509 compliant digital certificate

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Self-Signed X.509 digital certificate generation and Verification

Self-Signed X.509 digital certificate generation and Verification Self-Signed X.509 digital certificate generation and Verification Digital Certificates are used to mark the identity

Fixed the X.509 digital certificate BUG in Linux 4.3.2 maintenance edition.

Fixed the X.509 digital certificate BUG in Linux 4.3.2 maintenance edition. Just one day after the first linux 4.3 kernel maintenance version was updated, the famous kernel maintainer Greg Kroah-Harman published detailed information about the 4.3.2 maintenance version. According to his announcement, Linux kernel 4.3.2 fixes the

[WCF Security Series] authentication and credential: X.509 Certificate

In the previous article, we talked about common authentication methods: User Name/password authentication and Windows authentication. In the next article, we will introduce another important credential type: X.509 Certificate and the authentication method for X.509 Certificate. However, in order to allow readers to ful

Certificate formats-X.509, der and PEM

Certificate formats-X.509, der and PEMPart: 1 2 3Certificate standard and File encodings seem to be confusing. I wrote down some notes about: What is X.509 certificate standard? PEM (privacy enhanced mail) Encoding Der (distinguished encoding rules) Encoding "Keytool" exporting certificates in

Explanation of X.509 Certificate DN

Explanation of X.509 Certificate DN December 4 th, 2008 BySoloman || 823 views X.509 uses the DN (distinct name) to uniquely identify an object. Its function is similar to the ID we usually use. However, the difference is that the DN is no longer a digital identifier similar to 123456, multiple fields are used to ide

Summary of the Application of WCF X.509 Certificate verification

I recently configured a WCF X.509 Certificate for verification. I want to implement SSL encryption on the server. Then, when the client calls the service, I need to present my digital certificate to prove that I am a legal user.The configuration process is very troublesome, not as described in the book. I have summariz

Digital Certificate and its authentication process [reprinted], digital certificate reprinted

e-commerce.2. about digital certificatesDigital certificates are also called electronic certificates, or certificates for short. In many cases, digital certificates, electronic certificates and certificates are synonymous with X.509 Public Key certificates, which comply with the ITU-T X.509 V3 standard. Certificates a

Android Security Encryption: Digital signature and digital certificate detailed _android

The digital certificate is a serial number of the identity information of the communication parties in Internet communication. Provides a way to authenticate the identity of a communication entity on the Internet, a digital certificate that is not a digital ID, but a chapt

Java Digital signature (signature generation, verifying signature with certificate)

. NBSP A and B each obtain each other's certificates, using the public key obtained from the CA (in the CA's self-signed book) to verify that each other's certificates are valid and, if valid, to each other's public key. Using the other's public key, you can encrypt the data, or you can use it to authenticate the other person's digital signature. NBSP This article, for convenience of illustration, does not use a

C # Digital Certificate Programming Summary __ Programming

. Generating an SPC file Figure 6-32 Generating the SPC file As shown in Figure 6-32, we use Cert2spc.exe to generate the publisher certificate for the Test.cer as a parameter, and if there are more than one certificate file, you can generate a uniform publisher certificate as a space-separated argument. To sign a file with a

Java digital signature (Signature generation, signature verification using Certificate)

) to verify whether the certificate of the other party is valid. If yes, the public key of each other is obtained. The public key of the peer can be used to encrypt data or verify the digital signature of the peer. For convenience, this document does not use the certificate obtained from the ca. Instead, both parties generate a self-signed

Digital Certificate and Its Application in Security Testing

Digital Certificate and Its Application in Security Testing0x00 background To perform security tests on the Web layer, it is inevitable that a man-in-the-middle proxy will be used to capture packets for analysis. Common tools include BurpSuit, Fiddker, and Charles. The usage of these tools has been described on the Internet. I will not go into details here. However, when testing websites with high security,

What is a digital certificate?

two points:(1) ensure that the information is sent by the signatory's own signature, and the signatory cannot deny or be hard to deny;(2) ensure that no modification has been made to the information since it was issued and that the issued document is a real document. Digital certificates can be used: send security emails, access security sites, online securities, online bidding and procurement, Online Signing, online office, online payment, online ta

SSL protocol and digital certificate principle (ZT)

SSL protocol and digital certificate principles 1st Floor Handshake and communication over the SSL protocolTo better understand and understand the SSL protocol, we will introduce the handshake protocol of the SSL protocol. SSL uses both public key encryption and symmetric encryption. Although symmetric encryption is faster than public key encryption, public key encryption provides better identit

SSL protocol and digital certificate principles

, and whether the CA that issues the server certificate is reliable, whether the public key of the issuer certificate can properly unbind the "digital signature of the issuer" of the server certificate, and whether the domain name on the server certificate matches the actual

Create a. pfx format digital certificate that is signed for a ClickOnce manifest

The. PFX digital certificate is created automatically by using VS2005. The default validity period is only one year, and "Issuer", "issued to" is a combination of the current machine name and the current login username, in fact we can create a more friendly. PFX digital certificate. To open the SDK command prompt for t

Digital certificate __java of JAVA encryption and decryption

When interacting between systems, we often use digital certificates, digital certificates can help us verify identities, and so on, let's take a look at how to use digital certificates in Java.We first use the Keytool tool to generate the KeyStore and export the public key certificate.First step: Generate Keystroe FilesExecute the following command: Keytool-genke

OpenSSL digital certificate common format and protocol introduction

includes the user information, the public key and some optional attribute information, and uses its own private key to sign the content; The user submits the certificate request file to the CA; The CA verifies the signature, extracts the user information, and adds other information (such as the issuer, etc.), and uses the CA's private key to issue a digital certificate

Digital certificate of Java security

said earlier that message digest is used to verify data integrity, and symmetric and asymmetric encryption is used to guarantee data confidentiality. Data signatures are used for the anti-repudiation of data, so the ultimate weapon that sets these security measures--digital certificates--appears. Digital certificate has the necessary information of encryption/dec

Digital certificate Format Conversion

be used by Java clients in two-way SSL communications. reference materials The following product documentation links provide additional information about configuring SSL on WebLogic Server: The Configuring SSL importprivatekey Command Reference explains how to configure a KeyStore presentation for WebLogic server. Glossary of Terms   OpenSSL: The toolkit provides the implementation of SSL and TLS protocols for global full strength encryption. It also provides the ability to convert certificates

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