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Alfresco development documentation

Reprinted from Here is a brief introduction to the alfresco project. Many people may not know much about what alfresco can do and what features alfresco has compared with other open-source products. Product

Alfresco Cluster load balancing Configuration

Two machines:Server A: Used for the alfresco server (cluster node 1)Used for database servers, file servers (Sharing ), Server B: Used for the alfresco server (cluster node 2)Server Load balancer     Step 1: create a

The SVN revision numbers for alfresco

Alfresco community Editon (Last Update Time) ====================================== V4.2. B Release date: Public SVN revision number for alfresco community 4.2. B is 43047 and is tagged

The error "isnotallowedtoconnectto" is returned when the alfresco service is started.

Background: Install Alfresco in Linux and configure the database to connect to MySQL on other nodes. When the alfresco service is started, the log reports "HOST ***** isnotallowedtoconnecttothisMySQLserver ", this is because your MySQL database does

Alfresco community 4.0.d installation Diagram

First download from alfresco-community-4.0.d-installer-win-x32.exe Alfresco c4.0.d environment requirements: DB: MySQL 5.5 or PostgreSQL 9.0.2APP server: Tomcat 6.0.29JDK version: 1.6 u20 x

Install JBoss jbpm process designer for alfresco

Install JBoss jbpm process designer for alfresco 1. Download jbpm-installer-3.2.6.SP1.jar Http:// 2. RunJava-jar jbpm-installer-3.2.6.SP1.jarSelect jbpm3 standalone only. Other options are available. 3.

CentOS 7 Install Alfrasco ECM

Alfrasco is a Java based Electronic Content Management tool, that's available with an Open Source license. This open platform helps your regain control of critical business content, strengthen compliance, optimize processes and MA KE collaboration

Released Open Source CMS alfresco 1.0

Alfresco is an open source, open standard content knowledge base. compatible with JBoss portal 2.0 and JSR-168. Java Server faces graphical interface framework. Accessible to CIFS/SMB and so on. Alfresco is mainly developed based on spring,

Liferay releases version 4.1.0 is released. The combination of liferay and alfresco still takes some time.

Liferay has released version 4.1.0. The newest version provided des a message board and Web 2.0-style mail Portlet, Geronimo support, and improved LDAP integration. Now in its sixth year of development, liferay is JSR-168 compliant and runs on

Alfresco installation error Solution

AlfrescoCommunityIf the version or enterprise version is used, an error will be reported during the installation process, and then the system will exit. After repeatedly trying Baidu Google, it will be an error in the PostgreSQL database

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