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Build a new theme for Drupal 7

The topic explains the user interface (UI) of the Drupal Web site. Although the theme structure has not changed significantly, Drupal version 7 comes with a new approach to implementing the theme. This article demonstrates how to create a new Drupal

Drupal Common development Tools (ii)--drupal for Firebug

There are many development tools for Drupal, and Drupal for Firebug is also an important Drupal development tool in addition to the Devel modules mentioned in the Drupal Common development tools (a)--devel module.Please note that Drupal for Firebug

Apache + MySQL + PHP5 + Drupal + MediaWiki

Apache + MySQL + PHP5 + Drupal + MediaWiki -- Linux Enterprise Application-Linux server application information. For details, see the following. We have prepared to build drupal since yesterday afternoon. We have to build apache + PHP + MySQL first.

Godaddy Drupal Update

By default, Godaddy only supports Drupal to 7.22. Currently, Drupal has been upgraded to 7.28. After Drupal 7.22 is installed, it can only be upgraded manually. Install Drupal in: Go to

Drupal 7 syntax highlighting with WYSIWYG and tinymce

Original article: Introduction This article is designed to help you get syntax highlighting working correctly with your Drupal 7 installation and using a WYSIWYG editor. the outcome of this tutorial is to

Explore block module in Drupal is the block module description file and the "package" property tells us that block is Drupal core module and it can be configured by menu "admin/structure/block ". block. install is executed when block is installed. the purpose of this

How to deal with drupal-php Tutorial

Drupal & lt ;? Php $ Id $? ** [Email & #160; protected]? * Administrationpagecallbacksforannotatemodule .? *? **? * Formbuilder. Configureannotations .? * [Email & #160; protected] fo drupal // $ Id $ ? /** [Email protected] ? * Administration page

How to deal with drupal?

Drupal & lt ;? Php // $ Id $? /**? * @ File? * Administrationpagecallbacksforannotatemodule .? */? /**? * Formbuilder. Configureannotations .? *? * @ I drupal // $ Id $ ? /** ? * @ File ? * Administration page callbacks for annotate module. ? */ ? /

How to deal with drupal?

Drupal & lt ;? Php $ Id $? **? * @ File? * Administrationpagecallbacksforannotatemodule .? *? **? * Formbuilder. Configureannotations .? *? * @ Ingroupforms? * @ Seesystem_settings _ drupal // $ Id $ ? /** ? * @ File ? * Administration page

Drupal One key to hide management navigation and in-Station keyboard navigation related module part knot

One key hiding management navigation related module When we usually do the project must install a management navigation, either built-in toolbar, or the old Administration menu, or the upstart NavBar, because the administrator always need this thing,

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