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What about AMD FX-8370? AMD FX-8370 Evaluation

Although AMD's day-to-day task is to zen the momentum, but after all Zen the fastest also have to be the end of the year or the beginning of the IPO. In such a gap, the addition of the upgrade is the pain before the dawn. As a representative of AMD High-performance CPU--FX series, although its historical evaluation has long been conclude, but the market always has a place for the FX series. This year, AMD s

Graphics systems in "original" Linux environments and AMD R600 graphics Programming (8)--AMD graphics DRM driver initialization process

The previous blogs have described some of the DRM drivers, graphics card memory management mechanisms, and interrupt mechanisms, and it should be much easier to read the AMD DRM-driven initialization process.Here is an article written by an AMD developer (put it here for the time being, and then add your own view later).Understanding GPUs from the ground upI get asked a lot on learning how to program GPUs.

Graphics system in "original" Linux environment and AMD R600 graphics Programming (4)--AMD graphics memory management mechanism

(ret) {fprintf (stderr, "failed to retreive buffer stride:%s\n", Strerror (-ret));Kms_bo_destroy (BO);return NULL;21}ret = Kms_bo_map (bo, virtual);if (ret) {fprintf (stderr, "failed to map buffer:%s\n", Strerror (-ret));Kms_bo_destroy (BO);+ Return NULL;27}return Bo;This code is similar to the code in the kernel, and the reader should be able to understand its meaning based on the function name of the called function. To write a complete program, you can refer to the LIBDRM source code or the

Dual video card switching settings for AMD processors and AMD independent graphics platforms

Knowledge Point Analysis: Common "double A platform" models are:G485, Y485, S415, S405, S435, Bxx-45, Gxx-45, Nxx-45 and other models Test Platform:S415 Touch, Cpu:amd a4-5000m (HD 8330); GPU:AMD Radeon 8570M Operation steps: 1, right click on the desktop, select "Configure interchangeable display card"; 2, open AMD CCC, click on "All Applications", where you can individually switch control of a single process video card settings; 3

Asynchronous modules define AMD and asynchronous modules amd

Asynchronous modules define AMD and asynchronous modules amd It is called Asynchronous Module Definition, and is defined by Asynchronous components (or modules. AMD is a mechanism in which components and their dependencies can be asynchronously loaded.Define Method define(id?, dependencies?, factory); Component ID The component ID is the unique identifier of a c

AMD specs and how to turn AMD into COMMONJS

Original: has been a lot of controversy between Commonjs and AMD, and both have evolved and converged on the project. Personally, Commonjs is more developer-oriented, and for developers, it requires a clear version and management, less code and more interference, and less configu

Graphics system in "original" Linux environment and AMD R600 graphics Programming (3)--AMD Graphics Introduction

Earlier graphics cards were only used for display, and then 2D acceleration components were added to the graphics card, which were used for the operation of the screen, draw points, draw lines, and so on. With the need of game, three-dimensional simulation and scientific computing visualization, the demand for 3D is gradually increasing, the early drawing work is done by the CPU, to achieve realism and real-time effect, can only draw some simple wireframe model, in the 80 's, Stanford University

Graphics system in "original" Linux environment and AMD R600 graphics Programming (5)--AMD graphics display command processing mechanism

queue.The 2703 line involves the fence mechanism, which we'll cover in detail in the interrupt mechanism section.The same code that reads the indirect buffer mechanism is not too difficult.Indirect buffer to be able to function properly, it must be inserted into the code of the ring buffer, which is similar to inserting a "call xx" directive into the assembly code for function calls. The command added by the Radeon_ring_ib_execute function is equivalent to the call instruction used when the fun

AMD a12-9800 How about AMD a12-9800 performance test

This one test is the flagship model of the next generation of "Bristoal Ridge" processors: a12-9800. Compared to the previous generation of APU, this generation of AMD CPUs supports ddr4-2400 memory, NMVE protocol SSD, providing greater bandwidth and support for USB 3.1. From the extended functionality to catch up with Intel's mainstream processor. Let's take a look at the CPU performance of the a12-9800. Judging

