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Building Software Digital Security belt series courses (video course instructor: Fu Zhongkai)

Building Software Digital Security belt series course (18): ultimate security guide. Zip Lecture content: as a very important field, security not only has complicated theoretical support, but also pays great attention to the

Building a security door to an Access database

access| Security | data | Databases under Office 2000, Access databases are more secure. In addition to setting password protection for the database, encoding and compressing the database, you can also enable user-level security to control access to

Android Official Development Document Training Series Course Chinese version: Android security recommendations

Original address: security policies built into the Android system can effectively reduce the security problems of the application. So the application created by default already

SOA security solution

ArticleDirectory SOAP message monitoring SAML and Federated identity verification Application proxy Contract Management Certificates, keys, and encryption XML Encryption Digital Signature Protection and audit of replay

SQL Server database Security Planning full Introduction

server| Security | introduction | planning | data | database | Database security in the process of improving the security mechanism implemented by the SQL Server 7.0 series, Microsoft has built a flexible and powerful security management mechanism

View database security from the instance of security Attack (iii) Analysis of database attack principle

absrtact: This article will analyze the technology of SQL injection attack and the principle of database encryption technology and the protection effect, in order to discriminate database security technology misunderstanding "database encryption can

Three major measures: database security protection and website Security Operation

Databases, the foundation of website operations, and the elements of website survival depend heavily on the support of website databases for both individual and enterprise users. However, many specially crafted attackers also "value" website

Oracle Label Security (Oracle Label Security)

Author: Darl Kuhn, Steve Roughton Oracle Label Security (Oracle Label Security) controls user access by row. Most commercial applications must handle security issues. Applications often need to restrict access to dedicated records, establish audit

Go CISP (Registered information Security Professional) certification (12 days)

This article transferred from: (Registered information Security Professional) certification (11 days) China information Security Products Assessment and Certification center (CNITSEC) in 2002

Software Security Testing Methods

Recently, in the final testing of a software product in my company, I was often asked the question: How much security does our software PRODUCT consider in testing? How safe should a software be measured?This software is related to the customer's

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