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Ubuntu apache2 under the directory structure.

Under Windows, Apache's configuration file is usually only one, which is httpd.conf. But when I installed Apache2 with the Apt-get install apache2 command on Ubuntu Linux, I found that its httpd.conf (located in the/etc/apache2 directory) was empty.

Linux--Install and configure Apache2 under Ubuntu

Installing Apache in Ubuntu  Installation Instructions : sudo apt-get install apache2  start and stop Apache files are:/etc/init.d/apache2Start command: sudo apache2ctl-k start (or Server apache2 start)Stop command: sudo apache2ctl-k stop (or server

Apache2 configuration 2

1. apache2.conf is the main configuration file and the httpd. conf user configuration file. 2. The virtual directory is in httpd. conf. DocumentRoot "path"Servername allow from all options + indexes 3. The root setting (default main directory) is

Configure the apache2 server

Install Apache in Ubuntu Installation command: sudo apt-Get install apache2 After installation: The generated startup and stop files are:/etc/init. d/apache2 Start: sudo apache2ctl-K start Stop: sudo apache2ctl-K stop Restart: sudo apache2ctl-K

Ubuntu Configuration Apache2

Installing Apache in UbuntuInstallation instructions: sudo apt-get install apache2After the installation is complete:The resulting start and stop files are:/etc/init.d/apache2Start: sudo apache2ctl-k startStop: sudo apache2ctl-k stopRestart: sudo


Contents========== Apache2 configuration under Debian GNU/LinuxFiles And Directories In '/etc/apache2'Tools Using mod_cache_disk SSLEnabling SSLCreating Self-signed certificatesSSL workaround for MSIE Suexec Documentation Upgrades Common

Experience in configuring Apache2 in Linux

Apache originally referred to the httpserver program and later became the organization name of the program. Therefore, the original program name was set to httpd, which was also called apache2 after version 20. Currently, it is also called httpd on

Introduction to Linux Apache2 configuration

Transferred from: http://blog.csdn.net/hursing/article/details/18730813Apache originally refers to the HTTP server program, and later became the name of the program's organization, so the original program name is HTTPD, after the 2.0 version is

Experience in configuring Apache2 in Linux

Apache originally referred to the http server program and later became the Organization Name of the program. Therefore, the original program name was set to httpd, which was later called apache2 after version 2.0. Currently, it is also called httpd

Ubuntu apache2 configuration details

In Windows, there is usually only one configuration file for Apache, that is, httpd. conf. However, after I installed apache2 with the apt-Get install apache2 command in Ubuntu Linux, I found that its httpd. conf (in the/etc/apache2 directory) is

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