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git stash and Git stash pop (reprint)

Transferred from:$git stash can be used to stage the current work, such as to pull the latest code, do not want to add a new commit, or another situation, in order to fix an urgent bug, first stash, so that return to their previous commit, change the bug after the

Git stash and git stash pop

ZZ: $ Git stash can be used to temporarily store ongoing work, for example, to update pullCodeAnd don't want to add a new commit, or in another case, to fix an urgent bug, stash first, so that it returns to itself a commit, and stash pop after fixing the bug, continue the original work.Basic commands:$ Git

Atlassian realization of enterprise-level knowledge management and collaborative platform

set UTF8;Mysql> Grant all on jira.* to [e-mail protected] '% ' identified by ' Jira ';mysql> flush Privileges;#java Installwget-p/usr/local Http:// Jdk-6u32-linux-i586.binMV Jdk1.6.0_32 JavaExport Java_home=/usr/local/javaExportclasspath= $CLASSPATH: $JAVA _home/lib: $JAVA _home/jre/libExportpath= $JAVA _home/bin: $JAVA _home/jre/bin: $PATH: $HOME/bin######## #save quit, javac-version, Javac 1.6.0_32Download Packagemkdir/sof

Installing the Atlassian SDK on Windows

en: Windows? Linux and Mac users can view the install the Atlassian SDK on a Linux or Mac systemBefore we start creating plugins, you need to configure a local development environment so that you can use the Atlassi

Atlassian Bitbucket Server Remote Code Execution Vulnerability (CVE-2018-5225)

Atlassian Bitbucket Server Remote Code Execution Vulnerability (CVE-2018-5225)Atlassian Bitbucket Server Remote Code Execution Vulnerability (CVE-2018-5225) Release date:Updated on:Affected Systems: Atlassian Bitbucket Server 5.8.0 Atlassian Bitbucket Server 5.7.0 Atlassian

Cracking Zephyr for Jira on Atlassian Jira

[Download] crack + keygen Zephyr for Jira on Atlassian Jira All Versions By chungkol Pham-In download-on 3/24/2014-9 comments Atlassian Zephyr for Jira isn' t free application:Use only for test, not recommended for specified cial!Send thanks to a good man (anonymous) for this method! This solutions availableAtlassian Zephyr for JiraOn Atlassian Jira 5.0.x, 6.0.

Install atlassian-jira-6.0.4 under windows and crack the Chinese (just 2 steps, another illustration)

first, prepare beforehand1: JDK download and install: Jdk-6u45-windows-i586.exe2: MySQL JDBC Connection driver: Mysql-connector-java-5.1.25.zip3: MySQL database download and install: This is recommended here, no need to install MySQL and configuration save a lot.4: Create Jira user in MySQL, jira database, set user rights (also can be created and set by page). INSERT into Mysql.user (HOST, User, PASSWORD) VALUES ("localhost", "Jirauser", PASSWORD ("1234")); CREATE DAT

Git Stash Usage

Recently, when using GIT to manage project projects, there are a lot of problems, but also learned a lot about the common use of GIT skills, the following is about the use of Git stash and share.First, a simple introduction to the use of git stash command, the detailed usage in the man document is related to the introduction, let me explain the common use.Git stash

Brief discussion on agile management system of Atlassian product building (I.)

Dream big, work smart, deliver fast The use of Atlassian products has been more than three years, but most mainly to Jira and confluence mainly, early this year joined a start-up team responsible for the construction of the technical team, from zero start through the deployment of Atlassian products, development process, due to the lack of entrepreneurial team manpower, Self also participated in most o

Atlassian FishEye/Crucible XSS Vulnerability (CVE-2017-18094)

Atlassian FishEye/Crucible XSS Vulnerability (CVE-2017-18094)Atlassian FishEye/Crucible XSS Vulnerability (CVE-2017-18094) Release date:Updated on:Affected Systems: Atlassian Fisheye Atlassian Fisheye 4.5.0Atlassian Crucible Atlassian Crucible 4.5.0 Description: Bugtra

