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"Starting from scratch CPU Learning Chapter 07" The simplest alu-full-add device

The ALU is an arithmetic logical unit that is an important part of the CPU because the CPU is essentially repeating the simplest computations. And our version of the CPU of the ALU part is more simple, is a can only add the ALU. Theoretical part We need a circuit design that can help us with our mathematical calculations . Once you get through this, you can s

How do you understand the advantages of the Alu?

The ALU is a combinational logic circuit. The Arithmetic logic unit (arithmeticlogical) is the unit of execution of the central processor (CPU), which is the core component of all central processing units, and is composed of "and gate" (and gate) and "or gate" (or gates) of the arithmetic logic unit, The main function is to perform two-bit arithmetic operations, such as addition and subtraction (excluding integer division). Basically, in all modern C

Nvidai and ATI graphics cards, detailed GPU Workflow

traditional Vs and the ALU in PS (arithmetic logical unit, usually each vs or PS has An ALU, but this is not certain, for example, G70 and r5xx have two) you canWithin a period (that is, at the same time. For example, if you run a 4D command, the PS or ALU in vs calculates the four attribute data corresponding to the specified point and pixel of the command. The

R700 Instruction Set Architecture Reference Manual-Chapter 2: program organization and status

The r700 program consists of control flow (CF), Alu (arithmetic logic unit), texture retrieval, and vertex retrieval commands. Alu can have up to three source operations and one destination operation. Command to operate 32-bit or 64-bit IEEE floating point values and signed or unsigned integers. The execution of some commands causes the predicate bit to be written, thus affecting Subsequent commands. Graphi

Viewpoint: Service Router VTN achieves network transformation

The business router industry in China is developing very rapidly, and the market demand is also constantly increasing. Many people may not understand the problem of VTN's network transformation. It doesn't matter. After reading this article, you will certainly have a lot of GAINS, I hope this article will teach you more things. A few days ago, Alcatel-Lucent (Paris Stock Exchange and New York stock exchange: ALU) announced that it had signed two contr

Zfxengine Development notes-GPU hardware architecture

I _dovelemon Date: 2014/8/31 Source: csdn blog Article: GPU hardware architecture Introduction In 3D graphics, the emergence of programmable rendering pipelines is undoubtedly a pioneering work. In the following article, we will briefly introduce the hardware architecture of vertex shader and pixel shader, the most important of today's programmable rendering pipelines, and how to write shader using assembly languages. Vertex shader On the hardware, all vertex shader operations are performed in

Translation The Myth of CMT

threads, 4 alu per module;Each thread has two Alu, the same module within the different threads of the ALU can not be shared, so close the CMT to halve the number of threads, the number of Alu also halved;A total of 16 alu;When you open the CMT:8 modules, 16 threads, 4

7.5 Handling of data adventures

stage (EX) by the Alu component. So, at the latest at 600PS, the number of T0 registers to be written is done. So, from a time point of view, after 600ps, we can get the latest value of the T0 register. And for this addition instruction, it really needs to use the value of the T0 register in its execution phase, that is, the ALU component needs to use the value of T0 as one of the inputs, that this stage i

6.5 Control signal of the branch instruction

the corresponding control signals.Again, we look directly at the second step. So for this step, the actions to be taken include removing the contents of two registers from the register heap, and doing the subtraction operation, which is the same as the requirements of the subtraction command we learned earlier. As a result, the existing structure does not need to be modified to complete this function. We note that when retrieving an instruction, the RS bit field is connected to the register hea

Branch Prediction and Branch Predication

example of SPMD. In the hardware structure, multiple ALU instances are bound together to share a PC (Program Counter) to form a SPMD computing unit, such as the smx of the nv gpu, amd gpu Cus are all SPMD computing units. The number of ALU contained in a SPMD operation unit determines the theoretical maximum number of parallel threads. To simplify the hardware structure and reduce power consumption, the SP

R700 Instruction Set Architecture Reference Manual Chapter 2-2.5 Program Status

SoftwareAccessed by host software# Every threadBit WidthDescription Integer constant register (I) R W 1 96 (3*32) is the cf_dword1 of the current loop * command The Variable cyclic Constants Loop index (Al) r No 1 13 a register, initialized by the loop * command, And hardware, in each iteration of a loop Incremental, based on the cf_dword1 microcode format The cf_const domain of the loop * command Provided. Stack no chip specific hardware maintains a single, multiple destination stacks Sav

RGB to YUV conversion optimal algorithm, quickly let you surprised!

