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Read file encountered 0x1a unexpected termination solution

In the integrated development environment of Windows (the problem exists in Qt, VC, vs), write about the file read C/E + + program, the occurrence of the unexpected termination when reading to 0X1A, after the debug check found that 0x1a after reading

Summary of analog camera-tvp5150 module based on Icamera test

Label:Summary of analog camera-tvp5150 module based on Icamera testFirst recognize the analog camera, I believe we are not unfamiliar,CCD Analog CameraCMOS analog cameraIt can be seen that the CCD camera circuit is more complex, the interface is few,

MT6753 using nt35596s to solve the problem of flashing screen in the presence of liquid crystal polarization

Label:Consulting Screen Factory FAE, if the problem of liquid crystal polarization, the following three scenarios are more prone to reproduce the phenomenon, please assist in the current fault machine to do stress testing:1. Repeated switching

Krypton Series 4-7

Tags: Overthewire kryptonLevel 4:vigenere cipher encryption, can fight word frequency statistics, need to know the password, this problem know the key length 6.Http://www.simonsingh.net/The_Black_Chamber/crackingprinciple.htmlThis site explains how

ds-5/rvds4.0 Variable initialization error

Label:There are always various debugging errors, memory errors in general, I inadvertently found that all global variables failed, that is, after the global variable declaration, the early value of the ODE value is wrong.The initial value is

USB Camera 130w Pixel OV9655 configuration, ov9650,ov7725,ov7670

Label:130w pixel OV9655 configuration of USB cameraTo achieve a sufficient rate for USB2.0 acquisition, the RAW format has to be output.20150411 XVGA 1280*1024 The actual bit machine needs 2560*1024 acquisitionCode unsigned char ov9655_sxga[150][2] =

Oracle database TB Data recovery method

This is a user's database, is said to be not archived, do not know why the host forced to restart after the database can not open. First, let's take a look at the error he reported here on open: sql> ALTER DATABASE open;ALTER DATABASE Open*Li

bq25896 register in different situations

Tags: Register font tab nbsp Order color span reg charge bq25896 Register for no charger[bq25890 [email protected]][0x0]=0x7f[0x1]=0x6[0x2]=0x91[0x3]=0x1a[0x4]=0x8[0x5]=0x11[0x6]=0x82[0x7]=0x9d[0x8]=0x9b[0x9]=0x44[0xa]=0x73[0xb]=0x2[0xc]

Kermit,xmodem,ymodem,zmodem Transport Protocol Summary

Label:Source: Kermit,xmodem,ymodem,zmodem Transport Protocol SummaryKermit protocolMessage format:1.MARK, starting Mark Start_char, for 0x01 (CTRIL-A);2.LEN, the length of the remainder of the message, the value range 0~94, the maximum length of the

MQTT-SN protocol Scrambled Message format

Label:ObjectiveImmediately after the first introduction, this article is the second, the main carding MQTT-SN 1.2 protocol defined in the message format.Generic message Format message Header Other variable parts

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