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Teach you a few tricks. Windows Server 2003 Tips

Windows server ">2003 is the most widely used server operating system currently introduced by Microsoft. Initially, the product was called "Windows. NET Server" and changed to "Windows. NET Server 2003", which was eventually changed to "Windows Server 2003" and 2003 ...

Feature describes Windows 2003 server clusters

What is a cluster? There are two common cluster architectures, one is web/internet cluster system, which is to place data on different hosts, that is, multiple hosts are responsible for one service at the same time, and the other is the so-called parallel operation! Parallel operation is actually the work of the same operation, to the entire Cluster inside the CPU to perform a synchronous operation of a function. Due to the computational power of using multiple CPUs ...

Windows Server 2003 traffic sharing technology detailed

& ">nbsp; The server is the core of enterprise information network. With the further application, the information flow in the enterprise network grows rapidly, when the amount of users and their application is very large, at the same time the enterprise's host server may have to withstand a large number of users visit requests, however, a host of the processing capacity is limited, if the increase in traffic exceeded the host processing limit, host ...

Restore Windows SERVER 2003 default permissions

Windows server ">2003 is the most widely used server operating system currently introduced by Microsoft. Initially, the product was called "Windows. NET Server", originally called "Windows. NET Server 2003", and later changed to "Windows. NET Server 2003", which was eventually changed ...

How to implement Windows Server 2003 Network Load Balancing Technology

In many current network applications, sometimes a server can not meet the requirements of the client, at this time only by adding servers to "> Solve problems." So is there a way or technology to solve such problems? You can use a Network Load Balancing cluster in Windows 2000 or Windows Server 2003 (this article describes Windows ...).

Enterprise Windows Server 2003 installation Detail diagram

Windows server ">2003 is the most widely used server operating system currently introduced by Microsoft. The main difference between the Windows Server 2003 Enterprise Edition and the Windows Server 2003 Standard Edition is that the Windows Server 2003 Enterprise Edition supports High-performance servers, and ...

Windows Server 2003 Shadow Copy Service implements shared restore

& ">nbsp; You must remember the Windows XP System Restore function, but it can only return the original machine files, on the shared file is powerless. This problem is solved with the introduction of the Windows Server 2003 operating system. This little stuff is Windows Server 2003 ...

Windows Server 2003 Optimization Dafa 17

& ">nbsp; Windows Server 2003 Optimization The Dafa 17 technique is as follows: 1. Disable the Configure Server Wizard: Prohibit the appearance of the Configure Your server (Manage Your Server) Wizard: In Control Panel (Contr ...)

Implementation and application of Windows Server 2003 Network Load Balancing

& ">nbsp; Load balancing is composed of multiple servers in a symmetrical way of a server set, each server has the equivalent status, can be provided to the external service alone without the assistance of other servers. Through some load-sharing technology, the externally sent requests are evenly distributed to one of the servers in the symmetric structure, and the requested server alone is received ...

Windows Server 2003 dual-node cluster installation Guide

During installation, other nodes are closed when certain nodes are installed. This step helps ensure that data on disks attached to the shared bus is not lost or compromised. Data loss or damage can occur when multiple nodes try to write to a disk that is not protected by the cluster software at the same time. Unlike ">microsoft Windows 2000 systems, Windo ...

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