, the Earth people can not accept.Take a closer look at this equation!Y = 0.299 * R + 0.587 * G + 0.114 * B;Y=d+e+f;D=0.299*r;E=0.587*g;F=0.114*b;RGB value has the article to do, the RGB value will always be greater than or equal to 0, less than or equal to 255, we can d,e,f all pre-calculated it? And then use the table-checking algorithm to calculate it?We use 3 arrays to store the 256 possible values of Def, and then ...Check table array initializationint d[256],f[256],e[256];void Table_init (

Let your software fly up-----algorithm optimization

;for (i=0;i{d[i]=i*1224;d[i]=d[i]>>12;e[i]=i*2404;e[i]=e[i]>>12;f[i]=i*467;f[i]=f[i]>>12;}}void Calc_lum (){int i;for (i = 0; i {int r,g,b,y;R = d[in[i].r];//Check tableg = e[in[i].g];b = f[in[i].b];y = r + G + B;Out[i] = y;}}This time I was frightened out of a cold sweat, the execution time actually from 30 seconds to improve to 2 seconds ! Test the code on the PC, the eyelids haven't blinked yet, the code is done. 15 times times better, cool?Optimization Five, multiplexing to convert single or

Network Traffic Monitoring ntopng

@ ntopng ~] # Service ntopng start Starting ntopng [Root @ ntopng ~] #/Usr/local/bin/ntopng: error while loading shared libraries: librrd. so.4: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory The solution is to install the source code + rpm, because the installation source code package does not have a configuration file, and the rpm package has a configuration file installed, which is the best combination of the two. [Root @ ntopng ~] # Yum-y install libpcap * libxml2 libxml2-devel g

CPU kernel structure

The CPU kernel is mainly divided into two parts: the memory generator and the Controller. (1) Inspector1. Arithmetic Logic Operation Unit Alu (arithmetic and logic unit)ALU performs Fixed-Point Arithmetic Operations (addition, subtraction, multiplication, division), logical operations (same as or not), and shift operations on binary data. In some CPUs, there is also a locator dedicated for processing shift

6.4 Control signals for the command to be stored

, the address of the next instruction should still be in the pc+4 way. Then we look at this side of the register heap, both RS and RT are fixed connected to the corresponding bit field of the instruction encoding, so the BusA and Busb are the contents of the registers specified by RS and RT, respectively.But we should note that for this instruction, we want to calculate the addition of the contents of the RS register and the symbol extension of the immediate number. Therefore, for the source of

2014 Latest Desktop installation configuration recommended

The following is a small series from Changsha warm technology collection of 2014 desktop installation configuration recommended, I hope everyone can be useful! Computer Entry Configuration If you usually only look at stocks, surfing the internet, watching movies, playing ordinary online games, this set of configuration can be fully qualified. cpu:intel-g1610¥260 Motherboard: Gigabyte b75m-d3v¥460 Memory: Kingston ddr3-1333 4g¥280 Hard drive: Western data Caviar Blue 500gb¥320 Power supply

uboot1.1.6 nor FLASH problem solving method

U-boot transplant, structure has no member named ' CAMDIVNspeed.c:in function ' GET_HCLK ':Speed.c:114:error:structure has no member named ' CAMDIVN 'speed.c:in function ' GET_PCLK ':Speed.c:154:error:structure has no member named ' CAMDIVN 'MAKE[1]: * * * [SPEED.O] Error 1MAKE[1]: Leaving directory '/usr/wuxuezhi/u-boot-1.1.6/cpu/arm920t/s3c24x0 'Make: * * * [cpu/arm920t/s3c24x0/libs3c24x0.a] Error 2Add a struct variable named CAMDIVN to the clockpower structure on the s3c24x0.h under includeRe

Processor Architecture (understanding the basic operating principles of CPU)-deep understanding of computer systems

circuit designs use high voltage and low voltage on signal lines to represent different bit values. To implement a digital system, three main components are required: ① Calculate the function for operations on the counterpointCombination Logic(ALU) ② Storage spaceMemory Elements(Register) ③ Control the update of memory elementsClock signal Logic GateIs the basic computing element of a digital circuit. The output is a Boolean function that is equal t

The story of "segment register" (mainly in the third segment)

I. Generation of segment registers The generation of segment registers is due to the inconsistent width between the data bus and the address bus in the Intel 8086 CPU architecture. The width of the data bus, that is, the width of the ALU (arithmetic logical unit). Generally, a CPU is "16-bit" or "32-bit. The data bus of the 8086cpu is 16 bits. The address bus width does not have to be the same as the ALU w

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