Graphics system in "original" Linux environment and AMD R600 graphics programming (7)--AMD software interrupt for graphics card

scratch register will tell you which interrupt was generated by the drawing command.The fence interrupt handler function is radeon_fence_poll_locked. First read the fence number, know that the fence operation caused the interruption, when the resulting interrupt fence number is the last number, you need to assign the last fence number to the current number, while updating the fence timer. If the interrupt is not the last fence number, the timer needs to be judged and then the fence interrupt qu

Three major battles of passionate transformation reshape amd

After restructuring, acceleration, and comprehensive transformation, AMD has been reborn. A brand new future-oriented AMD will take into account the traditional PC business and emerging business markets, and face the challenges of the cloud computing era with innovative technology, unique vision and powerful execution. In August 14, the amd chief executive team,

AMD 870K with what motherboard?

While DIY players are casting their eyes on Intel's six-generation processor this year, AMD, the Intel's nemesis, also listed a new AMD Fast Dragon II X4 870K processor, which is similar to AMD 860K, shielding the core graphics card, the flagship multicore high performance, Recommended for mainstream gamers who need to be equipped with independent graphics. It i

Re-nagging JS modular loading COMMONJS, AMD, CMD, ES6

module exports, and loaded indicates whether the module is loaded. There are also many properties, which are omitted here.When you need to use this module later, you will be taken to the exports attribute. Even if the Require command is executed again, the module is not executed again, but the value is taken to the cache.Math.jsexports.add = function (A, b) {return a + B;}var math = require (' math '); Math.add (2, 3); 512Since COMMONJS is a synchronous load module, this is not a problem for th

AMD Fast Dragon II X4 760K with what motherboard?

Recently have DIY installed netizens asked small series "AMD 760K with what motherboard?", in view of this problem, the author to introduce to you, about how the CPU with the motherboard. CPU and motherboard collocation problem, in fact, the most important on the compatibility issue, as long as the CPU and the motherboard can be compatible, it can be used normally. Of course, light considering compatibility is not enough, we also need to be balanced,

AMD to modify marketing strategy: no longer with Intel spell performance

Beijing Time September 10 Noon news, according to foreign media reported today, AMD Global marketing vice President Leslie Soben (Leslie Sobon) in the media interview that AMD is ready to change marketing strategy, no longer compete with Intel performance. Surrender in Disguise Soben says users don't need to know the technical details of microprocessors, and what's more important for them is what the comp

What is the difference between AMD A88 and A85

The A88 motherboard is the 2014 AMD newly introduced motherboard, uses the fm2+ socket design, supports the FM2+/FM2 interface processor, supports the current AMD A10/a8/a6/a4/e2/athlon II X4 Each series mainstream processor, basically can say is the AMD Universal processor. The A85 motherboard is a new motherboard introduced by

How about the performance of AMD Bulldozer

The bulldozer "is the core of AMD's radical redesign, and will become the next generation of AMD's High-performance processor technology for the client and server sectors, with an increase of 33% core and approximately 50% performance compared to the Opteron 6100 series." As a new generation of processor architecture, AMD "Bulldozer" will adopt 32nm SOI technology, which makes "bulldozer" compared to "magny-cours" Hao long processor can increase the

JavaScript JavaScript Modular Programming-CommonJS, the relationship between AMD and Requirejs

example, node. js is now very popular. Back to the topic of this article, COMMONJS and Amd,requirejs have what relationship? It turns out that commonjs one of themModules Specification, we are all like JS now so everything is written in a file to write server-side applications is a very difficult thing, it is tosolve JS does not have the modular management code function。 The key part is two functions: require-used to import dependent export-used to e

The AMD specification of JS Modular Programming _ Programming

Http:// The first part of this series introduces the basics of JavaScript modules and today describes how to use modules in a standardized way. (up to the above) Specification of Modules First think about why the module is important. Because of the module, we can more easily use other people's code, want what function, loaded what module. However, this has a prerequisite, that is, we must write the same way the module, otherwise you have your writing, I have my writing, it is not a mes

AMD denies dual-core performance is called Intel misinterpreted evaluation

Performance | intel Last weekend Intel blamed "AMD for attacking Intel as a fake double," and came up with a third party review to show that AMD duo processors perform very low performance when multitasking.June 2005, the foreign hardware site Tomshardware to the Intel P840ee and AMD A64 X2 4800+ of the comparative evaluation, of which the DivX test project,

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