Install atlassian-jira-6.0.4 under windows and crack the Chinese (just 2 steps, another illustration)

16JUL One, advance preparation 1 : JDK Download and install: jdk-6u45-windows-i586.exe 2 : MySQL JDBC Connection driver: 3 : MySQL database download and install: This is recommended here, without the hassle of installing MySQL and configuration. 4 : Create Jira user in MySQL, jira database, set user rights (also can be created and set by page). NBSP INSERT intomysql.user (HOST, User, PASSWORD) VALUES ("localhost", " Jira

Atlassian Crowd XML external entity information leakage Vulnerability

Release date: 2013-07-02Updated on: 2013-07-04 Affected Systems:Atlassian Crowd 2.6.2Atlassian Crowd 2.5.3Atlassian Crowd 2.4.9Atlassian Crowd 2.3.8Atlassian CrowdDescription:--------------------------------------------------------------------------------Bugtraq id: 60899CVE (CAN) ID: CVE-2013-3925 Atlassian Crowd is a software for centralized identity management. Atlassian Crowd 2.5.x, 2.6.x, 2.3.8, and

Be careful with git stash save-a has been using Git stash to temporarily save temporary changes, yesterday found this article git stash command, said to be using Git stash save-a will add the new code file at the same time into the registers, I believe, the results did not expect to bring a pit, want to use Git

Introduction to Atlassian Connector

Tags: blog HTTP Io ar OS SP Div on 2014 Http:// Sort = Time lang = 19 Atlassian ide connector (Atlassian eclipse connector) allows you to integrate and develop Atlassian products, including Jira, bamboo, crucible, and fisheye. Introduction to

Atlassian jira xss Vulnerability (CVE-2017-16864)

Atlassian jira xss Vulnerability (CVE-2017-16864)Atlassian jira xss Vulnerability (CVE-2017-16864) Release date:Updated on:Affected Systems: Atlassian JIRA Atlassian JIRA Description: Bugtraq id: 102505CVE (CAN) ID: CVE-2017-16864JIRA is a project and transaction tracking tool developed by Atlassian.A cross-site

Atlassian JIRA 5.0.5 released

Atlassian JIRA 5.0.5 was released. This version mainly involves minor improvements and bug fixes without introducing new features. JIRA is a commercial software that integrates project planning, task allocation, requirement management, and Error Tracking. JIRA has four types of problems: New Feature, Bug, Task, and Improvement. You can also define them by yourself. Therefore, JIRA is also a process management system. Jira integrates project managemen

windows+atlassian-jira-6.0.4+mysql5.0 Installation Crack Chinese

Label:windows+atlassian-jira-6.0.4+mysql5.0 Installation Crack ChineseA: Finishing the installation program For example, with: The file is too large to upload to the csdn, there is a need to contact. New Baidu Cloud Disk Download: Link: password:388v.Considered to be practical. Leave a trail, but also a kind of encouragement to me:) II: MySQL Installation MySql5.0 installation Diagram Three: Jira installation hack Jira

windows+atlassian-jira-6.0.4+mysql5.0 Installation Crack Chinese

windows+atlassian-jira-6.0.4+mysql5.0 Installation Crack ChineseA: Finishing the installation programSuch as:The file is too large to be uploaded to the csdn and needs to be contacted.II: MySQL InstallationMySql5.0 installation DiagramThree: Jira installation hackJira Installation Crack ChineseIV: SupplementOwn final license file:Description=jira:commercial, Creationdate=2014-10-16, JIRA. Licenseedition=enterprise, Evaluation=false, Jira. Licensetypen

Git stash usage

When the development of a branch is not completed, but also switch to another branch for development, in addition to commit the original branch of the code to change the method, I think git stash is a more convenient choice.The steps are as follows:First, add changes to stash. In the original branch git stash save-a "Messeag", a lot of information on the Internet

The use of Git stash

When you use Git svn, when you commit a record, some of the file changes do not require a commit.When Git svn dcommit to SVN, the local directory must be saved as clean. So we need to do stash, and then in DcommitAfter Dcommit, you need to stash aply in githave been using git stash and git stash applyBut there has been

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