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Ubuntu10.04 Installation Configuration LDAP Service

Note: In the Ubuntu 10.04 version, for example, the LDAP server and the client are the same machine, the latest OPENLDAP software server side has no separate configuration file, but the configuration information is saved in the database. 1. LDAP

Install and configure ldap and phpldapadmin on debian

Install and configure ldap and phpldapadmin1. install ldap to install slapd and related ldap tools # apt-getinstallslapdldap-utils2. edit the configuration file vimetcldapslapd. conf ?? (I prefer vim, but I am not used to vi) ########################

Ubuntu10.04 install and configure the LDAP Service

Note: Taking Ubuntu10.04 as an example, the LDAP server and the client are the same machine. The latest openldap software server does not have a separate configuration file, but stores the configuration information in the database. 1. LDAP Server

Using PYTHON-LDAP operations Ldap__python

Turn from: The weekend to see those who line up the blood spell, do not go into shopping mall, do not see those colorful discounts and visual impact can feel "the festival is coming." ”。 A year is coming to an end, finish up

Install the Jabber service On Debian

Install the Jabber service On Debian-Debian, the Linux release technology. For more information, see. Jabber is a popular open-source instant messaging service. It can also be integrated with MSN, Yahoo, and so on. It can be used for communication

Install the Perl module in Bugzilla In Debian

The Perl module installed in Bugzilla under Debian-the Linux Release Technology-Debian information. The following is a detailed description. At first, I installed bugzilla in FreeBSD4. * And FreeBSD5.3, which encountered a lot of trouble in

Debian cacti installation procedure

Debian: Install cacti-Debian, the Linux release technology. For more information, see the following. I. Comparison of mrtg and cacti: Advantages of MRTG: simple and easy to use. After installation, you only need to change the configuration

Open source mail service solution iRedMail-0.5.0-beta1: Support for Debian Systems

Open source mail service solution iRedMail-0.5.0-beta1: Support Debian system-Linux Enterprise Application-Linux server application information, below is read details. Source: The open source mail service solution iRedMail-

Debian + subversion for Version Control

Source: Network As a system administrator, I really have nothing to write, but the only thing that can be referenced is my little experience. The so-called experience: I also learned from other people's articles, and then turned my own operation

Virtual email/FTP host using iredmail and pure-ftpd In Debian

IredmailIt allows you to quickly deploy a full-featured email solution within two minutes.ShellScript. Slave0.5The version is supported.Centos 5.x,Debian 5.x,Ubuntu 8.04AndUbuntu 9.04(IncludingI386AndX86_64).IredmailSupportedOpenLDAPAndMySQLAs the

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