cloud products, such as Microsoft and Google products. In his extremely stringent financial institutions, "not my server" does not mean "not my problem." ”   ...

Implementing an Android Device Enterprise database synchronization using IBM Mobile databases

This article is an attempt to explain how IBM Mobile database works and to combine examples to show how to use IBM Mobile databases to synchronize the data of an Android device with a back-end enterprise. IBM http://www.aliyun.com/zixun/aggregation/29908.html ">SOLIDDB is a memory relational database that runs as efficiently as 10 of the disk database ...

App brushes the lake, how do you think

Every industry will have a ranking, like reading will have the second runner-up, now, in the brush list crazy growth in the era, some people see it as "mobile internet trench oil", but some people have different views.   There are rankings where there are rivers and lakes: App Brush list, the following are some cases. In the old office building of a pioneering park outside the North five ring of Haidian District, Beijing, the reporter saw Shanyao, more than 30 years old, slim, looking shrewd but without losing enthusiasm. Walking into a compartment full of ash and broken bricks, Shanyao his name on his desk ...

Protecting enterprise assets against cloud based BYOD environmental security policies

All of these have the potential to jailbreak or get root permissions by a Third-party application that is prohibited by the installation of a security breach. An infected BYOD connection to the corporate network is another security issue. Walking wireless eavesdroppers can steal corporate data by uploading data from BYOD to personal devices. This article will learn how to protect your enterprise assets with a security policy for a cloud-based BYOD environment. To ensure security in a cloud-based BYOD environment, you need a complete and unambiguous security policy. This article describes the potential for the escape ...

Oki Cloud Service Exaas Mobile Desk Service

Chong Electric (OKI) reported that Chong Electric today for the Japanese http://www.aliyun.com/zixun/aggregation/7762.html "> Domestic market to launch cloud computing and LCM (note 1) service group-" Exaas Smartworkspace™ ", to help smart phones, tablets, personal computers, telephone (PBX), printer/All-in-one machine, such as the introduction of office equipment, use, maintenance, management and other overall cost reduction. As one of the links, can ...

Hu Yongliang: Electronic authentication Service faces many problems in mobile payment

Gouffouin e-Commerce security certification company Senior Technical Advisor Hu Yongliang and News technology information November 30, 2012 to December 1, the 2012 third annual China Mobile Payment Industry conference held in Beijing Ambassador Hotel. This conference focuses on mobile payment innovation and practice, and focuses on the global development trend of mobile payment in depth.   Gouffouin, Senior technical advisor Hu Yongliang of e-commerce security certification company, delivered keynote speech. Hu Yongliang said that now electronic authentication services in mobile payment face many problems, first certificate integration issues. Now more and more clients and different terminals to join the whole move ...

Hammer ROM and MIUI v5/cm10.1 contrast details

class= "Post_content" itemprop= "Articlebody" > Not long ago, hammer technology opened the first pre-α version of the hammer ROM download, and its debut model was Samsung Galaxy S3 International (gt-i9300),   This version of the ROM function is not perfect, only for testing use ... Related reading: The hammer system hands-on experience – Android, not Android! ...

The phenomenon of migration in games

A "friends have moved to Japan, the National Service number is idle, is willing to have the price transfer ..." in some Japanese agents of the hands of the forum or bar, gradually such a post more up. Players in different games, different servers between the flow is not a new feeling. As early as the end of the time, the National Service players for a variety of reasons to go to the United States clothing, Taiwan service phenomenon is emerging. In "World of Warcraft", a large number of national players migrate to Taiwan and the United States, often because of brush gold, brush points, please high-end players or play the company into the arena activities such as damage to the game balance of the practice, leading to the mainland players seal ...

The small size tablet market will usher in a fierce competition

While the role of the Kindle tablet has always been a container for content delivery, the configuration is not a brilliant one. But this time, the new HDX configuration has reached its current highest level, including 1920x1080 resolution, 骁丽 8,004 core chip, and new feature software features.   Is that enough to keep the Kindle Fire competitive? Hardware Amazon continues to trim its Kindle Fire, and this time the HDX (7-inch WiFi version) looks really slim. This equipment ...

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